Aisi 3312 Alloy Steel Pipe

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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25-35 m.t.
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Chemical Composition

Mechanical Properties(In Quenched & Tempered State)



Tensile strength(MPA)



Yield strength (MPA)






Reduction in Area (ψ/%)



Impact  (J)














Product Sales Information:


structural alloy steel




Origin place

Made In China

Delivery Condition

Hot rolled,cold drawn,forged

Surface require


Heat treatment



seaworthy packing ,wooden case ,carton,woven bag or at client's requires

Delivery time

In 10-50 days

Trade Term



T/T or L/C at sight


China main Port,such as shanghai,Dalian,Shenzhen port.


1 Ton

FAQ of  Alloy Steel Pipe:  

How is the quality of your products?
    Our products are manufactured strictly according to national and internaional standard, and we take a test on every pipe before delivered out. If you want see our quality certifications and all kinds of testing report, please just ask us for it.
Guaranteed: If products’ quality don’t accord to discription as we give or the promise before you place order, we promise 100% refund.

How about price?
    Yes, we are factory and be able to give you lowest price below market one, and we have a policy that “ for saving time and absolutely honest business attitude, we quote as lowest as possible for any customer, and discount can be given according to quantity”,if you like bargain and factory price is not low enough as you think, just don’t waste your time.Please trust the quotation we would give you, it is professional one.

Why should you chose us?
    Chose happens because of quality, then price, We can give you both.Additionally, we can also offer professional products inquiry, products knowledge train(for agents), smooth goods delivery, exellent customer solution proposals.Our service formula: good quality+good price+good service=customer’s trust
SGS test is available, customer inspection before shipping is welcome, third party inspection is no problem.


Any question, pls feel free to contact us !


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Q:What are the types of cemented carbides?
3. Indexable cutters, including indexable carbide end mills, indexable face mills, indexable dovetail cutters and indexable three edged blades.4 、 high speed steel cutting tools, including high-speed steel forming cutter, left-hand drilling, spherical milling cutter, cobalt high speed steel cutter and various non-standard high speed steel cutting tools.
Q:What material is that ultrafine cemented carbide?
The main component of cemented carbide is tungsten carbide, so also known as tungsten steel, tungsten steel belongs to hard alloy, also called tungsten titanium alloy. The hardness can reach HRB89 to 95Tungsten steel production process is as follows: the powder is pressed into a blank, and then into the furnace heated to a certain temperature (sintering temperature), and keep a certain time (time), and then cooled down to obtain the required properties of tungsten materials.The characteristics of ultrafine cemented carbide is the main component of WC, compared to the hard phase and general hard alloy, the hard phase particles are very fine (average grain size less than 1um), so you can get a higher than the general hard alloy of the same hardness strength (toughness), edge grinding can be sharper and better wear resistance.
Q:The difference between tungsten carbide cutter
Tungsten is on the hard alloy with tungsten carbide as the main (academic called tungsten based alloys), we called the daily hard alloy is usually tungsten based alloys, namely tungsten steel.There is another type of cemented carbide called titanium based cemented carbide, commonly known as "cermet"Buy it to shape (such as rods, blade), size and material (on behalf of the main chemical composition and particle size, but apart from a small number of national standard grade, most of them are the enterprise's own brand), and if you need special requirements (such as with cooling hole two 30 degrees within the spiral angle).
Q:What is the heat treatment process of cemented carbide?
Responsible for this, you said, carbide heat treatment is deceptive theory, try to eliminate the gap, improve the purity of the fly.
Q:What kinds of carbides are there? How should we choose in production?
There are three kinds of cemented carbides commonly used: tungsten carbide cobalt carbide (YG), tungsten cobalt titanium carbide (YT) and general cemented carbide (YW).Because of high hardness and good hardness, cemented carbide is suitable for making cutters.
Q:What does carbide K15-K20 refer to?
The smaller the value, the harder the hardness of the table is and the less resistant it is to the impact;
Q:What type of carbide for punching dies? Better. Where can I buy it?
Stamping die is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping, need more different uses to choose different characteristics of carbide brand, you can understandZhuzhou same cemented carbide.
Q:Compare the advantages and disadvantages of high speed steel and cemented carbide
Must be in a hardened state, in high speed steel iron, chromium, tungsten and carbon forming hard carbide can improve the wear resistance of steel (hardness of HRC6468). Another part of tungsten dissolved in the matrix, increase the hardness of steel red.High speed steel can reach 650 degrees of red hardnessHigh speed steel has good strength and toughness, cutting edge is sharp after grinding, and its quality is stable. It is used to make small and complex cutting tools
Q:What are the YT and YG carbide cutting tools for each occasion and why is it necessary to improve the quality of the machined surface?
YT for steel, steel castings, aluminum parts, not shock resistance. YG is used for rough cast iron parts, cast iron parts, shock resistance and high temperature resistance.
Q:Chengdu which has carbide scrap acquisition point?
What alloy do you have? A lot of home cash recycling, big price worries, good faith cooperation! This site in Jinniu District this way

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