Airport luggage wrapping machine LP600F-L

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3000 unit/month

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Product Introduction

Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine, Baggage Wrapping Machine, Baggage Wrap Machine,Luggage Wrapping Machine,Luggage Wrap Machine,Luggage Wrapper, variable speed airport baggage wrapping machine, easy to use interface wrap parameter programming
1. Specially designed for packaging luggages, cargos and goods in airports, docks s & stations.
2. Suitable for fast transporting and storing.
3. Adopting PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL), reliable in performance, convenient in operation.
4. It can protect the package against dust, damp or damage.850mm in height.
6. With pre-stretch carriage, pre-stretch rate up to 250%, film savings.
7. Convenient in film roll replacement. Max diameter LLDPE film roll 300 mm, max height of film roller 500 mm. Minimum paper core 76mm.
8. Holder speed adjustable.
9. Film tension adjustable. Easy tracking for wrap counter device. E-stop button

Technical Parameter

Model No





Power supply

and voltage

1P 220V 50HZ

1P 220V 50HZ

Surface treatment

powder coating

Baking varnish

Turntable speed



Film carriage up and down

Film carriage is fixed.

Film carriage can up and down. 

Can wrap big luggage and unsteady luggage.

Film tension

Adjust from the control panel

Adjust from the control panel

Film for used

Film width:500mm,thickness ≤0.035

Diameter of hard core is 76mm.

One side sticky

Transparent or colored

Film width:500mm,thickness ≤0.035

Diameter of hard core is 76mm.

One side sticky

Transparent or colored

Machine dimensions




Packing size




Load capacity



Wrapping size




Machine weight






Environment Conditions


Humidity ≤98%,Temperature -10-40

Humidity ≤98%,Temperature -10-40

Motor function

Two motor. One control the turntable running. 

One control the film delivery

Three motor. One control the turntable running. 

One control the film delivery. The other control 

the film carriage up and down

Pre-stretch ratio




The color can be select

The machine has three kind, one is the general .

one with the screen. One with the scale.

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Q:What are the main functions of packaging machinery?
In order to meet the requirements of many customers, our company has learned from all aspects of the role of packaging machinery and equipment, so that we need customers for reference
Q:Is there anyone who knows what groups of users of packaging machinery are in general?
If automated packaging, it depends on the factory situation, should not be from the user groups to start. If a small class of cosmetics do, then he will not say to buy a more than ten thousand or hundreds of thousands of automated equipment to pack ah. Automatic packing machine is certainly need a certain amount, a certain basis will be needed, or buy a mechanical automation a month the amount of packaging takes less than one hour, then buy this station automation machinery to do what? So, according to the automatic device, we can not start from the user groups, should be considered from the size of the factory.
Q:Ask a mechanical question about the waste film recycling in the packaging machine
Is it settled?. Not really! It is not recommended to use torque as parameter control here. This is a tricky amount of control. And easy to fluctuate, prone to misoperation
Q:Such as cleaning, stacking and disassembly. In addition, also includes the measurement or the package seal etc.
Mechanical sales are nothing more than two points: first, equipment aging, need to update; two, equipment efficiency is low, need to improve. You don't know anything about the customer. Come up and sell the product. If you are a customer, I don't think you have the patience to listen
Q:What kind of reducer is commonly used in packaging machinery?
There are many kinds of packing equipment, such as food packing, filling, quantitative packing, back channel packing and so on
Q:What is a packaging machine?
Meet the needs of mass production and meet the requirements of clean sanitationUsually some non-standard equipment, the common is pneumatic and simple combination of electrical components, to meet the requirements of factory automation
Q:How much is the tableware wrapping machine?What's the price of the tableware wrapping machine?
Tableware packaging machine packaging production, simple operation and high degree of automation, high efficiency, low packing cost, save labor, reduce the damage and the characteristics of two pollution, by tableware shrink packaging is widely used in all kinds of, is a very mature model
Q:Food packaging process is not standardized, there is no responsibility?
You can send me a picture of your product and the process, so that I can answer your question exactly. More than 70% of the candies on the market are now automatically packed.
Q:Bread packing machine Product features
4., high sensitivity photoelectric eye mark tracking, digital input seal cutting position, so that the seal cutting position more accurate.5. temperature independent PID control, better for all kinds of packaging materials.6. 、 positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of coating.7. drive system is simple, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance.8. all control is realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrading, and never falls behind.
Q:Which friend is an expert in mechanical equipment or a better understanding of sealing machines?,
Take the food packaging machine for example, if only from the hardware, then you can ask when you buy the degree of automation, semi-automatic or fully automatic, the use of steel ah,

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