AIR FILTER BFR-2000  1/4

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AFC\BFC Series
small size
middle size

Joint pipe bore

Drian Type
Blank: Differential Drain

D: Automatic Drain


MAX PRESS: 9.9kg/c㎡

ADJ RANGE: 0.5-9.0kg/cm²

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Q:The difference between pneumatic components ASC-10 and KLA-10
KLA-10, a one-way valve: only from one end to the other end, such as the air flow from left to right, from right to left on the pass
Q:Graphical symbols for pneumatic componentsThis is a manual valve on the Oh!
This is the most common three bit four pass self-locking positioning manual reversing valve, but it is obviously wrong with drawing
Q:Pneumatic components cylinder generally guaranteed for several years
Generally do not have a fixed time warranty, the cylinder is based on mileage mileage warranty,
Q:What are the requirements of the pneumatic system for compressed air?
What needs to be warned is that:Please use compressed air which contains no air compressor, oxidation oil, tar and carbon.If the internal pressure components enter the oxidation oil, tar and carbon, and fix it, it will increase the resistance of the sliding parts, resulting in bad action. The oxidation oil, tar and carbon, together with the lubricating oil, will wear out the lubrication parts of the pneumatic components.
Q:Pneumatic solenoid valve base blind plate leak is how?
3. check the connection and muffler is damaged, if the maintenance trouble, you can consider replacing one, there is not much money
Q:What elements are most common in pneumatic?
Pneumatic systems are generally, gas (two pieces, Sanlian and other air source processing), pneumatic control unit (electric control valve, pneumatic control valve, or mechanical control valve). Pneumatic execution unit (cylinder). A pneumatic system, these things basically have to have. Of course, the joint pipe is also essential
Q:What are the components of a cylinder in a pneumatic system?
The act or function of performing pneumatic system designs.
Q:What does pneumatic component mean?
. The first step in learning pneumatic is to understand the pneumatic schematic diagram first. Schematic diagram is clear, and then combined with the actual understanding of pneumatic components, features.
Q:How to open the pneumatic component store?
The light assembly is not enough, but also know its working principle, if you have time to go to the assembly shop of pneumatic machine practice, various pieces of mastery is impossible, as long as the common thing to do that on the line, almost a year
Q:What are pneumatic components?Pneumatic components include:
Pneumatic components include: air treatment system components, pneumatic components (such as cylinder, pneumatic motor), pneumatic control components (such as pressure control valve, directional control valve, flow control valve, pneumatic logic element, pneumatic sensor), pneumatic auxiliary components (such as filter, oil mist for pipes, pipe joints, pipe etc.).

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