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Q:Pneumatic components, three bit, five - way, can you explain?
Five way: solenoid valve has 5 vents (usually 1 gas supply port P, 2 use mouth A, B, 2 exhaust port EA, EB)Above! A mouthful, slowly look at yourself
Q:What are the pneumatic components used in the automatic production line?
Pneumatic components is the cylinder, of course, the type of cylinder is also very much, as well as it work with the joint, electromagnetic valve, trachea and the like
Q:Pneumatic components generally used in what industry?
Such as cylinders, pneumatic motors, steam engines, etc.. Pneumatic components are a form of power transmission, as well as an energy conversion device that uses gas pressure to transmit energy.
Q:What is the profit margin of pneumatic components industry?
Prior to the domestic large pneumatic companies engaged in the sales industry, pneumatic, this thing to do too many people.
Q:What are the requirements of the pneumatic system for compressed air?
Pneumatic components are not suitable for use with ultra dry air. Please use the ultra dry air type element. Ultra dry compressed air will shorten the service life of pneumatic components.Want to know more of the pneumatic components can go Wuxi smart look, oh well
Q:In turn, the pneumatic components follow the inlet direction. Why?
Because, first of all to water, oil and gas, dust and impurities by water filters from the compressed air source, thereby purifying air; then, in order to adjust pressure to stabilize the gas pressure through the purified gas through the valve;
Q:Air compressor pneumatic three element
The pneumatic three element of air compressor is a pressure valve, pneumatic valve and regulating valve.Air compressor is the basic product of modern industry. It is often said that electrical and automation have the meaning of "all pneumatic";
Q:How do pneumatic components sell well?
Mainly can find support your manufacturer, can see the factory agent system, if loose and profit point is good, insist on doing it.
Q:What is the 3 position 5 way valve? And the relation between the cylinder and the pneumatic component and the valve
Used in food, medicine, etc. of high cleanliness requirements of the valve manufacturer industry. Good BOSCH Rexroth, SMC and so on.I hope it works for you. You have the wrong number. There is no cylinder, only the cylinderI really don't know how to say it, because it's the simplest concept. Can you buy a book to read?
Q:What about leakage of pneumatic components?
But as long as the cylinder is removable, there are basically standard sealing components can be replaced.

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