Air Cooler Fan--YS 22 (Honey Comb Paper Pad)

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Air Cooler Fan--YS 22 (Honey Comb Paper pad)

Cooling,humidifying,purifying,and health air blowing; Energy saving; Smart design;environmental


1.Humidifying&cooling with  health air blowing;


2.Remote control function & portable because it's smart appearance;


3.Water or Ice-crystal or Ice-cooling,no fluorine pollution;


4.Water-sprayed humidifying,collect dust and undesirable odor;


5.Move convenience;


6.3-position wind speed adjustment;


7.Cross flow wind way,large air delivery;


8. 7.5 hours calculate timer,;


9. 90 degree automatic winding


10.The operating Voltage could be optional between 110V and 220V;


11.The rated watt is 60W.


12. Can use Honey Comb Paper Pad, to enhance the humidify function.


Model(Art. No.)YS-22
FunctionCooling, Humidifying, Remote control 
SpecificationsRated Voltage/Frequency/Power: AC220V-240V,50/60Hz  60W
Water or Ice-crystal or Ice-cooling & humidifying  
 health air without pollution ,dust prevent function; 
3 speed fan:low/middle/high  ,7.5hours timer 
Motorised, directional swing louvers with 3-position speed adjustment
Water cycle is realized by curtain driven by synchronous motor or Honey comb pad& pump
Water capacity is 7.5L ,  water consumption is 0.7L ~ 1.3L per hour 
protable by casters, Water tank with level indicator
Packing Size370*300*715(mm)  
N.W/G.W  8.0Kgs/8.6Kgs




Q1:Why is it important to use home air conditioner filters?

A:Without them you can clog up vital parts of the heating or cooling components that can be difficult to clean out and can cause severe damage that will be much more expensive to repair than the inconvenience of replacing a filter once a month.


Q2:What is VRF Air Conditioning System?

A:VRF air-conditioning systems owe their growing popularity to their ability to meet a wide range of requirements.



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Q:What is the air conditioning refrigerant today
Freon R22 is. Are only call the other, as if there is no Chinese name!.General air conditioning for the R410, automotive air-conditioning are the main; R22 is in use!
Q:What are the several types of general family expenses air conditioning?
General family expenses air conditioning if according to the structure, there are two types: one is integral (window machine), the other is split type (split type is divided into hang and ark, hang machine installation in the bedroom commonly, general installation in sitting room ark.) According to the technical characteristics, there are two kinds: one is the constant speed air conditioning, the second is the main frequency conversion air conditioning (inverter and ac frequency conversion and dc inverter). My home is the frequency of the quality is very good. Not only save electricity is still very quiet and comfortable.
Q:What type of refrigerant home air conditioning?
Household air conditioner commonly used models with R22 and R410a refrigerant. R22 used in air conditioning that decide frequency, due to the destruction of the ozone layer has a certain effect, therefore is a kind of transitional refrigerants. R22 features: At room temperature for colorless, approximate tasteless gas, not burning, explosion, corrosion, toxicity than R12 slightly larger, but is still a safe refrigerants, security classification for A1; Pressure can be liquefied colorless transparent liquid. Chemical stability and thermal stability of R22 are very high, especially in without the presence of moisture, can't afford to under 200 ℃ and general metal reaction. In water, only with alkali slow work. It happens in high temperature cracking. Available as refrigerant R22 is a kind of low temperature, refrigeration temperature to 80 ℃. R410a used in frequency conversion air conditioning. It is a new kind of environmental protection refrigerants, does not destroy the ozone layer, the working pressure is about 1.6 times that of ordinary R22 air conditioner, refrigeration (warm) of high efficiency and improve the performance of air conditioning does not destroy the ozone layer. R410a features: New refrigerant R410a is composed of two kinds of quasi azeotropic mixture of R32 and R125 each 50%, mainly include hydrogen, fluorine and carbon (HFC), has the stability, non-toxic, superior performance, etc. At the same time as a result of not containing chlorine, so will not react with ozone, which does not destroy the ozone layer. In addition, the adoption of new refrigerant of the air conditioning in terms of performance also improved. R410A is by far the most appropriate internationally recognized to replace R22 of refrigerant, and in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries. R410A replacement in the main international market of global trends and prospects of using condition and the dynamic of entering the international market.
Q:Air conditioning is out of the air come in, or only in indoor cycle?
Ordinary families with air conditioning is in indoor air circulation. Common air conditioning commonly referred to as "air" is the meaning of "ventilation", that is when the fan with air conditioning use, there is no fresh air, introduced from outside, in the process of work also do not have the ability to improve air quality. Current status, with the function of ventilation in the true sense, is directly from the introduction part of outdoor fresh air after filtering, air-conditioning into the room air conditioning products rarely, even with the function of the product its air filtration effect or the temperature effect is not ideal. For household wall air conditioning or cabinet air conditioning, the structure design is very compact, cost control is very strict, it's hard to do the central air conditioning can do wet air purification dust, temperature effect, because on this kind of air-conditioning installation of air filters filter level not too high, and small evaporator heat capacity design, product design is often only when "attend". If it is in the use of air conditioning temperature control to improve indoor air quality at the same time, can be equipped with air - air energy recovery device, that is, total heat exchangers to achieve discharge part of the indoor air, part of the fresh air, introduced from outside, at the same time also can recycle most of the energy, to improve the indoor air quality.
Q:Yituo two air conditioning worth buying?
Yituo 2 air conditioner is operating with a seg to drive the two indoor machine of a model. Yituo 2 air conditioner has certain conditions of use: * adjacent two rooms: two share the same the house because it is over, when installing connecting pipe two connecting pipe at the same time the same access to the house, if the two room is not adjacent to it from far away, so you need to outdoor parts with longer connecting pipe connection, so easy to cause the refrigeration effect is bad, increased the difficulty of installation, and not the economy. * room area is not very big
Q:Household air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners should how to clean?
Cleaning air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners are mainly the aluminum foil on the reverse of the cleaning air conditioning heat sink, with a pipe on the faucet, put the heat sink is rinsed clean, fin dirty can affect the effect of air conditioning, and even to failure. Other places dirty just ugly, no impact. And flushing time be careful not to get aluminium foil
Q:The snow kind of what kind of air conditioning, they each have what effect
Household air conditioner commonly used R22, automobile air conditioner commonly used 134. The snow kind of refrigerator is much, common R12, R600, 134, such as type more.
Q:How much current household air conditioning
A horse machine about three Ann, and a freshman of 4 Ann, two horse 7-8 Ann, three horses around 13.
Q:100 square with a few of the air conditioning
You can refer to the following data, two 3 horse is the ideal air conditioning. 1, 1 piece of air conditioning for 12 square metre of space. 2, 1.5 air conditioning for 18 square metre of space. 3, 2 air conditioning for 28 square metre of space. 4, 2.5 air conditioning for 40 square metre of space. 5, 3 air conditioner for about 50 square meters of space. 6, 5 horses air-conditioner is suitable for the space of about 70 square meters. 1. Due to the heating effect is lower than the refrigeration effect of air conditioning applicable area is less than the applicable area of summer (winter), buy air conditioning should be the heating indicators shall prevail. So, the choose and buy air conditioning according to the applicable area in winter. 2. As a result of the use of air conditioning room situation and regional differences in climate, and the plan of extreme weather, buy air conditioning should not buy small. So, should according to applicable area in winter, and applicable area of the lower limit of winter to buy air conditioning.
Q:A typical household air conditioner how much is the normal work of electric current
Ordinary household air conditioner current in normal working conditions associated with the power of air conditioning, the greater the power, the greater the current. We in haier air conditioning 50 series, for example. Haier 50 series of air conditioning for 2 piece of air conditioning, refrigeration power of 1600 watts. When the air conditioning when full power working current of 7.2 A (amp).

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