Air Cooled Vortex Chiller, A3003

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Air cooling vortex cold (hot) water unit

Well-known international brands full closed  vortex compressor, has an excellent ability of  anti-liquid hit.

Adopt single-or multi-loop circuit design

Fin condenser used in high efficiency thread brass, aluminum-plated hydrophilic membrane

Plate type  evaporator with  small size, high heating  exchange efficiency.  

Protection and control facilities are installed in  the control box, LCD display screen shows the  running situation .

The unit adopt open-air layout,compare with the water-cooled unit it can save lots of the space.

The unit suitable using  places: shopping malls, office buildings, commercial buildings, factory workshops, hotels, hospitals ,other types of commercial and  civil construction

Demonstration project: Technology University , Shanxi,  Liupanshui QuanJufuseafood restaurant Guizhou.

If you are intrested in  the wind cooling vortex cold (hot) water unit   , please provide the following parameters: cooling capacity /heating capacity media, we shall provide you a most competitive price.

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Q:Shield Ann central air-conditioning good?
Jiang Dunan artificial environment equipment Limited by Share Ltd is a professional production of various kinds of electric refrigerating central air conditioning unit and terminal equipment, as well as listed companies and various industrial dust air conditioning air conditioning heat exchanger (stock abbreviation: Shield security environment; Stock Code: 002011), is the national standard drafting unit of Central air conditioning unit, and Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprises in the implementation of national key high-tech enterprise, national torch project, Zhejiang Province in 2002 the first batch of "high-tech research and development center".
Q:How can I do a central air-conditioning sales?. There is a bright future
The most important thing is to bring closer relations and municipal units, government procurement, the greater the number, the price is higher, but go slowly, this is how do you know, don't let them have concerns, to do security work.
Q:What's good for air conditioning refrigerants?
From the definition of Freon can be seen, now known as the R134a, R410A and non Freon R407C are freon.
Q:Which brand is better for industrial environmental protection air conditioning?
good energy saving and environmental protection air conditioner motor, water pump, inlet valve, etc. the core components of the wet curtain quality
Q:What is the noise range of air conditioning stipulated by the state?
The noise generated mainly from two aspects, first, air-conditioning, compressors and other machines generated noise, and two is the expansion of plastic parts outside the cold contraction noise
Q:What is industrial grade professional air conditioning? Is it a concept to follow a precision air conditioner? What brands do you have?
can also install the SNMP card and MODBUS card and dry contact, industrial air conditioning should be set according to the brand, industrial air conditioning generally are equipped with standard RS485 or 232, can be unified management of internet.
Q:What material does central air conditioner use in general?
According to the condensing pressure, refrigerants can be divided into three types: high temperature (low pressure) refrigerants, medium temperature (medium pressure) refrigerants and low temperature (high pressure) refrigerants.
Q:How to obtain the certificate of enterprise qualification for installation and installation of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in China
all enterprises need to declare China Refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment installation and maintenance enterprise qualification certification enterprises, first to the "enterprise qualification certification office" for enterprise qualification certification declaration procedures.
Q:Air conditioning small enthalpy, high sensible heat ratio design specifically refers to what? Please major God help answer 50
Home air conditioning seeks both reliability and comfort;
Q:SKYWORTH new air-conditioning industry, what are the highlights of the more prominent?
the air conditioner set above the frequency of air conditioning energy saving 60% compared with the traditional, more than the same level of energy efficiency upgrade 8% inverter air conditioner.

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