Air CooLED and Self Humidification Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

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EOS series PEM fuel cells offer you a practical solution on zero emission power generation.  It is a upgraded version of PhyX series fuel cells. The unique technology can ensure fuel cells' more stable operation in atrocious weather and working environment.

EOS-5000 fuel cell system is a highly integrated fuel cell system with compact design, who includes: fuel cell stack, fans, IC board and electromagnetive valve. 3000W is a suitable power for the mobile applications, for instance PC, motorcycle and backup power system.


Products characters:

1. Light weight and compact design: more than 50% weight saved against conventional fuel cells;

2. Low noise: 60dB.

3. Simple system and high reliability: more than 70% accessories are saved against conventional fuel cells.

4. Quick startup, good dynamic performance: 90% time is saved to start a fuel cell.

5. Excellent environment adaptability: It could be operated and stored in sub zero degree without any external power to warm.

6. Simple control and communication policy


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Q:Are fuel cells good or bad for the environment?
It chemically takes more energy to create hydrogen than it will produce in a fuel cell. However when you think that automobile engines and coal plants are only 20-40% efficient, fuel cells start to look better. The problem is how you're creating the hydrogen. It's cheaper to create hydrogen from petroleum than it is from electrolyzing water into H and O, so that's what companies do. It also takes a lot of energy, and is that electricity coming from a coal-burning plant, nuclear plant, wind power, solar power? It would work well in places like iceland, where that have tons of geothermal heat, and not a large population. They could produce hydrogen very cheaply, with little/no pollution. Not so in the US where over 75% of electricity comes from burning of coal.
Q:what happens when fuel and oxidant mix in a fuel cell?
It depends on the nature of the fuel and oxidant. If they react spontaneously, you'd get combustion inside the the fuel cell, typically generating a lot of heat and causing the cell to burst or even explode. If they don't react spontaneously, they will just mix, causing the cell potential in the two half cells to equalize and rendering the cell incapable of producing electricity.
Q:In the future, will hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles coexist?
Highly unlikely. Unless you live in a 365 day sunlight environment, the solar panel car is (literally) a non starter. It would need backup systems - either batteries (charged from high CO2 sources), or a petrol motor. The fuel cell is the only way forward. Solar cell / battery technology in my view are technological dead ends for powering vehicles.
Q:Customized Oakley fuel cell?
Fuel Cells are sized for Large heads. Since you Just got them, you'll need to call customer service ASAP and tell them you want to exchange them for custom gascans as these are two large. They may reply that you should have tried them on first etc. However, as long as there is no etching on the lens and the glasses are not damaged in anyway and you have all the paperwork, you should be able to go ahead and exchange. HTH D
Q:Oakley Batwolf or Oakley Fuel Cell?
RE: Will Oakley Dispatch or Batwolf icon replacements match into gasoline Cells? I know gas Cells aren't designed to swap icons, however I've read a variety of feeds that say which you can remove the icon in case you want. Simply questioning if I do take out the icon if the Icon Packs made for the Batwolf or Dispatch would match.
Q:fuel cell installation?
Look around a little more. They have kits out there that come complete with mounting hardware and sending units, even harness adapters.
Q:Hydrogen Generator/Fuel Cell?
Solar panels only work when the sun shines on them. Further they work on 12v systems. To get enough electricity to power a car, you might need about 260 sf of solar panels.
Q:Would you drive a hydrogen fuel cell car?
can it haul but and tow a few tons ?at least 3-4 easily ?
Q:what are three negative and positive things about hydrogen as a fuel?
The atoms are so small, they will actually migrate through the walls of containers so, fuel tanks will have to be refilled more often than with gasoline. It needs to be frozen for any kind of convenient storage and that takes a lot of energy and the insulation for storage is bulky and possibly heavy. There is not now a network for distribution of hydrogen the way there is for petroleum. It takes more energy to separate from water and to liquefy that it produces in a car engine. Good It is in never ending supply. Emissions are pure water vapor, so there is really no pollution involved. It burns easily causing no problems in engineering an ignition system.
Q:does anyone know how pem fuel cells are made?
If you mean protein exchange membrane fuel cells, then my source might help you get started.
To impact our industry, our society and our planet with our greatest effort to develop green technology, PEARL commits efforts to being a low-cost solution expert in the hydrogen energy industry. PEARL hopes to cooperate with men of insight to promote the development of hydrogen energy economy and to bring you a zero-emission environment and a bright future.

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Location Shanghai,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Southeast Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications CE Certificate; ISO9001:2008

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