Air CooLED and Self Humidification Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

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EOS series PEM fuel cells offer you a practical solution on zero emission power generation.  It is a upgraded version of PhyX series fuel cells. The unique technology can ensure fuel cells' more stable operation in atrocious weather and working environment.

EOS-5000 fuel cell system is a highly integrated fuel cell system with compact design, who includes: fuel cell stack, fans, IC board and electromagnetive valve. 3000W is a suitable power for the mobile applications, for instance PC, motorcycle and backup power system.


Products characters:

1. Light weight and compact design: more than 50% weight saved against conventional fuel cells;

2. Low noise: 60dB.

3. Simple system and high reliability: more than 70% accessories are saved against conventional fuel cells.

4. Quick startup, good dynamic performance: 90% time is saved to start a fuel cell.

5. Excellent environment adaptability: It could be operated and stored in sub zero degree without any external power to warm.

6. Simple control and communication policy


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Q:Why does fuel cell not burn?
For a fuel cell, a fuel cell is a power generation device that converts chemical energy present directly in the fuel and oxidant into electrical energy. Fuel and air were sent to the fuel cell, electricity was wonderful to produce it.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of fuel cells relative to lithium-ion batteries?
Fuel cell cost is high: the cost of the vehicle PEMFC in the proton exchange membrane (USD300 / m2) about 35% of the cost; platinum catalyst about 40%, both are valuable materials.
Q:What are the disadvantages of fuel cells?
Fuel Type Single Currently, both hydrogen, gaseous hydrogen, hydrogen stored in hydrogen storage metal, and hydrogenated by carbohydrates after reforming are the only fuel for fuel cells. Hydrogen production, storage, storage, transportation and filling or reorganization, are more complex, the security requirements are high. But the fuel type of unity, you can establish a standardized, unified supply system.
Q:The fuel cell utilizes what is the chemical reaction to generate electricity?
When methane is used as the fuel, potassium hydroxide is usually used as the electrolyte solution. The total reaction of the fuel cell is CH4 + 2O2 + 2KOH == K2CO3 + 3H2O.
Q:What is the fuel cell plus dc-dc converter?
The output characteristics of the fuel cell are so soft that it is difficult to match the motor driver directly with its current-voltage characteristic curve. At the initial stage of the fuel cell load, the voltage Ufc descends rapidly. As the load increases, the flow increases and the voltage drops and the slope is much larger than that of the ordinary battery. Therefore, the output characteristic of the fuel cell is relatively soft. Specific load, the output power fluctuations will lead to fuel cell efficiency.
Q:Introduction to the basic characteristics of fuel cells.
In special cases, modular settings (in series with several identical battery pack systems to achieve the required power) can provide very high stability. Fuel diversity. In a wide variety of modern batteries, battery systems with "fuel reformer" can be used to extract hydrogen from hydrocarbon or alcohol fuels, although hydrogen is still the main fuel.
Q:The working principle of hydrogen fuel cell
When the hydrogen fuel cell is operated, hydrogen is supplied to the hydrogen electrode, and oxygen is supplied to the oxygen electrode. Hydrogen, oxygen on the electrode under the action of the catalyst, through the electrolyte to generate water. At this time in the hydrogen electrode with excess electrons and negatively charged, in the oxygen electrode due to lack of electrons and positive electricity. When the circuit is turned on, this reaction process, which is similar to combustion, can be carried out continuously.
Q:Is the fuel cell a battery or a secondary battery?
Should not be, a battery does not say the secondary battery is repeatedly charged,fuel cell is actually a generator, you can charge fuel, even if the development of income.
Q:What is the difference between burning batteries and fuel cells?
The quality and volume of the fuel cell body is not large, but the fuel cell requires a fuel storage or fuel conversion device and ancillary equipment to obtain hydrogen, and these fuel storage devices or fuel conversion devices and ancillary equipment of the quality and size far More than the fuel cell itself, in the course of the work, the fuel will gradually consume with the fuel cell power generation, the quality gradually reduced (referring to vehicle limited fuel). Ordinary battery no other auxiliary equipment, after the technical performance is determined, whether it is fully charged or finished discharge, the battery quality and volume of the same.
Q:How to make simple fuel cell?
At first, we see that the voltage exceeds 2V, as the bubbles emerge, dissolve into the water, the reaction is run out, and then the voltage drops rapidly, and then the descent becomes slow.
To impact our industry, our society and our planet with our greatest effort to develop green technology, PEARL commits efforts to being a low-cost solution expert in the hydrogen energy industry. PEARL hopes to cooperate with men of insight to promote the development of hydrogen energy economy and to bring you a zero-emission environment and a bright future.

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