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Air bubble cushion sheet is mainly used to protect products from collision damage during removal and transportation in many industries, such as precise components, electronic field, PCBs, light, connector, gifts, china, furniture and so on. It is featured with fragment-free happening in traditional packing way, easy filling, and making work more efficient.
1. The cushion sheet making machine can be removed by the side of production line freely and conveniently. Upon power on, the machine will work to make cushion sheet immediately, which will not affect packing procedure. There are 15types of air bubble making arrangement. We will show you in drawing later.
2. It has good cushion effect.
Single air bubble can bear about 100kg. It can fill fully the space between inside products and outside carton wall, which will protect inside items from damage due to moving or shocking during transportation.
3. Using this kind of filling material will make cost down. Air bubble cushion sheet is composed of 99% air and 1% plastic film. In same filling condition, it will save 30-50% cost compared with other filling cushion materials, because this material contains much air to reduce the raw material using.
4. Environment friendly
Raw material and finished air bubble sheet are totally clean, which will not cause pollution to packed products. Cushion sheet can be repeatedly used. After sheet is broken, the material is recyclable, easily handled and environment friendly.
5. Easy operation
The machine is controlled by PLC process. Human-computer interface operation is easy.
6. Convenient and economical
No need to corner finished cushion sheet, which will save the stock space. The light weight will save air shipment delivery cost.

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Q:What are the shock resistant materials?
The purpose of earthquake prevention is to absorb vibration, that is, to pass measures to relieve earthquake damage and prevent earthquakes, rather than the aid after the earthquake.
Q:When logistics is shipped, how can it be packed without compressing the goods?
Well packaged, easy to handle, easy to load and unload, improve efficiency, and avoid damage and damage to goods caused by rough handling. Such as: to pay attention to the weight of each package, the size of - too heavy will not lead to the convenient transportation and handling; irregular shape is not conducive to neatly, easily lead to deformation, unnecessary damage. If it is pallet goods or bulky goods, forklift or crane must be used for loading and unloading. It is necessary to facilitate mechanical operation, such as necessary jacks or lifting holes, etc..
Q:What's the collision bar? What's the use of the anti-collision bar?
The anti-collision bar is also called protective strip, protection angle and so on. Mainly used in schools, kindergartens, families of the corner, various furniture facilities such as water chestnut, its main purpose is to prevent the old children injured by the water chestnut, door furniture.
Q:Children's playground is paved on the ground. What elastic material is used for the buffer? What is the specific parameter? What is the price?
This kind of resilient cushion provides perfect impact resistance, comfort, durability and easy maintenance. Naughty Fort commonly used specifications 1 meters *1 meters, thickness 1.5CM, 2.0CM, 2.5CM.
Q:What is the buffer time during general impact?
Short, of course. The principle used is simple:Buffer effect, that is, the greater the energy absorbed by the buffer material, the better.The same sliding friction, the rebound distance is only related to the initial velocity of the rebound. The greater the initial velocity, the longer the rebound distance.Then, the shorter the rebound distance, the smaller the energy of the car after the rebound. The smaller the energy, the more absorbed it is.The more absorption, the better the buffer material.
Q:What's the difference between PE and XPE?
XPE is a non crosslinked closed cell structure, also called chemical cross-linking PE. It is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. It consists of low density polyethylene, which is physically foamed and produces numerous independent bubbles. To overcome the ordinary styrofoam brittle deformation and resilience. The utility model has the advantages of water separation, moisture resistance, shock proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, environment protection, strong impact resistance, and the like, and has good chemical resistance. It is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials. If you need, you can ask Zhong Tian rubber.
Q:What's the effect of a small round blister on a plastic bag?
This product is waterproof, moisture-proof, and resistant to compression. It is the best choice for mailing valuables, cosmetics, small appliances, fragile items and so on. The bubble film has the functions of shock resistance, breakage prevention, buffering and moisture proof.
Q:What is the buffer room in the cleaner shop two?
Arc, corner, door, window frame and so on are usually made of special alumina profiles. The ground can be made of epoxy self leveling floor or advanced wear-resisting plastic floor. Antistatic requirements can be selected. Antistatic type can be selected. The return air duct is made of heat transfer zinc plate, and has a good flame retardant PF foam plastic board with good purifying and heat preservation effect. The stainless steel frame with high efficiency air outlet is beautiful and clean, and the painted aluminum plate for the punching net board is used.
Q:What does "shock 1500G" mean?
The ten major laws of earthquake escape, first, for your personal safety, please hide under the table and so on. Second, turn off the fire immediately when shaking. Third, don't panic and run outdoors. Fourth open the door. Fifth, outdoor occasions, protect your head, avoid dangerous places. Sixth, in the department stores and theaters, according to the instructions of staff. Seventh, the car depends on roadside parking. Eighth, be sure to pay attention to cliff falling. Ninth, take shelter when you take shelter, and carry belongings in the least possible. Tenth, do not listen to rumors, don't do anything.
Q:Why don't the elevator put a buffer plate in the bottom of the car (spring is under the buffer iron plate), and put some rings in the pride
The rings are generally not installed, replaced by the wire rope end fixed device spring, which is why people jump in the car or the elevator suddenly power failure, braking when the elevator up and down the reasons for shaking.

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