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Air bubble cushion sheet is mainly used to protect products from collision damage during removal and transportation in many industries, such as precise components, electronic field, PCBs, light, connector, gifts, china, furniture and so on. It is featured with fragment-free happening in traditional packing way, easy filling, and making work more efficient.
1. The cushion sheet making machine can be removed by the side of production line freely and conveniently. Upon power on, the machine will work to make cushion sheet immediately, which will not affect packing procedure. There are 15types of air bubble making arrangement. We will show you in drawing later.
2. It has good cushion effect.
Single air bubble can bear about 100kg. It can fill fully the space between inside products and outside carton wall, which will protect inside items from damage due to moving or shocking during transportation.
3. Using this kind of filling material will make cost down. Air bubble cushion sheet is composed of 99% air and 1% plastic film. In same filling condition, it will save 30-50% cost compared with other filling cushion materials, because this material contains much air to reduce the raw material using.
4. Environment friendly
Raw material and finished air bubble sheet are totally clean, which will not cause pollution to packed products. Cushion sheet can be repeatedly used. After sheet is broken, the material is recyclable, easily handled and environment friendly.
5. Easy operation
The machine is controlled by PLC process. Human-computer interface operation is easy.
6. Convenient and economical
No need to corner finished cushion sheet, which will save the stock space. The light weight will save air shipment delivery cost.

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Q:What are the advantages of using hollow board materials?
Sound insulation and heat insulationThe hollow plastic hollow board, the heat transmission effect, significantly lower than that of the solid material, heat insulation, sound insulation effect is good.
Q:What are the advantages of electric shock?
Hydraulic shock proof is the use of liquid as a buffer! Shaking and shock are spring or rubber substances as buffering agents!This is equivalent to a buffer to improve security performance and comfort
Q:What materials are used for buffering in a hydraulic device?
There are special buffers in the system pipeline, and the hydraulic hose also acts as a buffer. There is also a buffer device in the hydraulic system, called an accumulator. A hydraulic actuator, such as an oil cylinder, has a buffer that serves as a buffer.
Q:Why don't the elevator put a buffer plate in the bottom of the car (spring is under the buffer iron plate), and put some rings in the pride
Buffer plate you said, the elevator is there, in the pit, general for polyurethane, (which is called the spring energy storage type) or hydraulic type (energy type), play a protective role in the car fell to the bottom of pit.
Q:Does the hard disk drop when you move it? What kind of material is it? How do you do the same shock?
The vast majority of mobile hard disk is the mobile hard disk box + notebook hard disk produced. Hard disk most afraid of throwing. Hard disk box is usually metal, not afraid of throwing, but hard drive afraid of falling. Inside the hard disk is the high-speed rotating disk, shockproof can only prevent small vibration, can not prevent throwing.
Q:Is the plastic used in the bumper for cutting corners?
Bumpers have the function of safety protection, decorating vehicles and improving the aerodynamic characteristics of vehicles. From the safety point of view, when the car has a low-speed collision accident, it can act as a buffer, protect the front and rear bodywork, and play a certain role in protecting pedestrians when accidents occur with pedestrians. From the exterior, it is decorative and becomes an important part of the exterior of the decorated car. At the same time, the car bumper has a certain aerodynamic effect.
Q:What is cushion?
After selecting the raw materials, the second is to be processed on it, is mainly used to die for processing, it is mainly a pouring molding or stamping can also take the way, these two methods are more reasonable, but also making the best way.
Q:Does rubber really have the effect of shock proof?
In fact, this problem, professional staff has long done experiments, this experiment is isolated in the computer support working principle simulation screen: the two towers on each put a full half cylinder water glass tank. A building without security isolation bearings, when the earthquake came, the water in the glass tank was violently sloshing out of the building.
Q:Classification of cushioning packaging materials for cushioning packaging
Classification by shape:1, block 2, pad; molding; 3, lamellar, fibrous and granular; 4;5, partitions, gaskets, frames, templates, 6, buffer structure (spiral spring, plate spring).
Q:What is meant by shock proof of toughened film?
Is to prevent mobile phone screen explosion, and if there is affixed to the film, the phone dropped to the ground, that is, toughened film burst, the screen will not burst.There are two kinds of protective film: toughened glass film, mobile phone explosion-proof filmTempered glass film focuses on the use of hand experience, high-definition picture quality, smooth, high sensitivity touch response. Mobile phone explosion-proof membrane is inclined to its explosion-proof protection effect.

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