Agriculture Tyre 9.5-24 6PR LP02

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Application:The Tire can be used to Tractor and Agriculture Machines..

Size: 9.5-24 6PR LP02

Tire Structure:NYLON


This pattern design helps deliver strong drive on bad roads and strong grip on muddy and marshy road.

This pattern design helps reduce profile creep strain on uneven ground and strengthen contact patch lateral rigidity

Tyre Parameter:Play Rate    Tube Type    Standard Rim    Park Loading          Section Width

                                6          TT               W8                          940                                  240

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Q:What happens when a truck tire does not spill water?
The car has to install water to cool the brake hub and tires, and the cars run long, especially long distance lorries
Q:What's the name of a car that supports the tires?
First of all, the wheels are made of iron wheels and steel wheels, which are more used in trucks or buses. What is the now widespread use of cars in the aluminum wheels, aluminum wheels are divided into two kinds of casting and forging, forging the strength of the wheel hub casting is many times, an exaggeration to say anything directly running on the tracks, currently on the market are 99% casting hub. Forging and casting can only be distinguished by looking at the molecular structure of an instrument, or destructive testing. Secondly, the hub is divided into surface treatment, coating (paint), electroplating, polishing (protective layer), has advantages and disadvantages, there is not much to say.
Q:What are the tyres for the tyres?
Tyres are simply an abnormal acceleration wear on one or more of the inside or outside of the tyres, which is worn more quickly than part of a tire. When checking the tires, it is obvious that the pattern is worn faster than the other tyres or on the other side of the same tire, which soon results in partial wear, resulting in the tire being scrapped.
Q:How to deal with the steel ring leakage of automobile tyres?
Replace the wheel or wheel accordingly. Put the tire with stripping machine tire removed, and then view the tire and rim edge binding site if there is debris, the paint is not rim bubble, broken steel ring, can use fine sandpaper, then coated with a little butter in grinding, re install. But if the tire is broken, it can only be replaced.
Q:How often will the tires be replaced?
Car tires: can be divided into ordinary car tires, car tires and sports tires. Ordinary car tires will focus on comfort, reduce energy consumption and improve durability; travel tires will tend to improve the carrying capacity and durability of tires; sports tires pay more attention to handling performance. Off-road tires: can be divided into high-speed tires, mud tires and integrated tires. Suitable for high speed tire road pavement, but the side wall supporting the weaker force; mud tires have a deeper pattern, suitable for non paved roads, but the vehicle fuel consumption will be slightly higher; the comprehensive advantages of the tire has two, excluding two shortcomings, but have made concessions.
Q:How thick are the tires inside the car? Why not explode?
There is a high strength steel wire or nylon thread in the tyre, which can resist the strong impact. If it is not deliberately collided, it will not burst. In general, the thickness of the crown of the car tire is about 13mm (the tread pattern is deep 7mm, the crown thickness is 6mm), and the sidewall thickness is 5mm.
Q:How often do they need to be replaced?
If the tire aging phenomenon (e.g. tread groove bottom or a small bead crack are numerous and matrix) on the need for timely, the tire change, no matter how long and how much the tire wear. And the influence of tire rubber aging factors and the use of tires and storage environment has a great relationship, so it is difficult to accurately judge the specific service life of a tire.
Q:What's the reason for the tire delivery?
Eat this tire a lot of problems, it is half angle and toe distance, but considering your car is generally not in the two, it should be hard tyre rim, wheel out of roundness under the condition of dynamic balance is not enough, you can confirm in the garage under the problem where, if there are any problems that steel ring is replaced, the conditions do not allow the words on the two front tires in the back and then get behind the normal tire wheel, and so on, every month for a tire it no matter where they can be effectively solved, but personally recommended to have confirmed off no problem.
Q:Excuse me, why is truck wheel hub different from front and rear tires?
But at present, the production of a wide rim of the wheel, 22.5X11.75 22.5X14 this initiative to solve the unilateral double wheel installation, cost savings.Wheel hub is also called wheel rim. According to the characteristics and requirements of different types of vehicles, the wheel surface treatment process will also be taken in different ways, which can be roughly divided into paint and electricityThere are two kinds of wheel hub plating.
Q:Where is the replacement truck or bus tire at the fleet repair shop?
The place that sells a car can have tire to sell commonly, but it is the 4S shop of car commonly. Wuhan gathers the specialized card, the passenger train tire brand monopoly, the specification is complete. At the same time, you can also search under Baidu Hubei Wuhan area agent tire company, looking for an agent, then the price can be cheaper.

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