agriculture 0.3-1mm gold vermiculite

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SGS passed 
used for agriculture

Typical chemical analysis:


Percent by weight (%)















Typical chemical formula:

(Mg, Ca, K, Fe11)3(Si, Al, Fe111)4O10(OH)2O4H2O

Typical physical properties:







Melting point


Compressive ressitance


Index of refraction

Ng=1.525-1.561 Ng=1.545-1.581

Moisture content


Moisture absorbency




1. fireproof board

2. loose fill insulation

3. construction coating

4. lightweight concrete

5. vermiculite plaster


1. thermal insulation, refractory

2. sound absorption loose filling

3. friction linings

4 gaskets or seals

5. packing materials


1. horticulture

2. soil improvement

3. fertilizer carrier

4. hydroponics

5. animal feedstuffs

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Q:Why does vermiculite have gold or silver on its surface?
The reasons for the surface of vermiculite are gold or silver: the surface color of vermiculite is false color, and the selective absorption of minerals by visible light is the main reason for the color of objects.
Q:Can coarse sand replace vermiculite?
Sand can replace the vermiculite, but thick enough, at least in mung bean.
Q:What is vermiculite used for?
Vermiculite and a suitable amount of insulation glue can be made into insulation board.4, vermiculite is also widely used in medicine, health, animal feed and other industries.
Q:Vermiculite is not big
Specification and use of vermiculite in XinjiangThe main types of vermiculite in Xinjiang are: 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 10-20 eyes, 20-40 eyes, 40-60 eyes, 80-120 eyes and so on.Xinjiang raw ore vermiculite has become silvery white after roasting and is a unique vermiculite variety in china.1. silver white ore (0.25-0.71mm, 0.3-1MM, 0.71-2mm, 1.4-4mm, 2.8-8mm)2. silvery white roast expansion (various specifications)3. gold ore (0.3-1MM, 1-3.5mm, 3.5-7mm)4. golden yellow roasting expanded vermiculite (various specifications)
Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage or pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
Because of the exchange function of the vermiculite cation, the heavy metal elements in snowmelt can be replaced, which can be used to purify the snow melted into the rivers and lakes. For example, they are designed for large snow parks that tend to store snow and carry out snow melt cleanup around railways and highways.The wider application of perlite and vermiculite, will require more processing equipment, will drive the processing industry forward.
Q:What is vermiculite? What's the use of it?
Vermiculite is a kind of hydrate, which is massive and flaky. The interlayer water molecule is ignited at high temperature, and the volume is increased by 6-15 times. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, silicate and other ingredients
Q:What can vermiculite be used instead of?
The principle of preparing nutritious soil is to suit measures to local conditions. Not all nutritious soil for growing flowers has vermiculite. As long as the soil does not harden, but also to maintain water and fertilizer is the best. Generally speaking, rotten leaves are the best. They are better than vermiculite. But the decaying soil will decay over time, and the volume of culture soil will decrease gradually.
Q:What harm does sowing only use vermiculite to plant?
It is a relatively rare mineral, belonging to silicates, whose crystalline structure is monoclinic and looks like mica from its appearance. Vermiculite is produced by hydration of certain granite, which is usually produced simultaneously with asbestos. Because vermiculite has the ability of ion exchange, it has a great effect on the nutrition of the soil.
Q:You can use pure vermiculite for meat
It is best to add some particles in, because vermiculite and soil are water retention, so airtight soggy, fleshy easy to rot.
Q:Chinese rose with 6 days after the germination of vermiculite cuttings, is false living?
In order to avoid the emergence of "false living" phenomenon of rose cutting, first of all, when choosing cuttings, we can not choose the branches that have sprouted buds as cuttings. Especially in the growing season with softwood cutting, we should also pay attention to select the branches of high maturity, full axillary buds and no budding branches do cuttings. If it is urgent to use the branches that have already sprouted buds as cuttings, and when the length is more than enough, we can cut off a part that has been germinating. If the short branch, may have been used to establish 1/3 germination of axillary buds will sprout or completely removed, to inhibit their growth, make the bottom axillary bud sprout. In this way, it can make it possible for the root to sprout and sprout.

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