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When designing the tyre pattern, we take the working situation and matrix load capacity into account, so the tyres are with good quality, excellent traction performance and self-cleaning performance.

Optimize formula to improve the inner quality of products, stung resistance, ageing resistance.

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Q:difference between wide and thin tires?
Wide tires handle better and have more traction but at the cost of fuel economy and your wallet. Change the tires for what the rims were made for. If they're the same rims from the factory you can get this information on the sticker inside the door. You might go a size wider if you fell you need this. This depends on how and where you drive.
Q:Beverly should change the brand of car tires
Hello! Headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, the Michelin Group was founded in 1889 and is a global leader in tire technology. The main business areas include tires, mobile assist systems and travel services. Michelin brand tires to maintain its excellent overall performance at the same time, some focus on comfort and quiet, and some focus on the movement and handling. You can choose for your hobby. When buying tires, you need to take full account of vehicle performance (eg super sports car, SUV, small and medium sized sedan), driving habits (eg, gentle or driving style) and hobbies (eg comfort, (Such as: high speed, gravel pavement, winding road, etc.) and climatic conditions (such as: winter snow and ice weather) and so on, and then according to Michelin tire product positioning to choose the right of your tires.
Q:How much air is the car tires?
High or low pressure will have an impact on the tire's life and safety performance. First, the pressure is too high or too low will lead to tire bias, shorten tire life. Second, the pressure is too low easily lead to excessive heat generation, structural stratification, cord breakage, more likely to impact the phenomenon of drums, but also increase fuel consumption. And high pressure will increase the rigidity of the tire, grounding area reduced, which easily lead to side slip, flick and other phenomena, but also increased the risk of puncture puncture.
Q:What is the meaning of the 91V above the car tires?
91v is the load factor and tire speed, indicating that the tire load 615 kg; speed of not more than 240 km per hour.
Q:Why does Nascar only have one tire manufacturer?
Ya know, I read somewhere that the idea of competing tire manufacturers DID lead to unsafe tires in the 60s or early 70s, so they put the ky-bosh on it and went to one manufacturer. Goodyear won out.
Q:Tire pressure?
What kind of car are you driving? You do not want to over-inflate the front and under-inflate the rear. The door panel is and indicator of the maximum pressure. You want to inflate a few psi under that for each tire ,unless you are carrying a lot of weight in the car. If you are alone or only a couple of people in the car, then I would inflate all of them at 42 psi. This will give you a nice even wear on the tires and much smoother ride. Hope this helps
Q:Car tires in several speed grades, respectively, how is it?
Each tire sidewall is engraved with the tire speed symbol (also known as the speed level), the corresponding speed symbol can know the maximum speed of the tire, for example: tire specifications 195/65 R15 91V in the speed symbol is V, search speed The symbol and speed correspondence table know that the maximum speed of the tire is 240 km / h. Michelin tires on the label attached to the speed of the symbol and the specific maximum speed of information.
Q:Investment in a car tire shop conditions?
Choose the tire shop "headed" the core equipment, it is best in the market have a certain share, a good reputation, the brand has a certain reputation, a higher cost, a sound and perfect after-sales service system, with sustainable Of the technical updates and functions, so as not to leave for future business worries.
Q:tire sizes?
the guys who said the 225/60/R16 are better in order to keep a better mph reading because if you change the width of the tire, you have to change the height also. for instance the wider you go the shorter you have to go in order to keep a stock height so if the first number goes higher than the second has to go lower
Q:Front tire, rear tire . what is the difference?
Biker for existence is close... it particularly is tread layout however the reason being...positioned purely... a rear tire is designed to push and a front tire is designed to tug... tread layout on an identical time as distinctive would desire to tournament besides the undeniable fact that (front and rear). M/C tires are paired in tread layout to bypass jointly. some tires (particularly for moto bypass) would have a twin designation for the two front and rear. The Dunlop must be the only tournament because of the fact HD makes use of them and likes 17 inch rims to throw the different tire adult adult males off. it particularly is a unusual length. base line is... do no longer use a rear tire on the front and don't mixture and tournament front and rear.

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