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When designing the tyre pattern, we take the working situation and matrix load capacity into account, so the tyres are with good quality, excellent traction performance and self-cleaning performance.

Optimize formula to improve the inner quality of products, stung resistance, ageing resistance.

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Q:What is the head of the car tires inflated?
Q:How to identify the type of car tires
You can buy a car when asked 4s shop people there is usually in the tires will have a number of brands and other information
Q:Question about tire sizes?
You should have some flexibility what you can fit. If you're looking to put a 205 on the wheel that currently has a 225, it might work, though I would check a major local tire shop for more information since every vehicle and wheel is different.
Q:Is the paint corrosive to car tires?
Rest assured, no problem, if you think the paint is corroded, why all the cars also need to paint paint to beauty it, if only on the tires, only affect the appearance of the car
Q:Car tires have no inner tube in the appearance of how to distinguish?
There is a very long inner tube, the tubeless valve is vertical very short.
Q:Flat Tire? sound funny ?
Yes. A flat (or low pressure) front tyre will also tend to make your steering heavy on one side. This might not be so noticeable with power-steering, but it will feel 'funny'. Rear tyres do not give the same feel because they are not (usually) part of your steering. Either way, you need to check your tyres. First thing to do is, after checking your car's tyres visually for a flat, drive SLOWLY to your nearest garage and check your tyre pressure on all four tyres with the air hose. Just about all cars run about 30 psi / 200 kpa. The gauge is attached to the end of the the air hose. You should check your tyre pressure at least once a month. Driving on a flat tyre will ruin it. Check the spare while you're at it. If you find you have one tyre significantly low in pressure compared to the others, you probably have a slow leak. Check that tyre for any damage or nails, screws, etc showing in the tread area. If you find anything that shouldn't be there, you've probably found you problem. Get it fixed at a tyre shop. If you find nothing, when your tyre pressures are right, go for a drive. If you cannot get to 100 kmh without the problem re-appearing, take it to a tyre centre first and get their advice. Best of luck. ;-)
Q:Investment in a car tire shop conditions?
Choose the tire shop "headed" the core equipment, it is best in the market have a certain share, a good reputation, the brand has a certain reputation, a higher cost, a sound and perfect after-sales service system, with sustainable Of the technical updates and functions, so as not to leave for future business worries.
Q:Tire Fitting Question?
Yes those tires will be fine. 70 vs. 75 is very little difference.
Q:Where is the car tire gas?
No liner tire gas is hit between the tire and the hub of the confined space, and now no liner tire is tire pressure tire and tire tightly combined, but this tire must pay attention to tire pressure, generally Is measured with a tire pressure gauge.
Q:Make up a car tires how much money
Different places where the price is different for us

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