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When designing the tyre pattern, we take the working situation and matrix load capacity into account, so the tyres are with good quality, excellent traction performance and self-cleaning performance.

Optimize formula to improve the inner quality of products, stung resistance, ageing resistance.

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Q:Do you really need winter tires?
My local body shop just loves people who say that they don't need snow tires. He gives discounts to people that advertise the fact. Sometimes even pays their deductible and still managed to put two kids through medical school. We put snow tires all round on our 2006 Malibu Maxx this year. The difference over last winter (with all season tires) is phenomenal. I walked my car through 2 to 2 1/2 foot snowdrifts today. If I had been on all season tires I'd not have made it home.
Q:how is a tyre patched?
Tire Patch: 1. Remove tire/wheel assemble from vehicle, mark tire at valve stem area so that tire can be mounted in same spot so not to require to be balanced 2. Find puncture and remove object, marking location of puncture. 3. Bleed air from tire, then seperatre tire from wheel 4. Clean inside of tire at puncture area, sand smooth. 5. Glue and patch puncture. 6. Replace tire on rim, set bead and fill tire to proper pressure. 7. Mount on vehicle. Start car: 1. Get inside car, insert key into ignition 2. hold brake and clutch (if manual and place in neutral) and turn key to start. 3. Release key, brake and clutch 4. Do whatever you want, drive off, let idle to warm up Change gear: push in clutch, make gear selection, release clutch (more to it than that, but it will make it happen
Q:Tire size HELP PLEASE!?
They will fit but why would you do that? It will throw of your speedometer. You will be going slower that what the speedo says!
Q:How to look at the size of car tires?
Tire written above
Q:How to build a large car tires
Good quality, from the degree of weariness I feel and Bridgestone, Toyo, Southport, is new, are almost the same, I used to change the front of a van, with four and a half years to see the car to see Up to 8/9 into the new, although the van is the rear drive, but the front beam positioning is very easy to wear tire.
Q:What is the head of the car tires inflated?
Q:Would you like to ask the car tires, is the screw clockwise or counterclockwise?
Will the car on the left side of the car wheel and the right side of the wheel thread is not the same. The left side of the wheel bolts are common right-hand thread, that is, clockwise rotation of the bolts and nuts for tightening, the left side of the car wheel for a long time to move forward, is counterclockwise rotation, the nut will not loose. The right wheel bolts are not commonly used in the left-hand thread, that is, counter-clockwise rotation of bolts and nuts for tightening, then the right side of the wheel wheel for a long time to move forward, clockwise rotation, making the nut has been tightened state, it is not easy to loose The
Q:What causes a bubble in a sidewall of a tire?
Manufacturing defect.
Q:How does car tires do the meaning of dynamic balance detection and detection?
Some of the small lead pieces on the wheel rims of the car wheels are one or more small pieces of different sizes, and these little lead pieces seem to be less contrasting than all kinds of beautiful wheels. A small lead block, the stability of the high-speed car plays a very important role.
Q:What is the meaning of H on car tires?
H represents the highest speed that the tire can withstand

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