Aerosol Spray Paint - High Quality Chrome silver paint

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Aerosol Spray Paint Description

Liquid-state wallpaper paint also called as liquid-state wallpaper and wallpaper paint. It is a new concept of artistic wall paint, overcoming the faults of single color wall coating and latex paint. With a variety of construction technology, can easily create beautiful effect. 


2.Main Features of the Aerosol Spray Paint

•Private label Acceptable

• Spray Paint 

• High Quality With Valuable Price 

3. Aerosol Spray Paint Images


Aerosol Spray Paint  - High Quality  Chrome silver paint

Aerosol Spray Paint  - High Quality  Chrome silver paint



4. Aerosol Spray Paint Specification


Place of Origin:

Guangdong China (Mainland)

Main Raw Material:



Appliance Paint,Car Paint,Furniture Paint,Plastic Coating,Rubber Coating

Application Method:



Liquid Coating

Brand Name:


Model Number:


5.FAQ of Aerosol Spray Paint

①How about the product?

The product can quickly get dry and form a metal mirror with extreme strong decoration effect. Additionally,it can effectively resist UV radiation,increase the anti-aging performance,and prevent the metal surface from rusting.Since it easily gets damaged in its appearance, it is not suitable to be used in parts where frequent friction and collision occur.With fine covering power, the product needs no matching primer.

②How about your company?

A world class manufacturer & supplier of castings forging in Spray Paint.This is a manufacturer of tin product,such as aerosol can,food can,beverage can and so on,we began to supply  service,and main service  is : shaving foam,insecticide,air freshener,super carb cleaner,dash board polish,furnithure polish,polyurethane foam,leather polish,etc.

With advanced machine and perfect insect system,quality of every product are well guaranteed.

③What's the usage?


Can be widely used in surface finishing and mending of metal, wood, glass, leather, ceramics and plastics.Quick Details.

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Q:How to color leather products
Dry thick staining method This method is basically the same as the extrusion dyeing method, the difference is that the proportion of dye in plastic than usual to be more than 10 times higher than the injection molding can be added to the primary color plastic to dilute the use of
Q:What is the difference between the copolymer and the polymer?
Polymer is a broad concept, including various types of polymers, the monomer can be a single one, it can be a variety of.
Q:When the paint is used in China
basically PU, PE paint; that 2017 after the paint industry business opportunities is what? (Every product change whether you have seized the opportunity?) - flying low-carbon polyurea coating and flying low-carbon water-based paint. 2017, the only domestic low-carbon polyurea coating core material (polyaspartic acid ester) scale production manufacturers - Feiyang Chemical officially announced: In view of the 2017 low-flying polyurea coating and low-carbon low-carbon primer coating in China High-speed rail, China Rocket Research Institute and all Friends of the furniture, gold Phoenix furniture and other large enterprises, the successful application of the unit decided to start from 2017 to increase market investment in the domestic furniture industry and home decoration in the field of comprehensive promotion of low-carbon paint Carbon polyurea coatings and low-carbon water-based paint), and these will lead the paint industry again a technological revolution! At present, the homogenization and disorderly competition of the coatings industry products will lead to the death of the paint industry. Only by carrying out the technological revolution and finding out the difference and creating the core competitiveness can we make their own advantages. PU, PE, NC These products due to the construction of a large number of volatile solvents (nearly 60% of the volatile solvent to be volatile to the air), resulting in environmental pollution is very large
Q:Paint composition and manufacturing process
Each paint manufacturers on the purchase of raw materials, the ratio is not the same, different formulations will affect the quality of paint
Q:Plastic paint and metal paint the difference? I use metal paint spray plastic will play from the skin Will you master how is it?
With the wrong paint.
Q:Who knows who is good to buy a good brand? Is the polymer charge is not safe
Millet inexpensive
Q:Now what brand of paint is good
Red apple paint hoapple (China Top Ten paint brand brand in China well-known trademarks in Fujian Province brand)
Q:Is there a waterproof and moldy coating?
I have to tell you that the benefits of paint is waterproof and mildew, it is the use of imported materials, an international certification, the quality is very good, is an absolute reliable good paint.
Q:Which paints are best for portraits?
whatever paints you feel most comfortable working with are the ones i would recommend. i like watercolors because they are the most immediate form of painting. the setup and clean up is usually under 5 minutes and you can fit everything you need to paint in your pocket. watercolors are an unforgiving medium that seems best suited for many quick paintings. acrylics are in between watercolors and oils. you can work over areas as much as you like or you can paint very quickly and loosely, or you can do slow deliberate glazing. its quick drying so its easy to work fast. the worst thing about acrylic paint is plastic paint and it can look like plastic. oil painting is the slowest process and requires the most thought to do properly. oil paint has to be painted fat over lean so you have to be at conscious of that as you paint. oil painting also has the slowest set up and clean up, for me it runs from 15 minutes to an hour including setting up the palette. despite all this there are certain characteristics of oil paint that you just cant get in any other media. the most noticeable of these is how oil paint holds a brush mark.
Q:Is it better to use paint or wallpaper?
Paint and wallpaper are used in a wide range of two kinds of materials, they have a little different, to achieve the decoration effect is also very different, so the most important thing is to choose the safety and quality of the material, and carried out Reasonable design with, in order to maximize the function of the two, so we can choose their favorite style, a reasonable design, and then choose the decoration materials.

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