Aerial Work Truck (12M)

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Product Description:

Aerial Work Truck :


Vehicle model

EQ1050 4*2 high platform truck

Truck brand

Dongfeng chassis

Vehicle size


 7140×1980×3110 (mm)

Box size


 ×× (mm)

A/D angle

 19/10,19/12 (°)

F/R hang


 1032/2138,1032/1988 (mm)

Total mass


 4325 (kg)

Rated mass


 320 (kg)

Curb weight



Max speed



Chassis model









Fuel type


Wheels NO






Wheel loading



Steel spring NO



Truck standard

Euro III

Tyre NO.



Tyre size


Front tread


 1506 (mm)

Rear tread


 1466 (mm)



Up-parts Description

Arm  Dimensions(mm)

Approx 12m

Truck size(mm)

 7140×1980×3110 (mm)

Arm Description

1. Shape: 2 arms

2. Hydraulic system

3.360 rotation

4,Lifting up and down

5.Air control

Standard Equipment

◆Aerial bucket,hook,4 legs,box 

Optional Equipment

◆Motor ,electric remote control










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Q:What is a bridge gondola?
2, electric basket in the cable on the repair, maintenance and construction operations, the gondola system according to the cable structure of non-standard production, the basket body is provided with a guide wheel, a walking wheel and a traction wheel, along the cable walking by traction winch. 3. Use electric hanging basket to carry on the maintenance, decoration and construction of the cable-stayed bridge column. In this system, the basket is made into a mouth shape structure to meet the construction requirements around the column.
Q:Tianjin building more than meters, not allowed to use hanging basket construction
In fact, the building is not high enough to use a hanging basket, but the basket itself is not allowed to exceed a certain height. Is generally allowed to use to 200m, more than 200m, through expert proof can be used
Q:Who has the acceptance specification and standard for gondola?
6) strengthen safety education for operators, and enhance their awareness of self-protection. Hanging basket operator must pass training, qualified rear mount, hanging basket must be operated by special personnel according to operating procedures. Construction personnel must enter and leave the basket on the ground, no entry and landing basket in the air. 7) the quantity of the counterweight block must meet the requirement (usually 2*20*25kg), and the counterweight block shall be firmly fixed to prevent the personnel from moving the counterweight blocks at will.
Q:What qualification does the hanging basket for production and construction require?
1, basket company qualification certificate 2, basket holder certificate 3, basket installation program 4, use the basket in the construction process of emergency plan (two copies, construction unit out one, labor service one)
Q:Construction basket project whether need expert proof?
Step: prefabricated beam plate with I type basket size, with the size of your "Guanghe Guangshi (bridge) - V" or "the reference bridge set (2005) 4004- 1"; continuous beam hanging basket plate plate plate adopts the step step step type I and type II, type III and IV size see, "your drawings with dimensions (Hiroka Hirose bridge) -X (12~20) - Part VIII" and "expensive Guanghe Guangshi (bridge) and -X (21~33) second - VIII section", all of the prefabricated plate of Zhaoqing beam field, using C20 concrete prefabricated steel processing in 1# mixing station.
Q:What is the power of the zlp630 electric basket?
At present, the use of electric basket has gradually become a trend, in the high-rise building construction, installation, maintenance and construction of curtain wall insulation cleaning exterior wall has been widely recognized by higher operation, and can be used for large tanks, bridges and dams and other operations.
Q:Who knows the construction basket reported those information?
Company qualification, installation personnel qualification, hanging basket qualification certificate. Self inspection certificate, if non-standard basket, but also expert proof. The current specifications require field installation below 50M without the need for expert proof.
Q:Construction basket for hanging basket
Hoist is a power component of suspension platform, and electric climbing structure is adopted. Hoist driven by electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motor, drives the wire rope conveyor structure make the elevator work along the wire rope up and down movement of the worm and a pair of gear, thereby driving up or down suspension platform.
Q:Counterweight requirement of basket
1) the hanging mechanism of the hanging basket or the roof trolley must be equipped with proper counterweight; (2) the counterweight shall be accurately and firmly installed on the focal point, and the counterweight shall be configured according to the drawing specifications
Q:Construction basket operation certificate is not able to operate?
1, basket must be made special equipment manufacturing license, manufacturers of qualified products. 2, basket factory must have the following technical documents: product certification; II. Installation, use and maintenance instructions; installation plans, wearing parts, electrical schematics and wiring diagram, hydraulic system diagram.

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