Aerial work platform rated 500kg and max lifting height 14m

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1 unit
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15 unit/month

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: (Mainland) China

  • Model Number: GK12
  • Model: GK12

  • Swing speed (r/min): 1/4

  • Maximum grade ability (%): 20

  • Total weight (kg): 2650

  • Approach Angle (°): 29

  • Rated load platform (kg): 200

  • rated weight: 500kg

  • pecifications

    1.GK12 aerial work platform. 
    2.Maximum working height of platform 1400mm. 
    3.Rated lifting weight: 200 kg. 

    1.GK12 aerial work platform.



    Design value

    Total length  (mm)


    Total width   (mm)


    Total height   (mm)


    Front overhang  (mm)


    Rear overhang   (mm)


    Front Protraction (mm)

    Rear Protraction  (mm)

    Minimum ground clearance    (mm)


    Approach Angle   (°)


    Departure angle  (°)


    Minimum turning diameter     (mm)


    Wheel tread

    Front   (mm)


    Rear   (mm)


    Wheelbase                     (mm)


    Total weight                    (kg)


    The load weight of the front axle  (kg)


    The load weight of rear axle       (kg)


    Maximum traveling speed         (km/h)


    Maximum grade ability            (%)


    Hundred kilometers oil consumption (L)


    Steering Type

    Steering wheel

    Number of steel plate spring     (front/rear)


    Number of tires


    Tire type

    Front 5.00-12 /rear5.50-16



    Platform lifts and falls time without loading anything  (s)

    Whole journey time of rising arm


    Whole journey time of falling arm


    Platform lifts and falls time at its full load

    Whole journey time of extending


    Whole journey time of shrinking


    Extending and shrinking hydraulic ram time   (s)

    Vertical hydraulic ram

    Shrinking time




    Swing speed                                (r/min)


    Length of boom arm I                    (mm)


    Length of boom arm I  II                (mm)


    Maximum lifting height of platform      (mm)


    Maximum working height of platform  (mm)


    Rated load platform                          (kg)


    Rated vertical leg span (left / right)  (mm)


    Horizontal leg span (front / rear)      (mm)


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