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With advanced production equipments, our company can produce various cables with high quality accoding to customers' needs.

Aerial insulated cables of rated voltages 35KV and below are manutactured according to the standards GB 12527-90 and GB 14049-93. They are fit for transmitting line and distributing line of rated voltage 0.6/1KV, 10KV in tall buildingsm traceling development area and wooded tract.

Operating characteristics:

1.The rated voltage of cable has two classes: 0.6/1KV, 10KV.

2. Continuous permissible operating temperature:

   PVC insulation:70 0C

   PE insulation:70 0C

   HDPE insulation:75 0C

   XLPE  insulation:90 0C

3. Max. temperature of cable under short-circuit (5sec. Max, Duration)

   PVC insulation:160 0C

   PE insulation:130 0C

   HDPE insulation:1500C

   XLPE  insulation:250 0C

4. Laying temperature of cable not less than -20 0C

5. Operating ambient temperature of cables: -40 0C ~40 0

6. Permissible bending radius of cable:

   cable for rated voltage up to and including 0.6/1KV

   bending radius not less than 4D for cable diameter<25mm

   bending radius not less than 6D for cable diameter≥25mm

   cable for rated voltage 10KV:

   single-core cable: 20 (D+d) ±5%

   multi-core cable:15 (D+d) ±5%

Type and Name





Cu./Al. Conductor PVC Insulated Aerial Cable for Rated Voltage 0.6/1kv,10kv,35kv



Cu./Al. Conductor PE Insulated Aerial Cable for Rated Voltage 0.6/1kv,10kv,35kv



Cu./Al. Conductor XLPE Insulated Aerial Cable for Rated Voltage 0.6/1kv,10kv,35kv

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Q:what causes cable fire?
A very high power surgeon could cause it. Very high current transfer of a short circuit could cause burning of the cable. Power cables have materials which have very high resistance (rubber materials mostly) but could burn in a not very high temperature.
Q:can i cut my computer Power Supply cables/USB and HDD cable to add an extension myself? They're all short.
Power supply cables - no problem. USB cable, make sure you use the same style of cable. HDD cable, you can buy longer ones, this is a better option than trying to extend the one you have. There are some signal issues if you try to extend the cable.
Q:Will PSone power cable work on a ps2?
counting on which sequence your PS2 is, you'll want an AC adapter/means wire for the means furnish and a RCA sort (purple, yellow, white) A/V cable for connecting on your television ! WalMart. purpose, maximum ideal purchase and so on and so on all promote PS2 peripherals or you should attempt OKorder to save money ! If I remember wisely, the PS1 A/V cable ought to artwork with the PS2 !
Q:What is the installation specification for the cable tray bracket?
Be careful is right, but it is not necessary to be timid. Need to do so: . ask the district property, if the best road distribution map, read the drawings, you know where the cable, where not. . ask your home decoration of the electrician, he knows the most where your house where there is a wire decoration. . the general wall cabinet installed relatively high, as long as the bottom of the socket to avoid, generally all right.
Q:What power cord and USB cable goes to this HDD case?
It's a regular USB 2 cable. No idea what sort of power it takes. Can't be a very special power though. Your best bet is to get one of those switchable supplies from Radio Shack and try the voltage one at a time until the drive works. If you go under the drive won't run, so you can't do it that way if you start low and move higher.
Q:Can i plug in the power over Ethernet cable into my laptops NIC Card?
Power Over Ethernet Laptop
Q:HP 640C printer`s power cable.?
you can always get one on OKorder but it may not be exactly the right kind. Just search for that model and power cable and you should find something. Just make sure its exactly the right fit for your printer. You can screw up the jack if it is not. You can also search for the part number on the HP website. if you buy it from hp however, it is likely to be overpriced and it will take a long time to ship if it is not in stock.
Q:POE Faq - Is it ok to use a poe power cable into a computer or a switch?
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Q:PC and cables?
If you're buying a pre-built PC, it will come with all the necessary cables. If you're buying parts to assemble your own PC, you'll get most of the cables. The power supply will come with a power cord, as well as the power cables for use inside the PC. The monitor will come with its own power cord, and at least 1 video cable. If you want to use HDMI and it didn't come with a HDMI cable, just go buy one (assuming the monitor supports HDMI...) The motherboard may come with some SATA cables for connecting your hard drive, DVD drive to the motherboard. The motherboard will also come with a baggie full of screws, connectors, and doodads for attaching the motherboard to the case. In general, you should have just about everything you need to completely build a PC from a pile of parts.
Q:How do wireless speakers in a 5.1 theater system get the power to produce sound?
Some have batteries, most have power cables. None that I have heard sound good. I know it's a pain to wire speakers in but it's worth the time and effort (or cost if you have someone do it for you). Your going to have the speakers and setup for a long time, I presume. Do it right the first time and put the wires in.

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