Aerial insulated Cable-Type D

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Product Description:

The cables are designed for aerial power lines and with rated voltage equal to 10(12)kV.

Rated voltage is 10kV

Max.Continuous permissive working temperature of conductor:
XLPE insulation is 250
XPLE insulation should be not more than 90C

Max. Temperature at short circuit (the longest continuous time is not more than 5S)

XLPE insulation is 250C

Installation temperature of cable should be not less than -20C

Permissive benging radius of cable should be not less than 20(D+d) mm.
D -the actual overall diameter of cable ,mm;
d-the actual overall diameter of conductor ,mm.

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Q:What is the difference between cable piping and wire piping?
Kvvp is copper core PVC insulated sheath braided shielded control cable, kvvp2 is copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed copper tape shielded control cable, one is prepared shield, one is copper tape shield
Q:Controlling music via iPod (not stereo!) hooked up to 2009 Hyundai Elantra?
A couple of options If using a standard aux cord you can simply plug your ipod in through the headphone port, and select your song and playlist through your ipod. You have full control over your ipod. If using the factory hyundai aux/usb cable. It has a usb and aux (pressed together) that you put into the ports of the elantra. Then the extension is to be plugged into the bottom of your ipod. You have minimal control over your ipod in hand. All you will be able to do with this is to select a playlist, and plug it in. My suggestion if you are using the oem hyundai aux/usb that I'm talking about. Is to go out and buy a normal aux cable. Its a 3.5 to 3.5mm jack. That way you will have control over your ipod, but you will not be able to skip the track through the stereo, and Steering wheel controls(if equipped) However. It's all in control with your phone like you want. Good luck!
Q:Wire and cable model ZD what does it mean
ZD that the cable flame retardant grade D level, the general diameter of these cables are not more than 12mm small cable or conductor cross-section does not exceed 35mm2 cable. The flame retardant effect of this type of cable in the flame retardant cable flame retardant effect is the weakest.
Q:350 turbo kickdown cable ?
It wont have any passing gear. You can force it down with the shifter. It wont hurt it. Why don't you hook it up? Wrong carb?
Q:Home improvement of the threading tube is not long how to pick up
In the "construction site temporary electricity safety technical specifications" did not mention water and temporary electricity can not be together, you can press the cable straight to the practice (0.7m up and down about 50mm fine sand back to fill the original soil, the upper Cover hard protection) to the construction, the appropriate widening of the cable trench, so that water and parallel lines.
Q:Serial cable with Tivo and Comcast cable box?
You can only use the serial cable with a DCT2000 series box. If it has no 9pin serial port, your only option is to use the IR blaster for TiVo to control the cable box.
Q:Can I make my TV remote work with cable?
You would have to physically have buttons on your remote that say cable or Sat or vcr or dvd to program/control other equipment.
Q:can i put a cruise control switch on my base model cavalier?
Is the cruise control servo cable connected to a cruise control transducer? If so then the wiring should already be in place. To pull out your old switch, push it up, as if signaling a right turn, then pull it straight out. The cruise control wire should be a small 3 or 4 wire flat cable with a small blade connector.
Q:Why does not the birds stand on the high voltage line
110 cable and 4 pairs and 5 pairs of modules
Q:Remote control with an alarm (i.e. can be schedule to turn on TV)?
that function has to built into the tv for it to work on a universal remote. Did you check the sleep function?sometimes its there or a function called timer.

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