Aerial insulated Cable-Type D

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Product Description:

The cables are designed for aerial power lines and with rated voltage equal to 10(12)kV.

Rated voltage is 10kV

Max.Continuous permissive working temperature of conductor:
XLPE insulation is 250
XPLE insulation should be not more than 90C

Max. Temperature at short circuit (the longest continuous time is not more than 5S)

XLPE insulation is 250C

Installation temperature of cable should be not less than -20C

Permissive benging radius of cable should be not less than 20(D+d) mm.
D -the actual overall diameter of cable ,mm;
d-the actual overall diameter of conductor ,mm.

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Q:What are the safety distances for cable lines?
Details: 08 civil building electrical design code Article 8.12 - cable bridge wiring, 04D701-3 cable bridge installation Atlas
Q:How to choose the model of streetlight cable
Armor: Reduces the damage to the cable by external forces. YJV and vv, in the temperature requirements on the yjv better than vv, to waterproof, or choose waterproof cable
Q:Home decoration to use much of the wires, such as light lines, sockets, air conditioning lines, refrigerator lines
ZC is the abbreviation of ZRC, of course, ZRB can also be abbreviated as ZB
Q:The difference between power cable and control cable
The biggest difference is that the power cable diameter is significantly greater than the control cable. Power cables are usually four-core, or five-core, the control cable is often more than ten cores.
Q:Why does not the birds stand on the high voltage line
110 cable and 4 pairs and 5 pairs of modules
Q:Computer cable for computer monitoring and control purposes
The model of the cable consists of eight parts: one, the use code - not marked as the power cable, K for the control cable, P for the signal cable; Second, the insulation code -Z oil-impregnated paper, X rubber, V PVC,
Q:What does the control cable 6 * 0.75 + 1 mean?
This transmission line can connect all the voice and digital equipment, and connect them with the telephone exchange system
Q:Is the bridge mounted above or below the water pipe? Is the top of the heating tube below?
I do not think so that the master to do the right pipe to be in the following wire to be more appropriate in the above wire and water pipe interchanges or PUC casing tube tube PUC pipe straight head to use PUC glue bonding reasons: 1. Water pipe in the On the wire if the water pipe under the water pipe that is every day in the wet underground or in the water bubble, security risks 2. If the wire with a yellow wax tube package, although the yellow wax tube is a fire-retardant water, but a long time in the water bubble Or the wet place of its material (I suggest you compare the yellow wax tube and PUC tube material to know) no matter how good my judgment is the water pipe slot is relatively shallow do not go down the line of the master with the yellow wax tube The
Q:Wire and cable model ZD what does it mean
Hello: Wire and cable model ZD is a flame retardant bunch burning type D, for the diameter of not more than 12mm that is smaller products. I hope my answer can be helpful to you. Thank you.
Q:What are the requirements for cable laying distance?
The minimum distance between cables, cables and other pipelines, roads, and buildings shall be in accordance with Table 4-18

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