Aerial insulated Cable-Type D

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The cables are designed for aerial power lines and with rated voltage equal to 10(12)kV.

Rated voltage is 10kV

Max.Continuous permissive working temperature of conductor:
XLPE insulation is 250
XPLE insulation should be not more than 90C

Max. Temperature at short circuit (the longest continuous time is not more than 5S)

XLPE insulation is 250C

Installation temperature of cable should be not less than -20C

Permissive benging radius of cable should be not less than 20(D+d) mm.
D -the actual overall diameter of cable ,mm;
d-the actual overall diameter of conductor ,mm.

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Q:Can the cable bridge be installed above the cable tray?
Can not, if the water pipe installed in the cable above the bridge if the leakage may affect the normal operation of the cable, or even short-circuit accidents, there are security risks! Fire is required.
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