Advanced OBD II gps Vehicle Tracking Devices,internal GSM&GPS antenna

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Advanced OBD II gps Vehicle Tracking Devices,internal GSM&GPS antenna


DRIVERS - Receivelocation, route and vehicle condition assistance automatically, anytime andanywhere.

TECHNICIANS -Remote vehicle diagnostics protects equipment and drivers.

OPERATIONS - Usereal-time visibility to run operations more efficiently and safely.

DISPATCHERS - Planand adjust routes more effectively and immediately.

SERVICE MANAGERS -Answer location inquiries faster and accurately.

RISK MANAGERS -Ensure regulatory compliance because unplanned incidents are reduced.

ACCOUNTANTS -Measure cost savings and increased customer satisfaction realized.

IT MANAGERS - Savevaluable resources, with no demands on existing IT infrastructure or personnel.

EXECUTIVES -Increase value, through gains in productivity and utilization.

Cars DiagnosticSystem record function

Engine speed:RPM  Accurate to 1RPM

Intake airpressure: MAP  

Caused by airtemperature: CIA  Accurate to 1 ° C

Launch from theload: LOD

Throttle position:TPS

Fuel pressure: FRP

Ignition timing:ING Accurate to 0.1V

Battery voltage:VLT  Accurate to 1 ° C

Fuel SystemStatus: LP

Water temperature:CWT Accurate to 1 ° C

Speed: KPHAccurate to 1KM/hr


· GSM frequency : Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

· Size :  66*48*25mm

· Weight:  55g

· Interface: OBD interface

· Data transmission: GPRS/SMS

· Positioning mode: GPS/AGPS

· Working voltage: 9-36V DC

· Internal battery: 3.7V/100mA Lithium battery

· Install: OBD II connector/Plug-in and play

· GPS channels: 50

· Sensitivity: -160dBm

· Positioning Accuracy : 10m

· Cold start: <32s

· Hot start : < 1s

· Protocol: TCP/IP

· Built-in GPS/GSM antennas

· Working temperature :   -30°C~ +70°C

· Storage temperature: -40 °C~ +85°C

· Humidity: 5%~95%

· Communication protocol:SMS, GPRS, TCP/UDP, USSD, FTP

· Normal currency:<100mA, 13.8VDC

. Max.currency:<150mA, 13.8VDC

. Sleep modecurrency:<10mA,12VDC

This device plugsinto a vehicle's OBDII port for ease of installation. An additional Y-cableallows you to place the device up under the dash for an even more covert option

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Q:What kind of GPS locator meets the needs of the car loan industry?
Wired and wireless combined with the best, wired real-time positioning to understand the trend of the car, looking for a wireless car is the key. Rice gm06 and gm08b together, the only choice
Q:Europe creates GPS locator plus traffic card and no traffic card what is the difference?
The positioner is used by GPS positioning of the machine in place, with traffic card is always allowed to send data to the network users more simple client, such as WeChat, let users without professional software, you can get the location information of the locator
Q:How much is the general GPS locator? Do you pay any fees?
Price depends on what you want is a personal GPS locator or car GPS locator. GPS locator must be used in conjunction with the platform, whether it is on the car or personal, have to pay the platform service charges. Vehicle GPS locator platform service fee 60 yuan a month, GPS locator itself price is generally around $300, but the platform service fee can also be handed over a lifetime, $100, that is, the 100 platform service fee. The personal GPS locator is relatively cheap, general equipment plus platform service costs between 180 and 200. Different manufacturers may be a little price difference.
Q:Locator installed in someone else's car on the law
Ha-ha。 This is called no reason to pay attention to non rape that is stolen
Q:GPS tracker and GPS detector is not ossessione
The vehicle terminal by the host module, antenna and optional accessories, including host module and antenna constitutes the fundamental part of the vehicle terminal, can realize the basic functions of real-time positioning, detection of longitude and latitude time, moving direction and speed of the host, leaving the data interface, according to the need of external devices and sensors to achieve attachment functional requirements.GPS detector is used to find the installation of the GPS.
Q:Gps locator user name and password
General equipment factory will produce a number of IMEI, is a long string of numbers as the account posted on the device, directly into the 15 bit device number can be, except the default password is 123456 individual manufacturers
Q:Who knows the GPS tracker or locator that can be used in no man's land? Thanks
To pass through the communication network, there is no base stationNo base station information can only be stored in the device, the network will not return
Q:How to locate the car car
First, buy a satellite on the Internet to install the car, you can use a mobile phone or computer to locate the car,
Q:Car GPS locator installed in the car where the location is good
Door partition;Under the trim panel under the windshield;Front bumper, need to pay attention to waterproof;Under the windshield wiper, need to pay attention to waterproof
Q:How to use the GPS locator on ping an automobile
Ping An Bank loans car, that is the bank car position, backstage management is a bank, you can't see.

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