Advanced OBD II gps Vehicle Tracking Devices,internal GSM&GPS antenna

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Advanced OBD II gps Vehicle Tracking Devices,internal GSM&GPS antenna


DRIVERS - Receivelocation, route and vehicle condition assistance automatically, anytime andanywhere.

TECHNICIANS -Remote vehicle diagnostics protects equipment and drivers.

OPERATIONS - Usereal-time visibility to run operations more efficiently and safely.

DISPATCHERS - Planand adjust routes more effectively and immediately.

SERVICE MANAGERS -Answer location inquiries faster and accurately.

RISK MANAGERS -Ensure regulatory compliance because unplanned incidents are reduced.

ACCOUNTANTS -Measure cost savings and increased customer satisfaction realized.

IT MANAGERS - Savevaluable resources, with no demands on existing IT infrastructure or personnel.

EXECUTIVES -Increase value, through gains in productivity and utilization.

Cars DiagnosticSystem record function

Engine speed:RPM  Accurate to 1RPM

Intake airpressure: MAP  

Caused by airtemperature: CIA  Accurate to 1 ° C

Launch from theload: LOD

Throttle position:TPS

Fuel pressure: FRP

Ignition timing:ING Accurate to 0.1V

Battery voltage:VLT  Accurate to 1 ° C

Fuel SystemStatus: LP

Water temperature:CWT Accurate to 1 ° C

Speed: KPHAccurate to 1KM/hr


· GSM frequency : Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

· Size :  66*48*25mm

· Weight:  55g

· Interface: OBD interface

· Data transmission: GPRS/SMS

· Positioning mode: GPS/AGPS

· Working voltage: 9-36V DC

· Internal battery: 3.7V/100mA Lithium battery

· Install: OBD II connector/Plug-in and play

· GPS channels: 50

· Sensitivity: -160dBm

· Positioning Accuracy : 10m

· Cold start: <32s

· Hot start : < 1s

· Protocol: TCP/IP

· Built-in GPS/GSM antennas

· Working temperature :   -30°C~ +70°C

· Storage temperature: -40 °C~ +85°C

· Humidity: 5%~95%

· Communication protocol:SMS, GPRS, TCP/UDP, USSD, FTP

· Normal currency:<100mA, 13.8VDC

. Max.currency:<150mA, 13.8VDC

. Sleep modecurrency:<10mA,12VDC

This device plugsinto a vehicle's OBDII port for ease of installation. An additional Y-cableallows you to place the device up under the dash for an even more covert option

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Q:What is the car anti-theft locator?
GPS anti-theft tracker terminal products, let the owner through the mobile phone anti-theft device and bundled any stolen vehicle operation may be the first time the location and the information is sent to the mobile phone owners, to create a new concept of anti-theft alarm. No matter where the vehicle is located, can achieve positioning and theft.
Q:Motorcycle GPS locator installation
Motorcycle GPS locator installed to view the vehicle location information vehicle alarm alarm electric fence track and so on the choice of the first choice of eight car
Q:Millet 2 how to turn on or off the tracking positioning system.
Please enter the settings - all settings - location services, open the GPS positioning service to locate the phone.
Q:Millet 3 update system, GPS positioning in which settings?
The following is the specific operation into the millet 3 mobile GPS positioning settings:1, open the phone, and then enter the settings.2, and then select the other advanced settings to enter, click Security privacy.3, and then enter the location information, and then select the settings you need to locate the GPS.
Q:Mobile GPS positioning official certification 837706606 is true
Said no need to operate other people's cell phone or other people, only to install a software on their own mobile phones can locate others, without exception, are all, because only toss their own cell phone, there is no way to locate others. Wait
Q:GPS locator sn7150509272 what brand
thisSn7150509272Just an identification number,,,, can't see the brand
Q:GPS and tracking locator are two different things,
Of course not different, GPS is a kind of positioning, is an American satellite positioning system, tracking via satellite to achieve positioning.
Q:How much does it cost to install a battery car? GPS locator what good?
Shanghai where there are battery powered bicycle locator, the price
Q:Gps locator user name and password
General equipment factory will produce a number of IMEI, is a long string of numbers as the account posted on the device, directly into the 15 bit device number can be, except the default password is 123456 individual manufacturers
Q:I would like to do the electric car GPS locator manufacturers, where can I buy and install star GPS.
Never heard of this, I installed an et100 car is rice, but also to see others this installation

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