Adhesive Nonwoven fabric used for garment

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1 m²
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1 m²/month

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100% Polyester

Nonwoven Technics:

chemical bond






40''60''100cm 150cm









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Zhejiang China (Mainland)

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:50-100yds/roll , polybag outside per roll.
Delivery Detail:15-20days after receiving the deposit


1)Material:100% polyester
5)Color:White,Super w


 Fusible Nonwoven Interlining Fabric(Gum Stay)1030HF


Material100% polyester
ColorWhite(Normal White,Super White),black,red,yellow
PaymentT/T,30% advanced payment or L/C
Package25,50,100yard/roll ,each roll with white or blue pe bag
FeatureFusible,Adhesive etc.
Supply Ability2000000yard/yards per month

 Feeling:Hard,Soft,Medium Soft

Gumstay interlining: 1025HF, 2016HF, 1050HF, 1000HF, 1025SF,1035HF,1065HF
Non fusible interlining: 1020H, 1025H, 1030H, 1040H, 1050H, 1060H, 1065H, 1080H, 1100H etc. (Hard)
Non fusible interlining: 1020S, 1025S, 1035S, 1040S, 1045S, 1050S, 1060S, 1070S, 1080S etc.(Soft)

Feature:fusible or non fusible,eco-friendly

Fiber Composition: 100% polyester or polyester mix viacose 
Advantages:We have our own factory which located in fujian

           Quality First and Customer is God is the soul of our company

           We have certificated by ISO9001:2000

          Convenient to adhering and low cost


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Q:What's the difference between polyester fiber and chiffon?
Chiffon is a fabric, popularly referred to as cloth. A thin, twisted crepe fabric. Most of the material is polyester chiffon, but there are people who have known as the "Silk Chiffon silk georgette".
Q:Nike's screening of fabrics
(the latest NIKE Sphere React Dry series uses more advanced smart fabric, can automatically adjust the structure according to the surface humidity of the skin, Federer's latest coat of clothing is the use of this technology. "NIKE, Sphere, React, Dry" varies with body temperature. Drying time, superfine fiber components will bring comfort to athletes, once after sweating, "MRT fiber" will become the three-dimensional structure of convex components (products of different size change is different between the fabric and the skin), the space is about 2 times when dry, relieve the discomfort of sweating. At the same time, through the concave convex change, the air flows into the skin surface space, improve the speed of drying. When the sweat is dry, the fiber is dry and flatSome identification methods: thin fabric, the internal structure is unique. Because this kind of material is special, has not seen the imitation can use this fabric. Therefore, to see the fabric structure, you can distinguish between true and false.
Q:What is the raw material is pitted material?
Hemp fabric is breathable cool, this is mainly due to gaps in its structure, so very breathable, moisture absorbent and high efficiency, or in cotton compared to ramie fiber strength is 7 times more than that of cotton, and the extension of small, light, in the light of cotton compared to about 20%, but not afraid, not afraid of insects mold.
Q:What fabric is 100%pe?
It is a kind of fabric processed by special process.
Q:What are the advantages of modal fabric?
Modal fiber is characterized by the natural fiber luxury texture and synthetic fiber combination of practicality. With the soft cotton, silk luster, Ma's smooth, and the water absorption and air permeability are better than cotton, has high dyeing rate, fabric color bright and full. Modal fiber and multiple fiber blended and interwoven, such as cotton, linen and silk, in order to improve the quality of the cloth, the fabric can keep soft and smooth, play to their respective fiber characteristics, to better take effect. 1, Modal fiber fabric, soft, good drape, comfortable to wear. 2, Modal fiber fabric moisture absorption and permeability better than pure cotton fabric, is ideal for close knit fabric and health care clothing products, is conducive to human physiological cycle and health. 3, Modal fiber fabric surface, smooth and delicate, with natural silk effect. 4, Modal fiber fabric bright colors, light amount, is a natural mercerized fabric. 5, Modal fiber fabric has stable performance, tested compared with the cotton fabric after 25 times washing, feel will become increasingly hard, while the Modal fiber fabric on the contrary, modal fabric after washing many times, still keep the original smooth and soft feel, soft and bright, and more wash more soft, more wash the more beautiful. 6, Modal fiber fabric garment effect, shape stability, has the natural crease resistance and easy care, make people more convenient and natural.
Q:Pure cotton fabric how to wash?
White clothing can be a strong alkaline detergent high temperature washing, bleaching, underwear can not be soaked with hot water so as to avoid the Yellow stain. Other colors are best washed with cold water, not containing bleach ingredients detergent or washing powder for washing, so as not to cause bleaching, not to fall directly on the laundry detergent on cotton fabrics, so as not to local decolorization,
Q:What's the difference between knitting cotton and pure cotton?
Although knitted cotton and cotton look very similar in appearance, but the fabric itself has a certain difference. First, from the view of the characteristics of two kinds of fabrics, knitted cotton is characteristic of good dyeability, color fastness and fastness are relatively high, wearing comfort and absorption degree are similar and cotton and pure cotton, but no good elasticity, and is not very acid. Pure cotton is characterized by better moisture absorption and high comfort.
Q:Do flax pants shrink or will they loosen?
Flax fiber has the reputation of "natural fiber Queen", and is the only bundle fiber in natural fibers. A special structure that has no other fiber - a gum beveled hole. The slant hole in contact with the skin will be generated when the capillary phenomenon, ecological temperature environment can regulate the skin surface timely, improve the human epidermal tissue, absorption of nutrients and oxygen, can maintain skin moisture, promoting blood circulation, activate cells. Make people's skin smooth and clean, the promotion of human epidermal cells The new supersedes the old. to prevent skin aging.
Q:What is the Tencel fabric sanding
Sanding fabric cotton fabric by Tencel fabric according to different organizations can be divided into three types of cloth, is mainly plain cloth, twill fabrics, satin fabric.
Q:What cloth is Rome cloth? What are the characteristics?
Rome cloth is a kind of knitted fabric made of weft knitting and double faced circular knitting machines. Also known as Pan Yangdi, Rome cloth (ponte-de-roma), commonly known as playing chicken cloth.

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