Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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Specification of Fire Monitoring Heat Alarm Detector


Network Type

Wired heat detector

OPerating Voltage

DC 9~35V

Standby Current


Alarm Indication



-10 °C  ~ +50 °C , Humidity ≤ 95%RH  

Temp. Trip Point

57°C (135°F)

Alarm Output

Remote LED



Usage of Fire Monitoring Heat Alarm Detector

Work with fire alarm system,suitable for install hospital,office,school.

Low standby current.              
Anti-EMI and Anti-RFI.             
Adopt SMT


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : Carton Box,Gift Box

Delivery Details: 3 days







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Q:What are the basic functions of fire alarm control?
6 fire fire alarm controller should be able to check all the lights and monitors on its panel.7, the fire alarm controller shall be able to indicate the response threshold of the set fire detector when the fire alarm controller can change the response threshold of the fire detector connected with it.
Q:What line does the automatic fire alarm terminal box connect with?
The main line includes: alarm signal line, linkage power line, fire protection broadcasting line, alarm telephone line, fire hydrant pump, button line and layer display line.
Q:Operation principle of fire alarm system input / output module
Automatic fire alarm system (Fire Alarm System, referred to as FAS system) for early detection of people informed of the fire, and promptly take effective measures to control and extinguish the fire, an automatic fire facilities and set in a building or in other places, people are the same as a powerful tool to fight the fire.
Q:Fire hydrant module of the 2 pump line received fire control cabinet, is not a 24V power supply, a pump line to start the pump?
I don't know very well about this module. As to what kind of cable you use, this is hard to say, but there are several necessary points to say here:1 fire hydrant button start signal: serial connected in the control cabinet labeled as fire hydrant switch terminals, cabinets built-in a BK transformer, power supply voltage is AC24V or AC48v.2 、 control center start signal: control center DC24V, power supply to control cabinet, a DC24V intermediate relay.Answer: 3, when the pump operation signal feedback to the control center, as an indication of the signal, using a set of general main contactor always passive signal, control the two pumps when the two pumps can be the normal open point in parallel.4, emergency start: some occasions need to set the emergency button, the general emergency start to consider when some electrical components can also damage when starting state, therefore, emergency start is generally directly to the power end to the emergency switch, switch wire connected to the coil of the contactor coil, the other end is connected with a power supply or the other 0 (voltage difference).This is the basic design requirements of fire control cabinet so you have to know that your fire module is fire hydrant, the start line group group is the control center start, the group is the answer signal, clear picture wiring OK.
Q:Why is it necessary to use a circuit breaker with a split release when removing the non fire circuit? What circuit breaker is used if the fire control circuit is controlled?
The circuit breaker can be used to distribute electricity, not frequently start asynchronous motors, the protection of the power line and a motor, can automatically cut off the circuit when they occur serious overload or short circuit and under voltage fault combination, its function is equivalent to the fuse switch and less thermal relay etc.. Moreover, after breaking the fault current, there is no need to change the components. At present, it has been widely used.
Q:Fire control room can be put outside, the building is really can not put it down
According to the code for fire protection, fire control room should be located in the high-rise building the first floor or basement, and use the fire resistance limit of not less than 2.00h and 1.50h floor wall and other parts should be separated, and exit through outdoor design.
Q:Fire control box has several kinds
Simply speaking, that is, with fire control equipment, linkage equipment related electrical equipment
Q:What facilities are there in the fire control room?
Fire control room is equipped with automatic fire alarm control equipment and fire control equipment for receiving, showing, dealing with fire alarm signals, and controlling the relevant fire fighting facilities.
Q:What's the fire control room?
Fire prevention means to prevent and solve (extinguish) fire. Fire control; Fire fighting; Fire protection; fire extinguishing and fire prevention; or fire extinguishing and fire protection. Fire extinguishing and fire prevention personnel. "Guo Xiaocheng": "the recovery of Zhejiang guard and patrol fire, see the potential has been strong, are decorated with white sleeves, to surrender.
Q:Is the fire door monitor set up in accordance with the installation and installation requirements of the fire alarm controller?
The fire door is the monitor display and control the fire door opened and closed state control device, automatic alarm system FAS is also a central control room (Fire Automation Alarm System or fire) connected front electric door closers, electromagnetic door stopper, electromagnetic release, escape door lock device.
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