Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

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Specification of Fire Monitoring Heat Alarm Detector


Network Type

Wired heat detector

OPerating Voltage

DC 9~35V

Standby Current


Alarm Indication



-10 °C  ~ +50 °C , Humidity ≤ 95%RH  

Temp. Trip Point

57°C (135°F)

Alarm Output

Remote LED



Usage of Fire Monitoring Heat Alarm Detector

Work with fire alarm system,suitable for install hospital,office,school.

Low standby current.              
Anti-EMI and Anti-RFI.             
Adopt SMT


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : Carton Box,Gift Box

Delivery Details: 3 days







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Q:Why should the fire exhaust fan use multi wire control panel?
Multi line control is generally used for remote start fire pumps, smoke exhaust machines, fans and other important equipment. "Automatic fire alarm system design specifications" GB50116-2006 regulations: fire pumps, smoke and exhaust fan control device when using bus encoding module control, but also in the fire control room set manual control device.
Q:What is the function of fire alarm controller, public fire alarm and fault passive contact output?
It can be used to control devices, such as controlling a total alarm sound or light, or connecting to a third party platform.
Q:What are the working principles of the weak fire control module and monitoring module?
Output: the host sends the control signal to the O (output) module, the module provides control drive (usually 24VDC signal) to the controlled devices such as shunt tripping device, the intermediate relay (the direct drive circuit breaker tripping in the removal of non fire power supply equipment, the latter by the relay switching / interlock drive fire electrical equipment start).As a fire fighting weak current system, the control of heavy current equipment must include: DC24V power supply, bus, I/O module (intermediate relay need, see drive needs).
Q:The fire alarm controller has an electrical fault
When the battery is connected to the power panel, there should be a fuse. Check to see if the fuse has blown. (look at how long the alarm has been running for a long time, if the battery is damaged)
Q:What is a fire bus control module?
The host of the bus system sends out the fire fighting linkage signal, which is controlled by the control module, and is called automatic control.
Q:How to control emergency lighting by fire signal
This situation can not be generalized, you have to look at the design requirements, there are generally two cases.
Q:What's the 100 point of the linkage fire alarm controller?
Used to receive fire signals and start fire alarm devices. The device can also be used to indicate fire locations and record relevant information. 2) fire alarm signals can be started through the fire alarm sending device or automatic fire extinguishing equipment and fire fighting linkage control equipment can be started by automatic fire extinguishing and controlling device.
Q:How can I connect the signal line, the 24V power line and the fire elevator?
When the connection should cooperate closely with the lift of professional and technical personnel, confirm the need is active or passive signal signal, after the mistake will damage the control board of both sides, the general situation is according to the professional technical personnel requirements of the fire lift out wire, elevator access by professional elevator control box.
Q:Fire alarm controller, fire alarm many times, what's wrong?
First of all, to see whether a single loop alarm, or each loop is in the alarm, the specific must be professionals to solve. The use of exclusion to determine a variety of reasons, such as detector aging, alarm problems, there are wiring problems, to see if the entire protection zone recently renovated, touched the bus circuit.
Q:Ask about the fire linkage controller
The specification of the things you can't understand too dead, actually on the whole or on the fire, if the host in the automatic mode of false positives, the linkage will move, it will cause a lot of trouble this time, manual operation can close linkage equipment or in it during a time delay direct control it and not let it start, like manual emergency start the gas fire stop button is such.
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