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Q:What is the good or bad of kaolin to distinguish? What is its criterion?What percentage does it contain and what element does it contain?
Whiteness is one of the main parameters of kaolin's technological properties. Kaolin with high purity is white. Kaolin whiteness, natural whiteness, and whiteness after calcination.The color of kaolin is mainly related to its metal oxides or organic matter. Containing Fe2O3 was rose red, brown and yellow; containing Fe2+ was pale blue, pale green with pale brown; MnO2; organic matter tends to yellow, gray, green, black and other colors. The presence of these impurities, reduced the natural whiteness of kaolin, in which iron and titanium minerals will also affect the whiteness of the calcined, porcelain stains or scars appear.
Q:Who knows kaolin? Please, great God!
Kaolinite is a product of natural alteration of feldspar and other silicate minerals and is an hydrous aluminosilicate. It also includes dickite, nacrite and halloysite and similar components but amorphous allophane, so they belong to a called clay mineral.
Q:What is the solid content in kaolin index?
Refers to the content of kaolin will not be issued, the method of detection is not very clear.
Q:What's the difference between calcined kaolin and washed kaolin?
Secondly, the whiteness difference is relatively large, generally after light burning, kaolin whiteness will increase, and wash water will not significantly increase the whitenessThird, the use of different. According to different calcination temperature, kaolin can be used as papermaking additives and refractory aggregate, and washed kaolin is generally used as papermaking filler
Q:What are the requirements for the whiteness of calcined kaolin in the coating formula?
In the application of coating, whiteness is the first index of calcined kaolin, the higher the better. Whiteness should be greater than 90%, and some manufacturers will require more than 93%. Whiteness stability is very important, and if the volatility of the assembly affects the optical properties of the coating, resulting in the same formulation of different batches of products appear chromatic aberration.
Q:Which mixer can be more evenly dispersed kaolin slurry?
If you love to drink fruit juice drinks of all kinds, so it is recommended to select with mixer speed regulation, so that you can freely adjust the stirring speed, some fruit juice does not need to stir too broken to drink. Therefore, you can choose a mixer with speed control function.
Q:Is kaolin a soil or a rock?
Commonly known as kaolin clay, kaolinite or halloysite is the main mineral components of soft clay. Named after the first discovered in Jingdezhen 45 km east of the East mountain.
Q:Is activated clay kaolin?
No, it isn't。 Activated clay is a kind of adsorbent made of clay as raw material, treated by inorganic acidification, and then rinsed and dried by water.
Q:How to improve the viscosity of kaolin
Medium stone Hengda teaches you how to improve the viscosity of the product: adding plastic clay to improve fineness, so as to improve the viscosity and thixotropy of the product.
Q:Should kaolin be used in polyester production?
Some studies show that under certain conditions, adding kaolin inorganic particles of polyester fiber still has good spinnability and hygroscopicity, dyeability are improved, and has certain anti UV properties. However, the mechanical properties of modified polyester fiber declined due to the decrease of crystallinity.

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