ACSR Power Cable, Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

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20000 m/month

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1.higer safety, reliability, lower power losses
2 ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance
3 flexible



low voltage ABC service drop cable


1. Stranded aluminum conductor

2. PVC or XLPE insulation
3. ACSR, AAC,AAAC Messenger wire


ABC Aerial Bundle Cable




ABC aerial bundle cable withAluminium stranded conductor(compacted or non- compacted), AAAC or ACSR messenger core.

Aluminium stranded conductor(compacted or non- compacted), AAAC messenger core(or ACSR messenger core), XLPE(or HDPE) insulated, Twisted (or Parallel)power cable


Abc cable is a very novel concept for overhead power distribution when conpared to the conventional bare aluminum conductor overhead distribution system. It's being designed and manufactured & tested conforming to international standards.




1 higher safety and reliability

2 lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operation cost

3 flexibility for rerouting as demanded by changing.


Package & Delivery


wooden drums seaworthy or according to your requirements

delivery within 15 working days

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Q:What type of plastic is a power cable made of? Thanks.?
Power cable isn't made of plastic, it is copper or aluminum covered with PE, PVC, or PTFE plastic.
Q:What is the purpose of the small cylinder that is in the power cable near the computer connection?
It's called a choke. It's used to filter out unwanted radio interference.
Q:How Do I Run The Power Cable From An Amp Wiring Kit From The Battery In To The Car Without Drilling?
Check along the firewall for someplace you can squeeze it in, ususlly by the foot pedals or the grommet around the steering wheel. Some cars you can actually run the wire along the wheel well then through the door jam and into the car there. You may have to drill a hole in the fire wall depending on the guage of wire you are using, as I am not too familiar with subarus, however if you do, any car audio shop should have a grommet to fit over the wire and will waterproof and fireproof that hole you drill
Q:Subwoofer/Amplifier Power Cable Help!?!?
The fuse isnt mandatory but its a good thing to have if your drawing alot of power then you will need it ive blown like 4 then i upgraded no more blown fuses but ya you should get one
Q:Is it my power supply or the power cable that's not working?
every power supply I've gotten for years uses completely standard, detachable power cords. I've never yet seen one that will not use the same cords as all the others. Use the one from the old supply
Q:Hard drive choices/power cables? Help?
Fantasy power outlets don't sound standard. SATA is consistent on both PCs and Macintosh computers.
Q:if we provide power through power cable will there be need of extra capacitor near load?
Yes, if you are talking about a bypass capacitor. Electronics always requires a bypass capacitor near the circuit/IC. Having one at the end of a cable means the cable inductance is in series, and the impedance seen by the IC power supply leads is inductive and high instead of the needed low impedance that a local bypass cap provides.
Q:I'm moving--how far in advance to set up power, cable, etc?
10-14 days should be enough notice for the utility companies... I typically call at least 10 days prior to my move date to schedule the utilities to be turned on.
Q:Will my 40 GB PS3 power cable work with my fat PS2?
Google the voltage the PS2 used, and if the PS3's power cable voltage is the same as the PS2's power cable then it's all good. Hope that helps.
Q:What is the difference between the control cable and the compensation cable?
240MM copper cable can be, casing with DN150 load 473KW how current only 560A, a little do not understand, you are not wrong

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