Acrylic Tufted Carpets and Rugs for Home Decoration

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$12.50 - 14.50 / m²
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Product Description:

Specification of Acrylic Carpets and Rugs




140cm x 200cm ,160x230cm or other customized size


customed color

Pile height

Low Pile 1.5CM , High Pile 2.5CM

Pile weight



cotton canvas with latex adhensive or non slip


shaggy rugs




Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet,


available, but freigt of DHL/Fedex/EMS/UPS by customers


Rolled & packed by poly bag, each rug each bag

Container Holding

20’ container----1800 to 2200 SQM

40’ container-----3800 to 4200 SQM

40 HQ container-----4500 sqm to 6000 SQM

Production time

30 to 45 days after order confirmed


Pictures of Acrylic Carpets and Rugs


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Q:Where can I purchase black carpet?
Any and all carpet stores will have access to black carpet. Hard to find in the store, you have to ask some times. It ll come in 12' wide rolls and on occasion in 15' goods. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:question about fixing carpet?
It is possible to cut out a piece of the carpet and replace it with a piece taken from a closet or something. Or you might have been smart and saved some leftover scraps when it was installed. However, it has to be carfully done and still might show since it may be faded more that the patch. to do the job you would have to by seam tape, and rent a seam iron. cut the patch to fit exactly in the spot you cut out, put seam tape under it and use the iron to melt the glue on the tape. You may also have to stretch the carpet and refasten in the doorway to get out any wrinkles. If you've never worked with carpet, you're probably better to hire it done, but it still would be cheaper than a whole new carpet
Q:dying carpet?
Black is about the only color that actually covers any other color. Just read and follow the directions and instructions and wear protective gear like respirator mask. You might find a full carpet that color that would be easier.
Q:Removing burn marks from carpet?
Depends on the type of carpet..(and how deep the burnt fibers go).. But any time I have damaged a carpet or rug, I have had success with a simple, disposable, Bic shaver..and a pair of very sharp, thinning shears (for thinning hair). Ultra sharp shears work, too. Don't try BLEACH, whatever you do! Bleach will remove color and you'll have a hideous mess if you use bleach. All you have to do is snip off the most offensive scorched fibers..and using the disposable shaver will help with the little bits that don't go very deep. Snip away at it..and continue to fluff it up with a large-tiened comb for wet hair..or a hairbrush. Try to only cut off the burned fibers. You don't want a big patch to be shaved/trimmed away. You can even trim away, gradually, around the trimmed away scorched there isn't a noticeable different in carpet height. It may not look as good as new..but it will at least get it back to a consistent color..and far less noticeable. You can't really remove burned carpet fibers with anything..since it isn't's blackened by burning. Hopefully, it only burned the very top, surface fibers..and once you trim/shave them away, the carpet will appear to be as it was (just a little shorter right there). Once it becomes matted down (like the rest of the carpet) you likely won't notice it. There's always an all-over, room re-decorating..rearranging the furniture and a large, sturdy piece of furniture goes right there. Or, throw rugs. Good Luck.
Q:What carpet is better for lawn wedding? Polypropylene fiber? Dacron? Acrylic? Or else?
Wool carpets can be used in all commercial buildings, but should choose different types of wool carpet according to the specific circumstances of different places, has reached a relatively good use effect. According to the New Zealand wool carpet density, pile height, weight can be divided into three levels, i.e. light load type, load type, load type in the objective. Under the same condition, different grades of wool carpets have different service life
Q:Black carpet beetles pet safe?
I have had a major problem with black and variated carpet beetles and no matter what I did, they kept coming back! I don't want to buy bug spray because I have a 6 month old boy. Recently I went on a whim and started spraying down the baseboards with colgate pro health mouth wash since someone told me it works for bugs and then I did an experiment. I found a beetle escaping running across the kitchen floor so I sprayed him and he was running, running, running then fell over dead! I decided to add some lavender oil drops to the mix to make it smell nice. Then, I was cleaning the bedroom and I had found a carpet beetle larvae out of its hiding spot so I took it and put it into an empty container and sprayed it with mouth wash and took it out right away on a dry piece of paper and only after a few seconds, it was dead. Try mouth wash. So far it seems to be an effective way of killing them- all life stages. Since the stuff doesnt have alcohol and if you spray the baseboards only, it shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't make a pool of it.
Q:Whar are the best steam cleaner fof carpets?
First need to check the stain in the carpet. You have two options 1. Do yourself 2. Help of a professional carpet cleaners. If you choose for first option, both steam and carpet cleaner required, steam to freshen up the carpet and carpet cleaner to remove stains and dust. Getting help from professional carpet cleaner will make the job easy with low cost.
Q:How to make design on white rug?
I did a design on an outdoor sisal type rug and it came out really nice. I used spray paint and sealed it with polyurethane. You can get the templates at a craft store or make one yourself. There might be a problem if there is a high pile on the carpet. The design might not have clean edges. You could try one section of it on the back of the rug. Or get a carpet remanent with a pile like you have on your white carpet to try. If the design does not have clear edges you might be able to touch it up with a tiny paintbrush. I don't think a dye (like Rit Dye) would work. It would run and make a mess. I think you would have to stick to a surface treatment only-like spray paint.
i saw somewhere that you get to walk the carpet,didnt you check before entering whatever competition it was? you dont have to have a pass to be on the sides of a red carpet so you could be in luck walk down the carpet and if your old enough have a few drinks b4 you do lol.i wish i could tell u 100% but my gut tells me that u can walk it,ive seen ppl walking on the carpet who have nothing to do with the event in the past
Q:What material does carpet buy better?
Propylene is a synthetic fiber, which is lighter than wool, has good moisture retention and feels like wool. It is difficult to burn after nonflammable treatment. The elasticity of propylene fiber is slightly better than wool, but better than nylon. Acrylic carpet is also resistant to acid and alkali and corrosion resistance and the price is lower than that of wool carpet. As a result, families now use acrylic carpets a lot.

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