Acrylic Non Woven dust filter bags for dust filtration

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Acrylic Non Woven Bag Filter has the good abrasive resistance.

Our company can offer all kinds of Acrylic non woven bag filters. Acrylic filter bag is most widely used in the temperature between 125 centigrade and 145 centigrade. it has relatively good chemical corrosion tolerance and hydrolysis tolerance, can be normally used under the condition of PH between 3-11. Compared with other filter cartridge, it also has better acid resistance, alkali resistance. They are excellent used in chemical working conditions of dust treatment and recycling.


Good thermal resistance needle felt

Good air permeability filter bag

High precision of filtration


We pursue quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.

When you choose to use the products of our company, you only need to call or write to the company, we will solve all you troubles and give you a satisfactory results.







100%   acrylic



Air   Perm


Warp   Tensile Strength


Weft   Tensile Strength


Warp   Elongation

<35%< span="">

Weft   Elongation

<45%< span="">

Continuous   Temperature


Surge   Temperature


Moist   Temperature



Singed,   smooth, stabilization

Chemical   Resistance:

Acid   good

Alkalis  Fair

Oxidising   Agents  Good



Acrylic media will irreversibly shrink at elevated temperature. To avoid such occurrences please operate in an environment in according with the above recommendations.

Acrylic Non Woven dust filter bags for dust filtration


Acrylic Non Woven dust filter bags for dust filtration 









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wash wash is put into operation before the preparation work is mainly to restore contact filter filtration and depth filtration effect, to ensure the water quality of medium SDI (pollution index) = 4.

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