Acrylic Hotel Carpets and Rugs Handmade from China

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Loading Port:
China main port
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Min Order Qty:
300 m²
Supply Capability:
40000 m²/month

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Product Description:


Acrylic Hotel Carpets and Rugs Handmade

FOB Price:

US $ 10 - 23 / Square Meter


100 Square Meter/Square Meters

Supply Ability:

40000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month


China Main Ports

Payment Terms:



Quick Details of Acrylic Hotel Carpets and Rugs Handmade

·         Material: 100% Acrylic

·         Style: Plain

·         Pattern: Printed

·         Design: Kilim

·         Techniques: Hand Knotted

·         Use: Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet, Commercial, Car

·         Size: Customizable

·         Model Number: JE12-440


Packaging & Delivery of Acrylic Hotel Carpets and Rugs Handmade

Packaging Details:

Rolled in plastic bags or as the customer's request

Delivery Detail:

about 30days after receipt of deposit

Specifications of Acrylic Hotel Carpets and Rugs Handmade Material : handmade acrylic

Modern design
Weight 1600g to 2400g
pile height 0.9--30px
plate and easy to wash

Acrylic Hotel Carpets and Rugs Handmade

Acrylic Hotel Carpets and Rugs Handmade

Features: Acrylic looks and feels like wool making it perfect for rugs with a high, lush pile. It can be

fashioned to fit your office, home, or other designated living space. (Adds a splash of color to any room)

Pile height: 0.9-1.2 cm,  Modern decorative carpets

Pile weight: yarn weight averages from 1500g\sqm to 2500g\sqm available. The weight differs every 100g.

Size: 60x2250px, 140x5000px, 160x5750px, 200x7500px, 280x9500px, etc.

Color: Plain color and design colors are available

Any design and size can be custom-made according to your specifications.

Backing: Latex backing.

Acrylic carpet packing: acrylic carpets rolled in separate plastic bags.




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Q:whata is the best carpet?
Guitar has some very good points on the stain resistance in a carpet but I have to choose a pure nylon carpet for durability. These fibers are treated now with a heat set in texture retention that when properly cleaned the fibers will come back to life and stand back up. These fibers you are walking on the tops of , and this is what you want. Berber , since your walking on the yarn side, has a tendency to matt and crush. Most berbers are also made of an Olefin/ nylon mix. While Olefin is a good stain block by nature, it is a softer yarn. So it boils down to a good stain blocker set into the fiber as its made ( not topically applied ) nylon and a good anti matt/ anti crush warranty. Nothing less than 10 years. Not all stuff will come out of a carpet . The trick is to properly treat spills right away and in a way the manufacturer suggests. Plus the daily vacuuming and at a minimum of once a year a professional , certified carpet cleaner. Mohawk and shaw make some good products. I lean toward Mohawk because I sold it for almost 20 years. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How many types of carpet material are there?
It's suitable for office and other occasions. Fancy carpet is made up of small pieces of carpets with different colors. Cleverly lay small pieces of carpets in the room. (4) plastic carpet plastic carpet is made of polyvinyl chloride plastic resin, which is comfortable and durable, and each block has several shape, its fiber is long and has bright color: Used in the master bedroom, dining room or aisle and so on, so as to prolong the service life of the carpet, grass and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fiber raw materials, fiber is slightly rough and strong: Laying in the room or area that isn't used usually, the blanket and so are the successful application of massive carpets, some manufacturers will blend domestic wool and imported wool fiber in preper proportion (such as New Zealand and other countries) to use , divide the carpet into 50cmX50cm. Plastic carpet has soft texture: (1) the carpets that are whole volume supplied are chemical fiber carpets, whose price is low. At present. (3) pieces of carpet, according to the requirements of the design, is made of plastic. Pour wool carpet's weight is about 1.6~2.6kg
Q:How to stick to the carpet tiles
With the glue paste, storefront is such a carpet. General use of edge glue and the middle part of the glue, it is best to find professional carpet laying professional workers shop, the price is not expensive, but the effect will be very good.
Q:my carpet is dirty...?
Most to loctate a certified pro near you. If they use a Roto Vac, a Dri Master, or an RX20, along with their truck mount power, you will get the best cleaning job possible. Also keep and maintain an area rug outside of your door, the plusher the better.
Q:How big should my area rug be for a family room that is 19 x 25?
Bob says: Under
Q:How to get rid of Carpet Beetles?
Q:Laying carpet over old?
if it's a flat carpet (not thick) then you might have a shot but ... still..... it sounds dicey if it's one of those plush (thick)(high pille) carpets, then you're out of luck
Q:How to fix turned up corners on a rug?
Try Duct or masking tape...not to stick it to the floor but turn it over....attach the duct tape to the outer edge of the under rug and pull it back until it curves just a wee bit. Not an extreme curve just a the tape back a foot or two and flip it back over...maybe the pressure of the tape pulling will keep the corners from lifting. Good Luck!
Q:How can I clean the carpet?
Hydrogen Peroxide that comes in the light proof brown plastic bottle, is 3%. It will do no harm as an additive for sanitation purposes, but may not be effective in breaking down dirt,soil, cooking oil particles, found in the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners who use the hot water carpet cleaning process, will use a 12% version to treat obvious pet urine stains. Taxidermists, I'm told, use a 20% version to soak animal skulls in to remove every thing from the bone. Use only 50% per cent of the recommended soap, as these toy machines are famous for leaving a sticky soap residue in the carpet that later will attract soil/dirt/dust to the traffic areas of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use citric acid products to help remove soap pre sprays from the carpet, to freshen it, and also to lower the PH of the carpet to a neutral level. If your carpet is seriously soiled and hasn't been cleaned for over a year, consider hiring a professional hot water carpet cleaner. Good Luck.
Q:How can I dye my area rug??
How To Dye A Rug

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