Acrylic custom fashion carpet

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Product Description:

Acrylic custom fashion carpet

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100% Acrylic
Hand Tufted
Place of Origin:
Tianjin China (Mainland)
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rich color
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Xingang, Tianjin
Product name:
acrylic carpet

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:acrylic carpet Rolled in the poly bag (1pc/bag) or as per your request
Delivery Detail:Within 45-60days as wereceived the deposit or L/C


Acrylic Carpet
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Product Description

Hand Made Acrylic Carpet


100% Acrylic

Pile Height

High 3.25cm low 1.5cm

Pile Weight



Natural rubber back with pure cotton knitted fabrics


120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm,170cm×240cm,200cm×200cm,200cm×300cm Or size according to your request


according to customer's request


200 sqm/color


Rolled in the poly bag (1pc/bag) or as per your request



Payment Terms

30%T/T in advance + 70% T/T before shipment or L/C at sight

Delivery Date

45-60 days

1) Name: Handmade Acrylic Carpet

2) Features: Acrylic looks and feels like wool, making it perfect for rugs with a high, lush pile. It can befashioned to fit your office, home, or other designated living space.

3) Pile height: 0.9-1.2 cm,  Modern decorative carpets

4) Pile weight: yarn weight averages from 1500g\sqm to 2500g\sqm available. The weight differs every 100g.

5) Size: 60x90cm, 140x200cm, 160x230cm, 200x300cm, 280x380cm, etc.

6) Color: Plain color and design colors are available

7) Backing: Latex backing, anti-slip and make the yarn very strong.

8) Packing: acrylic carpets rolled in separate plastic bags.

9) Any design and size can be custom-made according to your specifications.

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Q:HELP ZOMG please carpet?
When I did a search for ivy gold, I found cars. Is this a carpet in a car? If so, try you local junk yard for a replacement carpet.
Q:Any advice how to remove smell from damp carpet?
pull the carpet up in that spot and make sure its dry underneath and the padding is dry also. Spray ammonia (super cheap in the detergent section) onto the wood subflooring and also on the padding and the carpet underside and top. Prop them up with books or something and sit a fan in that area to dry it. The smell is mildew and it will get worse unless you can be certain the wood and padding and everything are dry. The ammonia will kill the mildew and the smell. I've done this before successfully. Good luck
Q:How to tear out bathroom carpet?
We bought a new home and it had carpet in the bathroom. We easily removed it. Take a sharp utility knife and cut the carpet in a x down the middle. Pull the carpet up, it will easily tear. Around the baseboards may be a little tricky. Just pull and cut using the knife. You will then have to pull up the foam under the carpet. You may need a flat head screw driver to pop up any staples left in the floor.
Q:How many types of persian rugs exist?
History of Persian Rug Persian rug|Oriental rugs The Persian rug is an essential part of Persian art and culture.Art of weaving has long history starting from the ancient times.Leads of today’s tradition of oriental carpets, are found in ancient nomadic tribes of Central and West Asia, where winter was a big reason to adopt woollen carpets as a shield against severe weather conditions. Rug weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture and art, and dates back to ancient Persia one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known around 2500 BC. Persian Rug Export Overview In 2008, Iran’s export of hand-woven carpets was £263.2 million or 30% of the world’s market.There is an estimated population of 1.2 million weavers in Iran producing Persian rug carpets for domestic markets and international export. Persian Rug Variation Most of the Persian rugs are made of sheep’s wool and also in a very rare occasion made of Camel’s wool. Both types of materials are warm and long lasting. The rugs made of artificial materials are not as warm as the wool ones; you can feel it by rubbing your palm on the pile of the rugs.The most expensive Persian rug is made by real silk which is weaving in a very fine knots.Creating silk rugs takes a lot longer and depends on the sizes may last over a year. Persian Rug Age Categories Antique: 50 years and older Semi-Antique: 30 to 99 years old Old: 20 to 99 years old Semi-Old: 10 to 50 years old Used: 1 to 10 years old New: 0 to 5 years old
Q:How to better manage the carpet warehouse?
It depends on what kind of carpet it is. Wool carpet is not suitably stored in cold and wet environment, and try not to put it in the sun. Because the moisture absorption of wool is relatively good, and the color fades fast in the sun. Try to keep the air circulation in the depositary. But one thing is sure that it needs to dry, ventilate, spray insect-resist agent.
Q:Why does my cat do his business on my bathroom rugs with a clean litter box right beside him?
We have an 8 year old cat who started doing this after I rescued another kitty and she started coming the house. I tried everything I could think of, from picking up his poop and putting it in the box. My vet says he's just trying to get the point across to me, because he was the head honcho for 5 years, and all of a sudden he had to share us. I did, however, realise that there are some kitty litters that he just doesn't like. He hates the clumping litter, and doesn't like Tidy Cat clay litter. So I started buying Fresh Step clay litter, and during the warm months when the other cat is mostly outside, he uses his box 100%. Sometimes it just takes alot of patience and waiting for cats to come around. Try changing the litter brand? He may just be trying to adjust to a new probably don't know it's history, so who knows if there is any abuse in it's background. Cat's pretty much do what they want, when they want...all we can do is be loving and patient. Best of luck to you. BTW- don't you just love all the idiotic answers you get. You are trying to ask a legit question, and you get brain-dead people answering. I sure hope they aren't animal owners.
Q:stanley steemer carpet cleaning?
Used them many times and they are very reasonably priced. If you aren't moving your furniture (which we didn't) make sure they put everything up on blocks so as not to stain the carpets until they dry. It's a normal procedure for them but they can mess up and your wood or fabric that touches the wet carpet will stain it. When they are done your carpets should only be damp and not wet to the touch. If they are wet don't let them leave until the carpets are only damp. Stanley Steemer is a franchise operation so not all franchises are great. I use them for a whole house cleaning but use my own steam cleaner much more often. I have saved a lot of money by owning my own steam cleaning machine which is a Bissell. I can keep up on carpet cleaning routinely as opposed to waiting until the carpets are in dire need. I would recommend after you use Stanley to buy your own cleaner.
Q:Carpet Question . . .Please . . .?
Blue Coral works well---I get it at Auto-Zone...If the staining is widespread---there is really no way around a professional steam-cleaning though.
Q:Carpet Cleaners!!! Please Help?
i have just had my carpet clean by a professional carpet cleaner he moved all my furniture and cleaned every where, he did a marvellous job and when he had finished we had it stain guarded well worth the money
Q:can my highland live out all year with no rug?
Ach, he's a Highland! He's built for it! Provided he's unclipped he has all he needs to keep him going all through the winter. There are Highlands all over the country living out naked; the Highland, more than almost any other breed, is exceedingly well equipped to cope with harsh winters. HiPos have got great coats - there is a very dense short under layer which sits a lot like fluffy fleece, and over that are the long hairs which are quite waterproof. The way the long hairs ripple in the wind is like a field of barley in the spring. If you have clipped him to ride, he will need a rug. If he has not been clipped he does not need one, and putting one on him will intefere with what he was bred for. His own winter coat will keep him much warmer than any rug could; Highlands, like Shetlands, can be out at night with snow on their backs and ice in their whiskers, and so long as there is some hay to eat they are plenty warm enough.

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