ACQ Treated Spruce Wood

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
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1x20' FCL m³
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1500 CBM m³/month

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Product Description:

Specifications of the ACQ Treated Spruce Wood


Species Spruce
SizeBe customized as per request
Preservative TypeACQ
Moisture content8--12%
Usage most outdoor using
GradeA Grade
packageStandard exporting package



Features  and Advantages of the ACQ Treated Spruce wood:


A)  Waterproof, Sun-proof, Rot-proof, Fungi-proof

B)  The size and the color can be customized according to  your request

C)  Treated by high quality ACQ

D)  Are able to make the timber from the damage of the insects

E)  It has about 50 years of serving life

F)  It is anticorrosive from the outside enviroment

G) Eco-friendly, no harm to the air, the plants, the humans

H)  Advanced flame retardent techinics

 I)    ACQ Treated Spruce Wood is very suitable for outdoor using



 Instruction of the ACQ Treated Spruce Wood


ACQ(Alkaline Copper Quaternary) mainly consists of alkaline and cooper oxide which is widely used in the

outdoor building projects. At present, it’s the most environmental antiseptic lotion lin the world. The wood

products treated with ACQ is durable and prolonging the life of usuage.


Packing and Delivery of the ACQ Treated Spruce Wood


Packing: standard exporting packing or as your reqeest

Delibery Port: China main port or as your request


The following pictures for your reference:


  ACQ Treated Spruce Wood



 ACQ Treated Spruce Wood


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Q:How to distinguish between hardwood and wood
Hardwood categories: rice eucalyptus, pineapple grid, gold grapefruit and other imported wood. Pine wood: pine wood (red pine), carbonized wood, carved wood, firewood, camphor pine, southern pine, Douglas fir, red cedar, radiant pine, hemlock and so on a series of preservative wood. No carving, texture clear, delicate lines. With a rosin flavor, a beautiful scar. Production process requires high, need to dry degreasing.
Q:Wooden plastic outdoor flooring and antiseptic wood is the same thing
no Plastic wood flooring and wood preservative flooring both materials have advantages, but also by a lot of people in use. The appearance of the plastic wood floor is more neat than the rotten wood floor, but the anti-corrosion wood flooring whatever the outcome is pure wood, the wood is the feeling of plastic wood floor can not replace. If it is very modern people, choose plastic wood flooring, and vice versa to use rot wood flooring. Wood-plastic flooring is a new environmentally friendly wood-plastic composite products, in the production of high-density fiberboard produced by the process of xylenol, adding recycled plastic through the granulation equipment made of wood-plastic composite materials, and then extrusion production group Made of wood flooring. Antiseptic wood flooring, is the ordinary wood after anti-corrosion processing products after the name, ordinary wood flooring after the anti-corrosion treatment to greatly enhance the performance, to the anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, moth, anti-termite effect. Today's antiseptic wood flooring is one of the most widely used woods outdoors. It is used for outdoor wood flooring, and can be used directly in contact with water and soil. It is outdoor wood flooring, landscaped floor, outdoor wood platform, terrace floor, outdoor plank road and other outdoor preservative Preferred material.
Q:Construction technology of antiseptic wood pavement
▲ fixed laying method: with the expansion screw or galvanized angle code to the keel fixed to the ground, the expansion of the screw application of galvanized (anti-aging is better), and then with stainless steel cross screw in the front of the antiseptic wood and keel connection laying ;   Activity Laying Method:   A regular arrangement of the ground keel, and then stainless steel cross screw in the front of the wood and the keel connection ; B with screws to the keel fixed in the anti-corrosion wood on the back, a few pieces into a whole, neither damage the ground structure, but also free to disassemble and clean;   C suspension laying method, keel in the ground leveling can be connected into a frame / well frame structure, and then laying preservative wood.
Q:Antique wood ceiling how to install antiseptic wood ceiling price
To see what style you installed, the ceiling to install the first floor, the side with a flat head stainless steel tapping screws Φ4 × 45 was 55 degrees oblique nails, the other side 8-10cm self-tapping screws vertical fixed.
Q:What is the impact of concrete bag preservative wood?
Mainly to consider the installation of anti-corrosion wood column precision, maintenance and service life.
Q:What is the size of the antiseptic pavilion?
Antique wood pavilion with four kiosks, hexagonal kiosks, octagonal pavilions, round pavilion, etc., the general four kiosks adjacent columns from 2.3 meters to 5 meters, hexagonal pavilion angular distance from 2.3-5 meters, eaves stretched out 50-90cm range, Specifically according to the venue to design
Q:Antiseptic wood keel fixture for what kind of material
Wood keel fixed concrete floor is generally fixed with expansion screws, more special or relatively thin cement is not good to play the expansion of the screw fixed with angle iron. Antiseptic wood and keel are fixed with stainless steel screws.
Q:How does the green matter appear on the surface of the antiseptic wood?
Green that is mainly anti-corrosion agent color, you can polish after brushing woody wood. So that the color difference of the wood can be made smaller.
Q:Will the Russian Pinus sylvestris and South pine which is used as a balcony antiseptic wood floor is good,
To use a long life, then it is necessary to choose the South loose .25 * 89 specifications can be. The difference between the hardness you can be on the sample with the nails by the camphor pine about the printing of the South pine will not appear this reason is because they are not the same as the growth rate of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the South as long as the growth of long pine so good hardness And therefore relatively more expensive to help you to
Q:Want to know what is the preservative wood, can be used in the bathroom floor Mody
Consumers should also pay attention to the wood floor is not fire, not waterproof weaknesses in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry and other places is best not to lay the wooden floor, to avoid unnecessary trouble. "The first market on the sale of wood flooring are generally through the high-pressure drying, stereotypes, painting three processes, so that the wood itself with a variety of insects and eggs have been basically eliminated, Insects, molds, scars and water content to meet the national standard specifications (about 8% to 13%) can also.In addition, should choose a small deformation of hardwood wood flooring. Before construction, the floor is best to advance in advance, placed in a well ventilated place to open the box ventilation and ventilation. In the rainy season construction should pay attention to ventilation and ventilation problems, one can release the wood floor paint taste; the second is through ventilation, to minimize the rainy weather to the wood floor to bring the moisture, to reduce the use of the possible deformation, And seam width and other issues. Second, after the wood flooring is best to use after a period of time and then waxing, also called the closure of wax. So that you can try to volatilize the residual moisture in the construction, to extend the life of wood flooring. Finally, in the laying of the board (Daixinban or 10 per cent) before the use of wood keel leveling the ground, the wool board is divided into 1200 × 600 specifications, each board spacing reserved 1cm of the seam, so that the original ground moisture easy Distributed out to prevent the phenomenon of wood flooring from the drum. Clean up the residual residue of the ground residue, may be appropriate to sprinkle some insect repellent to prevent the breeding of regenerators (mites, etc.).

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