Acid Resistant Ceramic Tiles with High Quality

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Formaldehyde: E0 Material: Ceramic Feature: decorate
Position: Interior

Product Description:


Model Number:  acid resistant ceramic tiles

Size:  150 x 150mm, 200 x 200mm, 300 x 300mm, 400 x 400mm

Material:  Ceramic Tiles

Usage: Exterior Tiles Function:  Acid-Resistant, Antibacterial, Firebrick, Heat Insulation, Non-Slip, Wear-Resistant

Color Family: Grays, Whites

Tile Type: Accents, Floor Tiles Product name:  acid resistant ceramic tiles

Acid-resistance:  99.8%

Water absorption:  0.2%

Bulk density:  2.3g/cm3


Acid resistance, heat resistance, wears resistance

Anti-permeability, Antibacterial, Heat Insulation, Non-Slip, etc





Volume density




Water absorption




Anti-bending intensity




Acid degree




Quenching and

heat-resistant acute


After 100 test, the sample may not crack,

such as damage to the phenomenon of falling off



Acid resistant ceramic tiles are used in various structures of anticorrosion of chemical, metallurgy, electric power, coal and textile and so on.

It is the best material of anticorrosive structure acid storage pool, acid floor and acid surface masonry

4. Packaging & Shipping


Packing by Plastic film and pallets or wooden box and others for acid resistant ceramic tiles ,As requested.


Within 30 days if we have stock


Acid Resistant Ceramic Tiles with High Quality

Acid Resistant Ceramic Tiles with High Quality

Acid Resistant Ceramic Tiles with High Quality

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