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Acid-resistant ceramic tiles

1.all kinds of sizes.



Acid resistant ceramic tiles

Specific gravity


Water absorption


Bending strength


Urgent cold and heat resistance




Chemical features of Acid-resistant Brick








Acid resistance









Specifications and Types





Standard brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate




Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Horizontal wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Horizontal wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Vertical wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate


Vertical wedge brick


Acid-resistant ceramic plate



1. One side trough, glazed and non-glazed types of acid-resistant ceramic plates.

2. Any size and shape of brick

















Can be customized to meet user requirements.

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Q:County-level cities, to open tiles building materials shop, I would like to ask where to go to purchase channels?
"Drug business license" is a must, there are resident pharmacists (practicing pharmacists) there are other hardware facilities
Q:Called the sea capacity building energy saving module, instead of red brick house
1. With the baby valve mixed with the illusation of the scaffolding wiping shovel clear shovel surface .2. With cement glue again, 3. with two packs of cement, 400 kilograms of sand, add water mix, 4. even paved, Brick, 5. Tile first soaked in water, the floor tiles will be put on a piece of land, while the stick with a stick, knocking flat, 6. Corner to use cutting machine, or plan to brick, 7. Maintenance for a whole day After the master
Q:To "goodbye a chome" to ask: clay brick or clay brick
Now "clay" and "clay" have become synonyms and have been merged
Q:Tile floor tile brick how to calculate the square? Is there any way?
Before buying tiles should be calculated to pave the area Some building materials store with conversion charts, according to the area can be found in the number of tiles required Some charts as long as you know the height and width of the tile wall, you can find the amount of tiles Some tiles on the box will also specify a box of tiles can be paved how much area tile decoration materials used to pave the tiles used in the auxiliary materials are: ordinary cement, white cement, sand, 107 glue, paving wall tiles per square meter of ordinary cement 11 kg, sand 33 kg, lime 2 kg, floor tiles per square meter of ordinary cement 125 kg, 34 kg of sand White cement is used in the paste after the treatment, about 05 kg per square meter the price of tiles Common tiles specifications are 800 * 800mm, 600 * 600mm, 500 * 500mm, 200 * 500mm and several other The use of tiles in the bathroom wall and the floor is already customary, in fact, tiles in the bathroom can also send other useful As the bathroom is relatively humid, you can try to use a ceramic tile to replace the common bathroom furniture, it is not only easy to clean, durable, and more easily with the walls, the ground harmony Of course, with a tile or a bath or shower screen, is also a good idea
Q:Inside the wall to buy skills to identify brand skills is more important
Then the brand wall how to buy the most suitable for it? Xiaobian to bring you inside the wall to buy skills, look for brand selection skills more important
Q:Small building materials market 80 * 80 of the floor tiles 45 or so by a live? Large building materials supermarket is too expensive, and can not see what tricks. Where is the brand bricks?
If it is tiles to see him eat do not eat color, and take the oil pen in the brick face to try, 5 minutes without bleeding can be, if it is antique brick to see the water behind not too fast, there is no surface glaze bubble,. The And want to buy 45 yuan price of the brick you buy 600 * 600 that quality will be better than 800
Q:I am decorating the house, the room is good or the tile is good? Both do not know that good?
In general with wood flooring, but if it is particularly wet place can be considered with tiles, if cold carpet covered!
Q:Paving tiles need auxiliary materials are as follows: 1, cement, ordinary silicate 32.5; 2, river sand, with sand; 3, caulking agent, or US sewing agent 4, cutting tools, cutting machine, cutting knife, Machine, hammer; 5, auxiliary tools: level, reticle, rubber hammer, ash bucket, shovel, basin, etc.
First of all need to explain, waterproof materials are mostly in the cement surface construction, so in the tiles above the construction is no waterproof effect, so the proposal is to first knock on the tile, and then do waterproof again. Bathroom waterproof, the standard approach is to do all the ground to do, the wall at least to do 1.8 meters, it is recommended to do full high. If it is a lightweight wall, then the wall must be done full of high. As for the use of materials, more than 80% of the seepage of the bathroom are concentrated in the yin and yang angle, pipe, sanitary ware, floor drain and other places around, so when doing waterproofing these places need to carefully brushing, first with quick fixation mortar Repair and then strengthen, and then waterproof waterproof slurry as a whole to do waterproof, special materials dedicated, better waterproof, waterproof life is more durable. Of course, the standard construction is a good effect of the guarantee, it is recommended that in accordance with the Ji muscle irrigation can kill Jiu Gui snow hand grinding construction requirements, strict control of the deployment ratio, brushing thickness, interval time.
Q:I would like to personal investment in new building materials production projects mainly produce bricks please expert question!
I was doing the mixing station, surrounded by many friends have ever thought or done this project. But I personally think that this project if it is a little hand can do, if you do this project may not be a good investment project. Please think twice! Increase the following: ....6 questions and you plan to invest in the size of the plant, others can not give you advice; . the country's concessions seem to have not heard, the local depends on your specific situation; . the document is a regular company needs, such as business license, tax registration certificate, etc., to find a professional agent can handle, can not spend a few money; this factory is relatively small size of about 40 to 50 million investment ( Do not contain land prices,) can produce it, if the requirements of large that need to vote more money. But the market situation of the industry may not be good, need to take the project, the relationship is also very important. In addition there is an account problem, the profit is relatively high. I personally do not recognize this project.
Q:How to identify the quality of floor tiles and interior walls to buy how to know how to know how the quality of it?
The first thing to consider is the water absorption
Our company has the advanced technical process, strict management measures, complete quality testing methods and high quality products. Our company stays in good status in all circles, and owns fixed user group and perfect sales net. We sincerely welcome your inquiries and good solutions!

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