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Acid-resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-maki

Acid resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-making, chemical fertilizer, agriculture, pesticide, chemical fibre, textile industry, smelting, and power-generating plants etc., and anti-corrosion inner liner of tower, pool;, pot, sinks, what’s more, it also plays leading anti-corrosion role in waste water treatment and open air working grounds. Acid-resistant ceramics can resist most media except hydrogen-arc acid, thermal alkali and thick, and has better anti-corrosion effect in moist chlorasalt, hydrochloric acid etc. and any alkali under normal temperature.

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Q:Called the sea capacity building energy saving module, instead of red brick house
Such as the net height of the room, the general net height of more than 3 meters is possible. But in order to strengthen the adhesion of the new pavement tiles to prevent the future of its empty layer, from the drums of the situation, should be in the original brick with coarse sand or small melon stone stone foundation leveling, the thickness should be 6cm the above. Methods and construction steps: . roughly to the original turn to the hair (the original tiles broken, broken) . clean up the venue. Water rinse the ground later the effect of better . with a roving or small pieces of concrete will be pouring and leveling the ground, can also be a layer of special floor wire buried in the concrete under . to be dry 8 minutes, the general .2 Days after the normal floor tiles can be completed above the ground floor height will increase by 11 cm or so, this will rarely produce construction waste, but the longer duration is not economical. Can also be the original old tiles to play after the laying of new tiles, most of the home decoration using this method, this construction movement, and produce a lot of construction waste. To sum up, it is recommended to choose the appropriate construction method according to the situation of the net height of the house and the house.
Q:How to reduce weight? Understand the building materials into ~ ~
You want to see your local market development, much more housing. Because the investment is also big. I am also a brick factory, a lot of things suddenly can not tell, but one thing can tell you, each brick at least 7 cents to earn money to do. Because the cost will be 0.143. Look at the market where you are. Factory more, you can add some coal ash, the cost is very low, the weight is also reduced.
Q:What is the material between the wood floor and the floor tiles?
With copper bars have a special kind of seam where the use of the building materials market to buy
Q:To register a main tile, building materials related to the company, which categories to be registered? The
If the product is the sixth category, the nineteenth category is the core, the other depends on what your specific products. If it is channel business, 35 is the core.
Q:Building materials industry (selling ceramics, floor tiles and the like) season and off-season, respectively, which months? why?
1 off-season 3 - 10 months 2 peak season 11-1
Q:I heard that there is a waterproof material that does not hit the floor tiles, I need, where is there? Because i do not want to hit my floor tiles!
I heard that there is a waterproof material that does not hit the floor tiles, I need, where is there? Because i do not want to hit my floor tiles!
Q:After the floor tiles are covered with tiles, there is a kind of equipment in the cracks.
In the choice of floor tiles, the focus should be considered such a few aspects: First, look at the brand
Q:Do not burn brick is not a new type of wall material?
No burning brick count new wall materials. Mianshao bricks are made of fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, tailings, chemical slag or natural sand, sea mud, etc. (one or more of the above raw materials) as the main raw material, without high temperature calcination and manufacturing a new Wall material called dry brick. The product is in line with China's "protection of farmland, energy conservation, local conditions, local materials," the development of general guidelines for building materials, in line with the State Council has forwarded "strict restrictions on the destruction of brick burning to actively promote the views of wall reform," in line with the State Administration of Taxation State Administration of Taxation 20 document "on the part of the comprehensive utilization of resources, such as the implementation of preferential policies for value-added tax policy," the product is free of value-added tax building materials. The characteristics of the Mianshao Brick are not any other wall bricks, with a reasonable scientific formula, according to a certain proportion of adding solidification agent and trace chemical additives, so that the size, humidity, mixing degree with a reasonable equipment to strengthen the treatment process to achieve the best Plastic state, after the high pressure compression molding, the rapid hardening of the brick body, the longer the time, the better the effect of good brick, brick wall do not have to soak, the appearance of tidy. Because of the high strength of the material, durability, size standards, shape integrity, uniform color, with a simple and natural appearance, do the water wall can also do any external decoration. Therefore, it is a replacement clay brick very promising development of the replacement products.
Q:Analysis on Construction Steps of Wooden Brick in Building Green House
It is a new type of environmentally friendly building materials
Q:Red house guest room 9 meters long, 6 meters wide, to choose a floor tile floor. Choose which of the following specifications
Choosing a brick of 600 is not missing, but it does not look good. Choose the brick of the 800 material but look good
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