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Acid-resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-maki

Acid resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-making, chemical fertilizer, agriculture, pesticide, chemical fibre, textile industry, smelting, and power-generating plants etc., and anti-corrosion inner liner of tower, pool;, pot, sinks, what’s more, it also plays leading anti-corrosion role in waste water treatment and open air working grounds. Acid-resistant ceramics can resist most media except hydrogen-arc acid, thermal alkali and thick, and has better anti-corrosion effect in moist chlorasalt, hydrochloric acid etc. and any alkali under normal temperature.

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Q:Visiting the building materials market, fancy the Iraqi Hermes retro brick, do not know how the quality?
Respected "new retro" design concept Product design follow the "modern fashion strokes to show the essence of European classical culture" Break the traditional retro brick gives honesty, do the old mechanical cycle, but also inherited the essence of retro culture, into the modern design elements, color and shape Products use new technology, new equipment, new materials, become the pioneer of the new retro tiles, focusing on retro ceramic tile 41 years Products will be 18 technical process, the quality of the product requirements are very harsh, any slight flawed products will be recognized For substandard products, but also after several times the friction coefficient detection, high temperature resistance to low temperature test, hardness extrusion bending and impact testing So the quality of Iraqi tiles is absolutely assured that the guarantee
Q:Do not tear tiles in the bathroom to do waterproof methods and costs. The The The Urgent demand
This waterproof method rarely used it, if the water leakage must be removed to re-brush waterproof paint
Q:Hollow brick is the country to promote the building materials, it is better than the solid brick, please write two advantages of using hollow brick.
Answer: the external environment of the noise into the room needs medium
Q:How to identify the quality of floor tiles and interior walls to buy how to know how to know how the quality of it?
When you buy floor tiles, you first have to understand the characteristics of floor tiles, which will help you choose better to avoid unnecessary losses
Q:What is the general brick now building a house? What materials do? How much is the cost of a brick?
Cover small high-rise, high-level frame or frame-shear structure, with light insulation brick filler
Q:The reason why my government banned the use of red brick building materials is
. red brick than the hollow brick to heavy, build the same thickness of the wall, firing red brick than the amount of clay required for clay to more than 1/. and the burning of red brick when the consumption of coal and other energy than firing hollow brick To more, the amount of dust emissions are also large, the destruction of the environment is more serious. Because the red brick is heavier than the hollow brick, made the same height of the floor, red brick building weight than the hollow brick building to be heavy, the unit area of the load on the surface of a larger, directly lead to building piles Base, the column design should also increase, a direct result of steel, cement and other building materials increased, the cost of housing increased.
Q:Tang River building materials market Xin Zhongyuan floor tile is good
Water absorption is an important factor affecting the quality of floor tiles, high quality tiles, water absorption is generally low Higher water absorption of the floor tiles due to the more easy to absorb, after the cold shrinkage after the expansion of the surface will lead to cracking and tiles of brick tiles, if the brick is not marked with water, you can use tea or water droplets in the back of the tiles, the number Minutes after the spread of water droplets, the more water, that is, low water absorption, better quality As raw materials are natural stone, floor tiles are generally radioactive According to the national environmental standards, the radioactive level of decorative materials is divided into A, B, C three categories, A class of decorative materials production and use of the scope of unlimited, for indoor tiles, the best choice of Class A products, Check the floor tile environmental monitoring report, see what kind of product belongs In addition, the polished tiles must have a national mandatory product certification (referred to as 3C), select the polished tiles when the attention of the Shanghai workers and senior management for the report check the tiles of the load-bearing: the tiles can be tilted place, and then stand up to adults, after a period of time, see the tiles have no obvious signs of cracking Good tiles should have a good load-bearing; check the floor of the wear resistance: In general, the floor tiles are very hard wear and tear, you can use the key and other hard objects in the floor tile surface, see is to leave obvious traces; , Check the stain resistance: tiles need to have a strong stain resistance, you can use water pen on the floor to write, and then wipe with a damp cloth to see if the left handwriting
Q:Want to ask which building materials market to buy tiles cheaper? Is the building market in the Mona Lisa Tiles cheaper?
The general market prices are similar. Cheap too much will feel the water, right
Q:Home plans to children next year, now new home decoration, I heard that special anion tiles is environmentally friendly building materials, this is more suitable for children at home, right?
Environmental protection building materials have a variety of, such as the prevalence of PVC flooring, with its environmentally friendly non-toxic, high flexibility, thermal conductivity and other popular popular international, PVC flooring prices are cheaper, color patterns are more, you can add more baby room The color style. These are just my advice, the specific depends on the specifications you need to look at, I personally recommend you use the PVC floor Bale
Q:During the year, when to buy the cheapest building materials, such as floor, floor tiles
As a consumer, no need to be too deep to understand in the end you are buying or losing money, back ten thousand steps, the purchase did not sell fine, and now the competition is fierce, people make money is not easy.
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