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Acid-resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-maki

Acid resistant ceramic tiles and vitrolite are widely applied in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine-making, food, paper-making, chemical fertilizer, agriculture, pesticide, chemical fibre, textile industry, smelting, and power-generating plants etc., and anti-corrosion inner liner of tower, pool;, pot, sinks, what’s more, it also plays leading anti-corrosion role in waste water treatment and open air working grounds. Acid-resistant ceramics can resist most media except hydrogen-arc acid, thermal alkali and thick, and has better anti-corrosion effect in moist chlorasalt, hydrochloric acid etc. and any alkali under normal temperature

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Q:Building materials on the market are divided into specific types of tiles?
This brick is divided into two categories: one is made of clay; the other is made with porcelain clay, the current facade decoration of about 80% of the buyers choose this brick for the floor decoration materials
Q:Shop floor tile shop quality problems should be where to complain?
The results of two empty, three with cracks, and are the same master shop
Q:Visiting the building materials market, fancy the Iraqi Hermes retro brick, do not know how the quality?
Respected "new retro" design concept Product design follow the "modern fashion strokes to show the essence of European classical culture" Break the traditional retro brick gives honesty, do the old mechanical cycle, but also inherited the essence of retro culture, into the modern design elements, color and shape Products use new technology, new equipment, new materials, become the pioneer of the new retro tiles, focusing on retro ceramic tile 41 years Products will be 18 technical process, the quality of the product requirements are very harsh, any slight flawed products will be recognized For substandard products, but also after several times the friction coefficient detection, high temperature resistance to low temperature test, hardness extrusion bending and impact testing So the quality of Iraqi tiles is absolutely assured that the guarantee
Q:Red house guest room 9 meters long, 6 meters wide, to choose a floor tile floor. Choose which of the following specifications
9 m = 900 cm 6 m = 600 cm 900 x 600 = (square centimeters) ÷ (25 x 25) = 864 (block) ÷ (30 × 30) = 600 (block) ÷ (40 × 40) = 337.5 A: Select the side length of 25 cm tiles or 30 cm floor tiles shop just do not waste material.
Q:Inside the wall to buy skills to identify brand skills is more important
Inside the wall is currently on the market in the high frequency, the vast majority of consumers in the purchase of the brand-based, for a strange field we can only look from the public to start the brand
Q:Toilet floor tiles with what to add a good barrier to waterproof material
There are three characteristics of the bathroom waterproof: one is not affected by nature, the temperature is not changed; the second is the construction area is small, the walls of yin and yang more, wear the floor of the pipeline more; Third, the wall waterproof layer on the tile, Compatibility with binders is good. According to the above three characteristics of the bathroom waterproof construction plan only the most appropriate coating. Selection of materials are mainly compound polymer polyurethane waterproof coating; cement mortar; Operators should be strictly protected waterproof coating has been done, and timely protection layer. Before working as a protective layer, any person shall not enter the construction site, no one shall stack debris in the above, in the kitchen bathroom door to set the eye-catching signs, in order to avoid damage to the waterproof layer. Waterproof protective layer construction, not in the waterproof layer on the mortar, the mortar is not sprinkled waterproof layer, to Seiko fine do, shall not damage the waterproof layer.
Q:I would like to ask the shale brick is a refractory material, I have seen in a book shale brick is a good refractory, please elaborate.
Shale itself is not a refractory shale made Page 紶 紶 official flying out of reading Sao Saihai rock carving rock after a better insulation material can be used for 900 ℃ below the various environments of thermal insulation
Q:I am decorating the house, the room is good or the tile is good? Both do not know that good?
In general with wood flooring, but if it is particularly wet place can be considered with tiles, if cold carpet covered!
Q:Taking into account the use of environmental protection and practical use of red wood
Today's tiles market, can be described as imitation of the wind, such as imitation leather, anti-wallpaper, imitation stone tiles, etc
Q:A porcelain factory and building materials distribution department to purchase tiles purchase and sale contracts, the provisions of the same year before the end of November all supply. Because of the year to engage in basic construction, tile into
identity is civil servants Article 53 of the Civil Service Act states: A civil servant must abide by the discipline and shall not have any of the following acts: to engage in or participate in a for-profit activity and concurrently hold office in an enterprise or other for-profit organization" Therefore, In the profit department store as general manager of the post Dumou should bear the liability for the loss of the company Dumou privately bought his own clothes in the name of the company, is a use of their own authority of the associated behavior According to Article 21 of the Company Law, "the controlling shareholder, the actual controller, directors, supervisors and senior executives of the Company shall not use their affiliated relationship to harm the interests of the Company, and if the losses are caused to the Company in violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph Bear the liability "Therefore, Dumou should pay compensation to the company I hope that my solution will help you
Our company has the advanced technical process, strict management measures, complete quality testing methods and high quality products. Our company stays in good status in all circles, and owns fixed user group and perfect sales net. We sincerely welcome your inquiries and good solutions!

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