AC30 Series Modular Sockets

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Q:Do you trust buying cheap batteries?
Q:Fuses and circuit breakers are used to what?
there is a thin piece of metal inside, too much current makes the metal get hot and breaksaving the system
Q:What is wrong with my Chevy power window?
it could only be a few things. Make sure the new fuses are the correct amperage second check the motor for the window last check the grounds make sure there all tight
Q:Can I use a 1.5 fuse instead of 1.6 on a circuit board?
I assume that you've already blown the 1.6 amp fuse. Have you found the cause? Although putting a smaller rated fast fuse in it's place is normally OK for the short time it takes to find the correct size, electronics are very precise in amperage. I wouldn't use the 1.5 fast or the 1.6 slow in place of the 1.6 fast. You're taking a risk that is not necessary if this is an expensive piece of equipment. Wait and find the correct one.
Q:anyone know the Best way to rewire my fuse box?
Best bet for the BAT/alternator fuse is a fuse link or maxi-fuse and you will save a bunch of heavy guage wiring. Your ignition switch may have one or two ACC wires and usually only one RUN wire and one B+ (battery feed). Determine which wires you want to feed the fuse panel strips with and hook them up to the common fuse box junctions - then run you accessory and other component wiring from the appropriate fuses in the box. Use the BAT feed wire from the ignition switch for your lighting fuses. More often than not, your head lamp switch has an internal circuit breaker for the head lamps.
Q:civic 99 interior short. problem?
Start by checking the easiest items firstthe interior light wires and the door switches and after that since you don't have a wire diagram drop the fuse box and located and trace the wires that are going to that fuse. Don't forget to disconnect the battery first.
Q:why doesnt my 150cc scooter wanna give spark after changing all the electrical components?
You got an open circuit somewhere, do you have VOM, tester?Did you replace or test the fuse?
Q:Electronics question :)?
Q:Why does the fuse in my Honda's 12-Volt power outlet burn out shortly after I plug in my radar Detector?
Your car is fine. Your radar detector has issues though. Is something else plugged in as well?
Q:Electrical problems on bike?
it sounds like the side light fuse, but could be the earth wire to the lights,check earth connections, quick test get a piece of wire hold it to neg - on battery or bare metal on frame with ignition lights on touch the other end to side of the bulb if light comes on its a bad earth

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