AC Steamer and Sweeper with big power -World Top 500 Enterprises-CNSW300

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Product Description:

Model: CNSW300


Sweeper Description:


2. 500ml water tank 
3. Ideal for cleaning marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hardwood floor and carpet.

4.Steam time:20munites/cup water

5.Steam/sweeper adjusted by stick pushing direction

6.5m cable

7.4.8/6.0 kgs

8.textile mop



11.prodcut dimention:300*280*1170mm

Additional Info. 

Trademark:OEM, ODM

Packing:Gift Box / Export Cartons

Standard:CE, GS, CB, EMC



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Sounds like the belt to your vacuum may be shot. Check that first. If it is powdery, just replace your belt, and re vacuum. If it is set in, you should call a professional in. You don't want to take a chance spreading the black throughout the carpet. Let the professionals be responsible.
Q:Vacuum will not turn off?
Adam is correct to an extent, however, you shouldn't need a soldering iron to replace the switch on any vacuum made in the last 30 years, they all have push on terminals. Depending on where and how the switch is located in the unit, it could be a fairly simple take the handle apart with a couple of screws, swap out the switch and be done, or you may find that you have to disassemble the main body to get to the actual switch. Many models now use an actuating rod that moves the actual switch located further down in the body of the machine. Unforturnately you've given us no information whatsoever, concerning a make, model or type of vacuum, so it's going to be very difficult to help much more.
Q:If the standard deviation for lifetimes of vacuum cleaners is estimated to be 400 hours, how large a sample?
The 90% confidence z-value from the normal probability table is 1.645 Sample size n = [ (1.645) SD /error] ^2 n = {(1.645)(400)/50]^2 n =173.18 ≈ 174
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you have to punch them in the throat. hard. dont hold back. they last a long time, but even longer if you wear a ring.
Q:How to repair the vibration lever of vacuum cleaner?
When checking the vibration lever, the vacuum cleaner should be turned upside down. The vibration lever will appear at the front end of the housing
Q:Are you interested in roomba vacuum cleaners?
yes im interested in a roomba
Q:Looking for best Vacuum cleaners?
The best answer to this question is... Buy what professional house cleaners janitorial cleaners use. that is Sanitare. They come in many different prices that fit your budget.$115-300. Just walk into a commercial vacuum store ask for it buy name. They will try to sell you the expensive ones, if you go in looking confused. All the cleaners walk out with this one including me. Its a floor vacuum as opposed to a hose, which gets clogged up quick. This vacuum is made to last it cleans with super power. The stores will not check your id to make sure you own a cleaning business, just act like you do.
Q:Who is the most afraid of vacuum cleaners?
Toddlers. When my younger brother was a toddler(he's now 8), my older brother would tell him that the vacuum was going to suck his brains out and he was terrified. It took a few years for him to get over it. I now have a 1.5 yr old sister and she too is afraid of the vacuum, although she hasn't been told about it's brain-sucking powers. I can't remember any of us other kids being afraid, but we might have been. I've never met or heard of a dog who was afraid of the vacuum, though.
Q:How are Rainbow vacuum cleaners rated?
I have had my Rainbow for about 4 years now and I love it! Yes - they are pricy are highly touted as the vacuum cleaner. I don't know if they clean the air or not - but I do know they pick up a lot that other vacuums leave behind! I'm sure that if the bag of most any vacuum exposed the dirt dust they pick up and then put that in water - you'd see a lot from most any vacuum. I can certainly attest to the fact that when I look at my carpets think they're not in bad need of vacuuming - after I vacuum - wow! They were much more in need that I realized. Also, you can put freshners in the water it does create nice smells through the house without saturating it. You can oils or liquids in the water to accomplish this. I don't know of the rust issues that others have addressed because I do emply mine after each use.
Q:Xbox 360 vacuum dust?
It's absolutely not safe, vacuum cleaners produce static electricity which can fry the system.

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