AC Electric Motor Automatic Stator Coil Winding

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Product Description:


 1430*900*1700mm (L*W*H)



3.Motor model and power

 AEEF 112M  5HP(3.7KW)


 380V 3 phase

5.Range of stroke

 135~190mm standard stroke, adjustable;150—220mm long stroke, adjustable

6.Range of rotate speeds

 0~500RPM adjustable

7.Lubrication way

 oil filling machine continuous lubrication

8.Air pressure


9.Wire diameter range

 φ0.25—φ0.8 Other specification can be specially designed

10.Applicable poles 

 2 poles

11.Applicable stack height


12.Inner diameter of stator 

 φ30—φ55 Other specification can be specially designed

13.Outer diameter of stator

 φ50—φ150 Other specification can be specially designed 

1. Suitable for the 2 pole stator’s winding, automatic feeding, compaction, loading clamp die, winding, clamping and cutting wires.

2. Cast iron rack, precision stable, absorbing vibrations, even at high speed winding the vibrations are also very small.

3. Clamp part adopts down positioning way, stable positioning, intensify and reliable.

4. Wire clamping and cutting parts are compact structure, wire clamping and cutting complete once.

5. Stroke and pivot angle are adjustable within a certain range (mechanical adjustment), in order to adapt different stators’ requirement.

6. Quick change of different type mold.

7. All aluminum alloy protection

8. PLC control, fault display

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Q:The armature windings of large and medium-sized ac motors are often double-spaced
A C D short distance can reduce the high frequency harmonic potential, which can also reduce the harmonic current and the magnetic field, because of the double layer, the cost increases
Q:How does ac motor winding be classified?
Concentrated winding Centralized winding used in stator salient pole type, usually made rectangular coil winding, finalize the warp bandaging, again after leaching paint drying treatment, embedded in a convex pole core. General commutator motor (including dc motor) and general motor excitation coil and single phase mask main pole pole salient motor windings are centralized winding. Usually is highly centralized winding a coil, but there are also adopt ordinary extremely (cylindrical) form, such as pole motor frame type cover is to use a coil form the motor poles. Distributed winding Distributed winding of the motor stator without convex palm, each pole consists of one or several coil embedded wiring according to certain rules of coil group, after electrify form different polarity of magnetic pole, so also called non-salient pole type. The distributed winding can be divided into concentric and overlapping classes according to the layout of the layout.
Q:Ac servo motor can be divided into synchronous ac servo motor and induction ac servo motor
Asynchronous ac servo motor refers to ac induction motor. It has three phases and a single phase, and also has a squirrel-cage and wire-wound type, which is usually used in the three-phase induction motor. Its structure is simple, compared with the direct current motor of the same capacity, the quality is one half, and the price is only one third of the direct current motive. The drawback is that it is not economical to achieve a wide range of smooth speed adjustment and must absorb backward excitation current from the grid. This makes the power grid power factor worse. The asynchronous type ac servo motor for the squirrel cage rotor is called the asynchronous ac servo motor, which is represented by IM.
Q:Is the inductance of the stator winding of single phase ac motor constant?
100 millihenry's inductive coils are everywhere! The stator coil of an electric motor is an ac electromagnet with inherent inductance. Its relationship to the rotor is similar to that of transformer. The resistance of the stator coil, the strength of the magnetic induction, the rotation speed of alternating magnetic field and the voltage of alternating current. Current! Frequency! The inductance of oneself has relation! The rotor of the motor can change the electromagnetic strength of the stator. Just like the secondary coils of a transformer!
Q:The difference between the permanent magnet motor and the permanent magnet synchronous motor
The permanent magnet motor USES direct current, and there is a commutator. Permanent magnet synchronous motor with ac, no commutator.
Q:How to distinguish dc motor from ac motor?
The difference between dc motor and ac motor is, of course, the type of power supply. One is dc and one is communication. The stator of a dc motor is a fixed magnetic field, and the direct current is rotating within the stator by the electric brush of the rotor forming a changing magnetic field around it. In industrial enterprises, dc motors are generally used for standby machinery or security equipment that can be reliably run because of the relative reliability of dc power sources. As the input voltage changes due to dc motor speed can also change, so need to often speed used dc motor is also many, such as trolley, electric locomotive, and so on. Ac motor is the rotational force generated by the rotating field of the stator that inducts the electric potential on the rotor. Its speed is generally fixed. But because of its simple structure and convenient power supply, it is widely used in various enterprises and families. Small to household washing machine, vacuum cleaner, big to huge pump, machine tool and so on, all use ac electric machine. Since communication is easier to obtain and easier to deliver, most of the electric machinery we use today is driven by ac motors.
Q:Who made the world's first ac motor?
It also said that the direct current was "discovered" by Edison. In fact is the discoverer of the dc volts, he invented the world's first device that can produce continuous dc - voltaic pile, dc motor is developed by Germany's Siemens, the earliest. The same is true of alternating current, which was invented long before tesla. Invented the alternator is a French engineer A.H. pique west (baidu "A.M. pique west"), he was in Paris in 1832 for a permanent magnet type rotary alternator. A year later, he installed commutator on the generator, turning alternating current into direct current.
Q:Why is it that high speed motors rarely communicate?
12,000-15,000 revolutions per minute of this type of motor has a lot of communication! Especially centrifugal fan, we have a lot of application in our project!
Q:Is the servo motor a dc motor or ac motor?
What is a step motor? A step motor is an actuator that converts electrical impulses into angular displacement. Popular point: when the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it is driving a stepper motor according to set the direction of a fixed Angle (and the step Angle). You can control the amount of angular displacement by controlling the number of pulses, so that the target is accurate. At the same time, you can control the speed and acceleration of the motor by controlling the pulse frequency. There are three types of steps: permanent magnetic (PM), reactive (VR) and hybrid (HB). The permanent magnet step is generally two phases, the torque and volume are small, the step Angle is usually 7.5 degrees or 15 degrees. The reaction type step is generally three-phase, can realize the big torque output, the step Angle usually is 1.5 degrees, but the noise and vibration are very large. Developed countries such as the United States and Europe were eliminated in the 1980s. Hybrid step refers to the advantage of mixing permanent magnet and reactive type. It is divided into two phases and five phases: the Angle of two phases is 1.8 degrees and the Angle is 0.72 degrees. This step is the most widely used.
Q:What does the motor center of the three-phase ac motor mean
Center height refers to the height of the motor shaft to the base Angle of the seat. The length of the machine is used in the international letter of the letters: the "S" - the short stand, the M - the engine seat, the L - the long machine seat, is usually determined according to the length of the stator iron core. The "H" of 80 is 80mm.

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