AC Automatic Voltage Regulator SVC Series

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Product Description:

  • Usage: SVC

  • Current Type: AC


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1.Automatic Voltage Regulation    

2.Protection against Brownouts & Over voltage    

3.Wide input voltage range    

4.Short Circuit & Over load protection    

5.Selectable Delay Time    

6.Surge.Spike and Lighting Protection    

7.Select LED,Meter display 


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Q:What is the difference between variable frequency power supply and regulated power supply?
Frequency power supply voltage is only constant voltage, voltage and voltage are not changed, variable frequency power supply has a regulator function, 220V power supply voltage more than 30KW are more
Q:Switch DC power supply is what it means
Switch is a diode circuit, the grid voltage when the corresponding diode will automatically shut down, the voltage is too low will open, of course, this also depends on a variety of other components of the auxiliary can be so controlled. Simple metaphor is that the toilet toilet water, when the light will automatically add water, when the time will automatically turn off the same.
Q:What is the capacitance behind the DC regulated power supply?
The filter is used to filter out current pulse burrs
Q:Use 7812 to make a positive 12V DC power supply
1st floor ny_peter circuit diagram is basically correct, but the transformer secondary voltage setting is too high, which will make the power efficiency is low, in the larger output current regulator serious heat.
Q:DC power supply which parts of the composition of the various parts of the role of what?
The role of various parts of the power supply circuit ★ power transformer: the power grid to provide 220V AC voltage conversion for a variety of circuit equipment required AC voltage. ★ rectifier circuit: the use of one-way conductive devices will be converted into alternating current pulsating DC circuit. ★ filter circuit: the use of energy storage components (inductors or capacitors) to convert the pulsating direct current into a relatively flat DC. ★ regulator circuit: the use of the circuit to adjust the role of the output voltage stability of the process known as the regulator. DC power supply on the market to do a lot of power, LZ can go to the tentative to ask about easy, Huatai these have to do the power supply.
Q:What is the switching power supply?
"Switch-type power supply" and "tandem-regulated power supply" compared to energy efficient; to adapt to the power of change; strong output voltage adjustable range; a switch can easily get multiple sets of different voltage levels Power supply; small size, light weight and many other advantages, and was widely adopted.
Q:What is the working principle of an adjustable DC regulated power supply?
AC power through the diode rectifier filter, after large, medium power transistor, large and medium power transistor through the resistance conduction output power supply. Some designs are connected in series with a resistor to supply voltage to the Zener diode, giving a stable voltage difference between the two poles of the diode, some of which are designed after the transistor output. This stable voltage is called the reference voltage. And then use a triode or manifold as a comparator, (+ output) one end of the reference voltage, the other end (b) a string of a current limiting resistor connected adjustable adjustable intermediate part of the adjustable resistance of the other two feet connected to the output voltage of the two poles The There is a pole connected, the power transistor triode, control the adjustment of the transistor conduction. Adjust the adjustable resistor to adjust the voltage. Simply put, the principle is the output voltage through the comparison tube (manifold) with the reference voltage comparison, to control the large and medium power transistor conduction current, voltage, to achieve the purpose of regulation. Adjust the comparison voltage of the comparative tube (manifold) to adjust the output voltage. Contempt ... ... sorry, for a long time do not touch, that large, medium-power transistor should be called what to forget ~ ~ ~
Q:Transistor series regulator circuit
First, you have to know that the VT working state is in a magnified state or a saturated state, so VT's Ube> 0. VT is in magnified state, Ube = 0.7v. D5 to ground voltage (ie VT base voltage) = VT Ube + circuit output voltage Uout Uout = Ud5-Ube = 21v-0.7v
Q:The difference between the series DC power supply and the parallel DC power supply
The main difference: parallel DC power supply / low efficiency, especially when light load, the power is almost all consumed in the current limiting resistor and adjust the tube; * Output voltage adjustment range is very small; stability is not easy to do very high. The series power supply is just to avoid these shortcomings, so now widely used are generally series power supply.
Q:Is there a voltage regulator for CNC machine tools?
It is useful to use a voltage regulator for CNC machine tools, but it is not necessary. The use of regulators for CNC machine tools, especially in China's power grid conditions are good. Because China's grid voltage is not stable, which on the CNC machine tool drive and system stability have a great threat.
We are committed to provide high quality products and services to meet diverse customer requirements and diverse market requirements. With the same diligent customer-oriented spirit, we are dedicated to continuously designing, manufacturing, marketing, and introducing our products to the diverse demanding power market.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1997
Annual Output Value
Main Markets South America 3%
Eastern Europe 4%
Southeast Asia 10%
Africa 25%
Oceania 3%
Mid East 5%
Eastern Asia 5%
Western Europe 2%
Central America 3%
Northern Europe 1%
Southern Europe 1%
South Asia 3%
Domestic Market 30%
North America 5%
Company Certifications CE; CE Certificate for DC Power Supply; Association Techenologie Nouvelle De France; Certificate of UPS

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 8
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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