ABS black vacuum cleaner dust absorption power 60W/90W

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ABS black Vacuum Cleaner           Dust absorption power:60W/90W           DC:12V          Power line:2.5M Material: ABS 

ABS black vacuum cleaner dust absorption power 60W/90W

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Q:Why don't they make gasoline powered vacuum cleaners?
There are diesel powered vacuum cleaners. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines do not make carbon monoxide. What I like best about my John Deere Acu-vac2000 is the there is no power cord to trip over.
Q:Can anyone recommend an inexpensive vacuum for hardwood floors?
For hardwood floors I wouldn't use a vacuum. Just use a regular broom and dustpan. Then mop your floors. I use Murphys oil cleaner that you mix with water and mop your hardwood floors. It works great.
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Assistance?
I recently bought a GE canister vac. The best vaccuum I have ever owned!! I have 3 dogs 2 adults one teenager plus a hamster 2 mice a rat(lost of shavings on the floor during cage cleaning time) The hose has an extender it goes completley under tha couch and has 5 attachments. You can turn the brush off to do hard floors and on to do carpets. You can also adjust the suction power to vaccuum area rugs without sucking the whole rug up. The only thing I don't like is that it is not bagless but all the other options and features way outweigh that. It was 150.00 at Walmart... It's definatley worth chaecking out!!
Q:What you you identify as a sweeper?
some are vernacular and others colloquialisms. In the Midwest you'd say making dinner. In the south or southwest, fixin' dinner. We called vacuum cleaners Hoovers since they were the most popular in the 1930's. Sweepers were usually made by Bissell, and were un-powered. Lunch was dinner, and dinner was supper in Oklahoma.
Q:Why do British/English accents always sound so pompous and arrogant?
There are many different british accents. We don't all come from london.
Q:Cat is terrified of the vacuum cleaner...?
It's skittish my brothers cats will run even if your leg twitches . I don't know if there a coat you can get him like they have a thunder jacket for dogs. Leave the vacuum out one day and let him sniff it. Since you haven't had him long he could still be getting use to everything.
Q:Is the one thing that separates us from animals is that we aren't afraid of vacuum cleaners?
So what separated us from animals before vacuum cleaners were invented?
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners never last long?
I had a lot of trouble with vacuums to. I have purchased a Kirby vacuum last year and it works great. Yes they are expensive but it have a great warranty on it so if it breaks I bring it in to get fixed and they even let me borrow one of there's until they are finished with the repair. They never discontinue the bags either.
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for concrete floors?
i was gonna say it would be best to sweep but maybe a kirby would work good if you want to vacuum
Q:have you tried the robot vacuum cleaners?
I have cleaned a lot of peoples homes that have had different brands of the robot vacuums and I must say that none of them work very well. They get stuck easily and don't pick up the dirt all that well. My vacuum bag would be filled with dirt right after the robot cleaned the room. I have had several people tell me that the battery does not last that long, with the robot returning to the docking station after only cleaning area of carpet. They do work slightly better on hard wood.

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