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Abrasive sanding mesh screen is made of nylon fabric, coated with

abrasive materials; there are three kinds of shape: Sheets, Discs and


It is not only suitable for sanding plaster and wall surface, but also for

sanding rusty spots of metal materials and making grinding and

polishing  treatment.  It  has  good

properties of grinding, cutting and filings

removing. And it is the most ideal

abrasive tool for interior decoration.

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Q:Solid wood flooring, usually how to maintain?
Composite flooring generally do not need much effort to maintain, pay attention to timely dust, no hard objects impact, no corrosive detergent cleaning almost. Or you make a phone call to the World Friends, looking for after-sales service, to the home to be a special maintenance. They are professional. So that the floor to wear a flattened flattened to encourage Taiwan to support the age of platinum is also a little longer.
Q:What is the length of the curtain wall aluminum is how much there are 400 square meters how much aluminum?
A lot of kind, look at your choice
Q:Home decoration with plastic floor, please? What are its strengths and weaknesses?
The shortcomings of the plastic floor: the laying of the floor construction requirements will be higher, to consider the floor, environment and other factors, some of the higher technical content
Q:I want to give my room wallpaper. What kind of good is it? To be good light.
And now give you a proposal, ah, now you can buy the kind of "wall", that is, you can shop on the wall, and then if you want to change, the water directly on top of the above, in the Czech Republic, and then can also be affixed to other The room is recycled. This is more environmentally friendly, and can be recycled can be saved.
Q:Bowl button steel pipe scaffolding and fastener scaffolding comparison, which is good stability
And most of the institutions have a free interface
Q:How to install antiseptic wood vines
4: to draw the column beam you plan the blade of each seat of the gap, and then to the blade processing, give the blade to draw a mouth, that is, the width of the column beam, painted on the blade (like a cross, open a Mouth, just let them all want to be together), and then move the cutting machine openings, and then the file to the mouth file flat. 5: generally do antiseptic wood vintage for the appearance of the blade in the head will open a bend, then you need to operate the curve of the play. 6: give the two columns put the column beam, then put the above superimposed good mouth of the blade, the first release from the pillars of the recent two mouth, so that a trend can be a word word stability, of course, is best to four Pillars are fixed with wood, everything has been stable, after all, is the wood, which part of the body to tie the body. 7: the last two steps to do, preferably the first tank of cement, and then to support the ladder to the wood, the general to the next day and then remove the fixed plate.
Q:Please summarize and analyze the new technologies, new methods, new processes and new materials that have emerged in the construction of garden planting in recent years.
Second, the tree transplanting live series: raw liquid, broth liquid nutrient solution, wound coating agent, root preservative, anti-steaming agent, antifreeze, water retaining agent, new insecticide, compound insecticide Agents, loose soil fertilizer, slow release fertilizer, professional use of selective herbicides and so on.
Q:Would you like to warm the floor with cork mats?
Simple thermal effect, then the best natural stone, followed by artificial stone tiles, followed by composite floor, followed by solid wood flooring.
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Fireplace core, coal shovel, broom, screen, fire protection network barrier column;, firewood, firewood basket, smoke pipe, smoking hats and so on.
Q:What is the difference between Cement and Concrete...?
Cement is the stuff that binds the aggregate together. A common type of cement is Portland Cement. The stuff is like sand. It's not hard and it can come in bags. You can pour it out. When you mix cement with water and aggregate then let the mixture set, it becomes hard, almost like stone. It becomes concrete. After it has hardened, you can drive a tractor trailer over it or build a fairly tall building on top of it.

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