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Abrasive sanding mesh screen is made of nylon fabric, coated with

abrasive materials; there are three kinds of shape: Sheets, Discs and


It is not only suitable for sanding plaster and wall surface, but also for

sanding rusty spots of metal materials and making grinding and

polishing  treatment.  It  has  good

properties of grinding, cutting and filings

removing. And it is the most ideal

abrasive tool for interior decoration.

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Q:What are the connection methods of geomembrane?
Geomembrane generally adopt the welding method with professional welding machine, whose general welding distance is 30-50 cm
Q:What is the difference between pallet expanders that can be taken out and others that will be cemented?
The ones that can be taken out are expanders, they make your mouth bigger, the cemented ones are retaining. That is what my sister explained to me.
Q:what is concrete amd cement used for?
cement is one of the ingredients in concrete cement ,water ,sand ,and course aggregate (crushed stone) concrete is used for many things in the building industry world wide
Q:How does the wall rock wool sandwich panel be installed?
will be fixed on the wall insulation material, play a warm and warm role in warm technology
Q:Is cement safe for red ear sliders?
Cement will leach lye into the water; I highly recommend that you do not use cement for a turtle enclosure.
Q:Toilet ceiling with gypsum board is good or aluminum plate is good?
I was decorating, the bathroom ceiling never used gypsum board, the bathroom water vapor weight, gypsum board will suffer after damp
Q:The Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Marble
High quality artificial stone is made of natural ore powder, high performance resin and natural pigment vacuum casting or molding. Is a non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new materials.
Q:Shower room of the thickness of the retaining bar to be appropriate ah?
Shower room retaining bar is generally 40MM to 50MM high, thick is almost 30MM to 40MM. Are generally finished stone processing. Not expensive, generally in the 150 / mil. A shower room to block the water on the 1 meter wide. It is almost 200 dollars. You can go to Kai Li asked, their home shower room water effect done quite fine.
Q:Sauna board and antiseptic wood tatami which is good
Antiseptic wood to see what you use, and ordinary preservative foam over the wood material preservative wood is a certain toxin, the basic can not be used in tatami. But the natural anti-corrosion is more expensive, such as pineapple grid, Liu An wood and so on. The sauna board also has pine and fir. Pine on the upscale a lot. But compared to anti-corrosion, the price is very cheap. In fact, the effect is to do the middle of a gap, and the middle of the sauna board is no gap, but the sauna board of the child slot joints atlas. Not very smooth. Do not you know where there is no attic? There are sub-slot, but there is no obvious groove at the seam. Most of the material is fir and pine. In fact, is the log floor. Only 4 meters in length. I have also seen some people directly on the market to sell solid wood flooring when tatami! Choose more, do not have to paint, but also good!
Q:p/t deck on a commercial rubber roof do we need closed cell insulation under deck to protect rubber?
Membrane roofs should not have any sharp edges putting pressure on it. Even a flat square board will sink into the material and the edges are where the problem begins. We put layers of thick tar pads 3/4" under the feet of the air handlers years ago and still no problem.

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