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Abrasive sanding mesh screen is made of nylon fabric, coated with

abrasive materials; there are three kinds of shape: Sheets, Discs and


It is not only suitable for sanding plaster and wall surface, but also for

sanding rusty spots of metal materials and making grinding and

polishing  treatment.  It  has  good

properties of grinding, cutting and filings

removing. And it is the most ideal

abrasive tool for interior decoration.

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Q:Generalized name of composite geomembrane
In engineering, it's major function is seepage-proof, drainage. because composite geomembrane uses geotextile (woven or woven plastic) as a fabric, protective, and are widely applied to the road and rail ): tunnel project// h, made into plastic film: // h is geomembrane generalized name, reinforcement and so on. Composite geotextile and geomembrane products are somewhat in different name, so-called composite geomembrane is to combine two materials together , which has a function of isolation and seepage-proof composite materials geomembrane, the protective effect, thermal compound or method polyethylene PE film lamination can be called directly geomembrane (in addition, many areas of environmental protection, reinforced .baidu, drainage: //h.baidu, a composite material like EVA waterproof board also called geomembrane .jpg "esrc x3d" http, woven geotextile woven geotextile boob or polyethylene composite, also has closed (impermeable) function, the products referred to is the same, except it has a geotextile isolation, airport, so causing geomembrane defined confusion and irregularities .hiphotos. India developed jute geotextile - strictly speaking all film-like materials used in the civil engineering can be referred to geomembrane. composite geo-membrane, simplely speaking, making plastic particles by lamination method as geomembrane or waterproof board (depending on the thickness of the geomembrane, respectively), roads, and it can be widely used in water conservancy dams .hiphotos: Non-woven geotextile. Because geotextile is the informal name of emerging materials
Q:What is the difference between the mica electrothermal film and electric thermal dissipation film?
There are many kinds of electric heating system, in which the electrothermal film products can be divided into metal film, polymer film, printing oil film and carbon fiber membrane. These can be installed in the ground. Besides, there is a better electric heating system, namely the non-magnetic heating cable. The service life of it is 50 years and it can used under cement layer. Only floor or floor leather can be laid on the electrothermal film. The best way to reach the required body temperature is that the foot is warm and the head is cool, so electrothermal film is better in accordance with heating comfort and heating perfromance. In terms of electric quantity it mainly depends on heat peservation effect of your house. As for the heat peservation effect, all of them are the same.
Q:How to glue the geomembrane with glue?
Corner connections of geomembrane generally has two ways; one is using [136] glue (film thickness is less than 0.8), another is using professional [ac0772] welding machine (film thickness is larger than 0.8). Of course, it depends. The construction site is also very important, if it is concrete [6164] road surface, then corners can be directly connected to the corners, lapping 20 cm or so, paving two layers of concrete directly on the surface. When it comes to pool, the best advice would be heatsealing welding, because it is more reliable. If it is a small area, then we can use geomembrane dedicated glue.
Q:How to construct the bottom of geomembrane oil tank?
Construction of oil tank is more troublesome, and it should comform to construction drawings. There are professional welders and welding equippment, you may start weld after pavement.
Q:What is the carbon resister
The carbon resister is made by heating polymerization, which uses an organic adhesive to make a suspension liquid by the carbon ink, graphite and the filling material and then be coated on the insulating substrate. Gaseous carbon with high voltage resistor. the large diameter resistor has a great power. The carbon film resistor has an axial lead, a tie lead and non-lead wire. the values carbon film resistor range from 1Ω~10MΩ. Rated power has 0.125W, 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, 2W, 5W, 10W, etc.. the common carbon film resistors has a larger body, in order to adapt to the needs of small volume resistance device, and now it has produced a small carbon film resistor RTX type, the power is only 0.125W and the most are colour coded resistors. Carbon film resistors is commonly used the symbol RT, R represents the resistor, and T represents that the material is carbon film. The main function is to impede the flow of current, and is applied to the current limit, shunt, buck, partial pressure, load and capacitor matching filter and resistance matching, etc.. Because it is the lead resistance, it is convenient to manual installation and maintenance, but also the price of lead resistance is the cheapest. And now, most use the low value of low-end products or early products, such as power supply and adapters.
Q:Is there mobile phone film on which fingerprints will not attach?
In terms of fingerprints issues, you can buy the mobile phone film with the matt surface (frosting surface)which is way better than the bright film. However, the light transmittance is low.
Q:European electrothermal film is good
European electrothermal film is divided into high temperature and low temperature electrothermal film. High-temperature electrothermal film is generally used in electronic appliances, military, and now the electric film produced by science and technology. low-temperature electrothermal film is a electric powered translucent polyester film, it can be heated from special electric conductive printing ink, metal carrier, after processing, hot pressing and made between the insulating polyester film. When working with electrothermal film as a heating element, the heat is sent into space in the form of radiation , the human body and the object first get warm, and the combined effect is better than traditional convection heating. low temperature radiation electrothermal film system consists of power supply, temperature controller, adapting piece, insulating layer, electrothermal film and finish coat layer. Power supply via wires connecting the electric film, turning the electric energy into heat energy. Since the electrothermal film is purely resistance circuit, so the conversion is high efficient, in addition to the loss of a small portion (2%), the majority (98%) is converted into heat energy.
Q:EEB film uses.
One, Sun insulation, energy efficiency Third, to improve the indoor environment, comfort room for improvement IV beautify the five buildings, isolated ultraviolet, better avoid fading of interior goods, aged six, to improve security against broken glass for personal injury seven, with privacy, protection of privacy. Eight, enhance glass strength, enhanced security performance and to avoid property damage
Q:How to remove the film on the stainless steel film faced plywood?
There are two methods to remove it completely. 1 You can heat it, dry it and tear it with a electric hair dryer. 2 you can smear it with a cloth dipped in acetic ether (a chemical solvent that specifically dissolves the protective film glue), but it should be noted that the stainless steel surface should be cleaned with water in time after the film is torn off.
Q:How many gram is composite geomembrane?

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