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Asbestos board is short for asbestos fiber cement plate, is to use asbestos, glass fiber, clay and other materials,

in accordance with the scientific formula.
Has a strong resistance to tension, under pressure. Able to withstand 1400 ℃ or so!Can be used for heat insulation,

sound insulation heat preservation, boiler, steel mills, chemical plants, cast aluminum plant as well as general electric insulation.
The difference between the asbestos board and mineral wool board:
Asbestos board
Asbestos board is made of material such as asbestos and dope. Suitable for heat preservation,

adiabatic, sound insulation and electrical insulation,
Mineral wool board slag cotton as the main raw materials, adding suitable amount of additives, after ingredients,

molding, drying, cutting, mineral wool board surface finishing and coating. Do not contain asbestos, do not contain formaldehyde,

heat preservation and sound insulation, moistureproof, heat insulation and has a good sound-absorbing function.
These two kinds of materials can be used for decoration.
Asbestos board is divided into asbestos insulation board, asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos cement.
Asbestos insulation board is also called the white board, asbestos as main material, mixed with a certain bond filler material and plate material, made of suitable for thermal insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and common electrical insulation.

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Q:Asbestos in the asbestos now inside it, terrible, very worried about the solution?
The color and color material asbestos and asbestos asbestos complex in 1970s, it has been put into production, Thailand has more than 10 years of history, production in Russia for five years, recently in Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Fujian and other places have also launched a variety of different colors of the asbestos panel.
Q:Why does the architectural design notes that asbestos products are not used in ceiling decoration (such as asbestos cement panels)?"
Asbestos products strength is not enough for ceiling decoration, easy to fall off, there will be security risks.
Q:The customer wants to buy the brand rainbow asbestos tile, and I recommend another kind, the name is similar to the rainbow wave, and the name is also printed on the asbestos tile, at that time I also told
Ask for it, and now you can only say "false wave" means "similar to wave red", not "true wave red". If the product information is different from the wave red, just like, there is no basis for compensation. Tang master instant noodles, that is, Tang master, not Master Kong, I did not say he is Master Kong!
Q:What is asbestos? What harm does it cause to the human body?
1. What is asbestos?Asbestos is a natural fibrous siliceous minerals generally referred to, is a widely applied in building fire prevention board of silicate mineral fiber, natural mineral fiber is unique, it has good tensile strength and good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, not easy to burn, so it is widely used. There are many kinds of asbestos, the most common three are chrysotile asbestos (Bai Shimian), iron asbestos (brown asbestos) and bluestone (Lan Shimian), of which chrysotile asbestos is the most abundant and the most widely used.
Q:Why shouldn't the burner contain asbestos?
Asbestos has high tensile strength, high flexibility, heat resistance, electrical insulation, spinning and silicate mineral productsElectric Spark Spark Ignition asbestosIt doesn't make sense to ask such questionsSuggest you go down and check the information
Q:What is the resistance value of asbestos gasket?
purposeThe utility model is suitable for the pot mouth, the manhole, the hand hole seal, the boiler hand hole, the smoke box belt and the steam ball seal for the reaction kettle.The products are applied in many fields, such as chemical industry (medicine, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, dyestuff, macromolecule, intermediate, etc.), petroleum, electronics, machinery, electric power, environmental protection and so onInternationally, however, asbestos is known to be a carcinogen. In 70s of this century, many countries put forward non asbestos plan, after more than 20 years of efforts, the United States, Japan and Australia and other countries has successfully developed a series of non asbestos gasket material, in 1990 the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA issued government regulations prohibiting the use of asbestos materials and products, now the advanced countries in the world have been extended to the non asbestos material application field. Ban asbestos material.
Q:What is asbestos? What is the standard?
Asbestos is not resistant to high temperatures. Asbestos fibers begin to be pulverized at more than 500 degrees, so asbestos is used only as insulation material.Direct contact with flames in the laboratory as an asbestos net does not indicate that asbestos can accept the flame. Alcohol lamp flame is weak, and asbestos net barbed wire heating cooling, the temperature of asbestos network. That is, the surface reached this temperature, it has caused asbestos powder, gradually damaged.If the alcohol burner burning with asbestos, or placed in a muffle furnace, may be destroyed once.
Q:Are there any hazards to the use of asbestos nets for decoration?
Hazardous.Asbestos, also known as asbestos, is a commercial term for silicate mineral products with high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulation, and spinnability. It is a general term for natural fibrous silicate minerals.
Q:What is the fire resistance of asbestos?
The fire performance of asbestos is very good, generally below 300 DEG C heating 2 hours less weight loss, if 2 hours of heating in the temperature of above 1700 DEG C, chrysotile fiber weight loss more, other types of asbestos fiber less weight loss.Asbestos is of high fire resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation. It is an important fireproof, insulating and heat insulating material. When the thermal conductivity of asbestos fiber is 0.104 ~ 260 card / meter degree, the conductivity is very low, and it is a good insulation material of heat and electricity.Asbestos, also known as asbestos, is a commercial term for silicate mineral products with high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulation, and spinnability. It is a general term for natural fibrous silicate minerals. Under the jurisdiction of the 2 class a total of 6 kinds of minerals (with serpentine asbestos, amphibole asbestos, asbestos, actinolite anthophyllite tremolite asbestos asbestos, iron, etc.). Asbestos consists of a fiber bundle, consisting of very long, very thin fibers that can be separated from each other. Asbestos is of high fire resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation. It is an important fireproof, insulating and heat insulating material. However, because asbestos fibers can cause asbestos, pleural mesothelioma and other diseases, many countries have chosen to ban the use of such dangerous substances.
Q:Why marine equipment does not contain asbestos?
The company since its inception, has been sticking to the "quality first, integrity-based, customer first, mutual benefit" business principles, carefully for customers to provide quality products to each do a project to win the applause of the service concept. At present, products have been in the country hundreds of shipyards, and the formation of long-term stable relations of cooperation. At the same time, I sincerely look forward to working with friends from all walks of life a wide range of business cooperation and exchanges, for our shipyard's shipbuilding industry to contribute a force.

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