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Asbestos board is short for asbestos fiber cement plate, is to use asbestos, glass fiber, clay and other materials,

in accordance with the scientific formula.
Has a strong resistance to tension, under pressure. Able to withstand 1400 ℃ or so!Can be used for heat insulation,

sound insulation heat preservation, boiler, steel mills, chemical plants, cast aluminum plant as well as general electric insulation.
The difference between the asbestos board and mineral wool board:
Asbestos board
Asbestos board is made of material such as asbestos and dope. Suitable for heat preservation,

adiabatic, sound insulation and electrical insulation,
Mineral wool board slag cotton as the main raw materials, adding suitable amount of additives, after ingredients,

molding, drying, cutting, mineral wool board surface finishing and coating. Do not contain asbestos, do not contain formaldehyde,

heat preservation and sound insulation, moistureproof, heat insulation and has a good sound-absorbing function.
These two kinds of materials can be used for decoration.
Asbestos board is divided into asbestos insulation board, asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos cement.
Asbestos insulation board is also called the white board, asbestos as main material, mixed with a certain bond filler material and plate material, made of suitable for thermal insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and common electrical insulation.

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Q:Standard for inspection of asbestos
The standard system of chrysotile asbestos in China has been established on the basis of reference to the standards of the advanced countries in the world and the actual conditions of china. It not only specifies detailed inspection methods and determination methods, but also specifies detailed inspection equipment parameters.In 1961, Chinese promulgated the industry to build non metal ore Research Institute for reference by Soviet standards asbestos industry standard, building standard 54-61 "chrysotile" standard.In 1987, China formulated GB8071-1987, chrysotile asbestos, GB6646-1986, chrysotile asbestos inspection methods and other standards.In 1998, the national standard of GB8071-1987 asbestos was revised by the Xianyang Institute of non-metallic mineral research and design. Increase the definitions of revision, modify the product code, cancel the product classification, will reflect the degree of fiber loosening the specific surface area of the project to release the project determination, will be divided into test type testing and factory inspection, increase the operability of standard test, save time and cost, the provisions of the rules of inspection, strict inspection, the risk of reasonable allocation, the formation of a more advanced and perfect the standard system of asbestos.
Q:The roof of my house needs a mechanism asbestos tile. Where can I buy it cheaper? I'm in Hangzhou, Yuhang.
Tell you, asbestos cement use now is not much, ten years ago is very fire products, now many alternative, but because of corrosion resistance, long service life, in the planting and breeding industry, and some chemical plant is often used.
Q:I want to raise chickens on my own land and build a simple asbestos tile shed. Is that allowed?
Yes, but the local government allowed, formalities is not trouble, the law of cultivated land in building construction is required, the building was built in the form of temporary, can not build permanent, for example: We brick structure housing. No problem. Just pass the local government!
Q:Are asbestos natural or artificial?
Asbestos is a natural, fibrous, silicic mineral. It comes from natural minerals and is processed in a physical manner.Asbestos is not synthetic material.
Q:What is the difference between asbestos tile and steel wire tile? Which is good?
Asbestos products are eliminated, the service life is not long, and is harmful to the environment and people, with a glass steel tile, although the price is expensive, but the service life is long, eliminates the trouble of maintenance, but also environmental protection, it is much cheaper.
Q:Asbestos Market Overview
Asbestos consumption in the world is declining, especially in Western europe. In 1975, the world's asbestos output reached 5 million 90 thousand tons, to 1999 only 1 million 930 thousand tons, in 2002 has picked up, only 2 million 130 thousand tons. Asbestos products have been partially or totally banned in Western European countries. In other parts of the world, the demand for cheap and durable asbestos products is strong, especially for asbestos cement (A/C) products, such as asbestos cement sheets for construction and asbestos cement pipes for water transmission.Asbestos consumption in the United States has been decreasing year by year, with asbestos mainly from Canada, and asbestos consumption in the United States dropped to 6000 tons in 2003. Consumer areas are mainly commercial buildings, roofing materials, coating composite materials, friction materials, gasket materials, insulation materials.
Q:Basic classification of asbestos sheets
4. asbestos insulation board product applications:Asbestos insulation board is mainly used in steel mills and aluminum plants, insulation and adding layers, boiler insulation, insulation and heat preservation.5. product mix and Application(1) asbestos board is made of asbestos and bonding material. Suitable for insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and electrical insulation.(2) product execution standard 11-59 standard;(3) technical and physical performance of the product
Q:Which brand is good for asbestos tile in Zhuzhou? What's the price and specifications?
Now most of asbestos are small workshop production, because of asbestos products belong to the past, now no longer used in many places, usually used for temporary buildings, can go to the outskirts of a lot of building materials market to sell, the price is not clear.
Q:What is the difference between the ceramic fiber cloth and the stone cotton cloth?
Ceramic fiber cloth is invented later, completely replace stone cotton cloth, asbestos cloth has carcinogenic function, and the strength of the ceramic fiber cloth is better. Beijing Fei Pufu
Q:Asbestos in the asbestos now inside it, terrible, very worried about the solution?
The color and color material asbestos and asbestos asbestos complex in 1970s, it has been put into production, Thailand has more than 10 years of history, production in Russia for five years, recently in Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Fujian and other places have also launched a variety of different colors of the asbestos panel.

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