ABC Cable/ABC Overhead Cable

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500 Meters m
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10000 Meters per Week m/month

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Product Description:

1.Rated voltage: 10kV


2.The long term working temperature of the conductor: the temperature of HDPE insulated conductor should be less then 700C. And XLPE conductor should under 900C.


3.The laying temperature should high then -200C.


4.Max .temperature of cable when short circuit (5s)

HDPE insulation 1500C  XLPE insulation  2500C


5.Every fault time of single phase earthing time shall be less than one minute, shall be less than 8h per time and less than 125h each year


6.Min curving radius of cable

Single core cable: 20(D+d)  ±5%mm, TR structure is 20Dmm

Multi  cores cable: 15(D+d)       ±5%mm,


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Q:I am the practice of hydropower supervision Will the prefabricated box box tube this part of the supervision should be the main check which points?
There are many models of cable, the size of the model is how the size of different specifications, the cable contains the power cable!
Q:Boot fan after the normal rotation, the screen no display, forced shutdown and then boot everything is normal
Regulations: 8.10.9 Cable trays should not be laid on top of corrosive gas pipelines and heat pipes and below corrosive liquids. When you can not meet the above requirements, should take anti-corrosion, heat insulation measures.
Q:Can the cable bridge be installed above the cable tray?
According to the provisions is not, but sometimes the space is not enough to set aside the consultation with the supervision of the next!
Q:6 / 6KV cable and 6 / 10KV cable what is the difference
Give you the authority of the answer, the ordinary USB charger can not charge iphone. that is, according to the provisions of the voltage only to the data line power supply and the bottom line connected to the 5v voltage is not enough, this is Apple in order to protect their batteries and take Special measures. If you have to restructuring, you must add two different voltage to the data side.
Q:What is the impact of water in the buried pipe?
Use a hammer to punch a plastic swivel to install a trough on a tile with screws. Hope to adopt. I used to do water and electricity are so get
Q:Fire emergency lights and safety exit signs of the wall wiring with a trunking or iron pipe.
The nominal voltage of the cable should be expressed in U0 / U, U is the voltage between the conductor and the conductor in the design of the cable, and U0 is the voltage between the conductor and the metal shield (simply the conductor to ground) when the cable is designed. In China, the general use of U to indicate the voltage level of the cable, which is the new China's early founding of the former use of the former Soviet Union standard to stay in the habit of the 10kV cable actually refers to the 6 / 10kV or 8.7 / 10kV cable, 10kV cable is the first type of system 10kV cable, 8.7 / 10kV cable is the second type of system 10kV cable, 6 / 6kV cable is the second type of system 6kV cable, 8.7 / 15kV cable is the first type system 15kV cable. Not because the 6 / 6kV cable and 6 / 10kV cable the same structure that they are 10kV cable. 8.7 / 10kV cable and 6 / 10kV cable insulation thickness is indeed different, but they are indeed 10kV voltage level of the cable, and are used in the 10kV voltage level of transmission or substation lines, but the line center point grounding different. 8.7 / 10kV cable 10kV line for non-effective grounding at center point, 6 / 10kV cable 10kV line for effective grounding (or direct grounding) at center point. Most of our 10kV cable lines belong to the center point of non-effective grounding system, so the use of 8.7 / 10kV cable more, the center of the effective grounding system lines are also, such as in the railway, petrochemical system has a central point of effective grounding 10kV line. Most of the 10kV cable lines in the Western countries belong to the center point of the effective grounding (or direct grounding) system, 6 / 10kV (or 6.35 / 11kV) cable with more.
Q:Is there a cable specification for kvvp3 * 1.5?
Is the same thing. Usually with a 110 patch panel. In addition there are some other standards, with very little. There is a kind of specifically for the jump six lines, and the kind of telecommunications with the double row, the corresponding line tool is not the same. But you can use the knife to get.
Q:Changhong G3478 TV and set-top box video, audio cable connected to no image
The most effortless way to put the cable on the bridge is the use of hoist traction, set the orientation roller at intervals. Small winch is also known as small hoist, is a special electric crane for construction engineering. Small winch models are DS type DT type. With a small size, light weight, from the major, flexible operation, safe and reliable, durable and so on. Mainly used for winch, pull, push, drag objects, for construction, bridges, metallurgy, mining and other enterprises on the site, for material movements and large hoisting works for hoisting, dragging a variety of materials and equipment.
Q:Elevator control cable selection is based on what
In the selection of wire and cable, the general attention to wire and cable models, specifications (conductor cross-section) choice. ⒈ wire and cable models to choose the choice of wire and cable, to consider the use, laying conditions and safety; for example, depending on the use of different power cables can be used, overhead insulated cables, control cables, etc .; depending on the laying of different conditions, Plastic insulated cable, steel armored cable, steel armored cable, anti-corrosion cable, etc .; according to safety requirements, can choose non-flame retardant cable, flame retardant cable, halogen-free flame retardant cable, fire-resistant cable. ⒉ wire and cable specifications to determine the use of wire and cable specifications (conductor cross-section), the general should consider the heat, voltage loss, economic current density, mechanical strength and other selection conditions. According to experience, low-voltage power line because of its large load current, it is generally selected according to the heat conditions, cross-section, and then check the voltage loss and mechanical strength; low-voltage lighting line because of its higher voltage level, the first voltage loss conditions Select the cross-section, and then check the heat conditions and mechanical strength; for high-voltage lines, the first by the economic current density selection section, and then check the heat conditions and allow the voltage loss; and high-voltage overhead lines, but also check its mechanical strength. If the user has no experience, should consult the relevant professional units or people's views.
Q:2400 yuan, assembled a host, what kind of configuration can be installed ah! Play games, multiply! Note: is the whole host!
Cable can be parallel with the 10kV power cable laying, there is no distance requirements, the two cables walk in a metal bridge is no problem, the cable is through the optical communication, the power line of electromagnetic waves will not have an impact, there is no electrical corrosion Problem, because the cable is protected by an outer sheath. Now in the high-voltage cable directly attached to the internal fiber and power supply and communication, but also in the high-voltage overhead lines directly on the composite fiber (OPGW), while the power supply and power grid communication. So, do not have to worry.
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Location Henan,China
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value
Main Markets 25.00% Africa
20.00% Southeast Asia
15.00% Eastern Asia
15.00% Mid East
7.00% South Asia
5.00% North America
3.00% Northern Europe
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1.00% Western Europe
Company Certifications HACCP;ISO 9001:2000;ISO 9001:2008;QS-9000;ISO 14001:2004;CE

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Nearest Port Qingdao,Shanghai,Tianjin
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
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