ABC Aerial Bundle Cable with PVC Insulated

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Rated voltage U(Um) is 10(12) kilovolts or 35(42) kilovolts. It applies to the system of the duration of single phase earthing fault normally less than 1 minutes each time or the system of maximum duration less than 8 hours each time, but the total duration not more than 125 hour.

Ambient temperature should be not lower than -20°C when cable is installed.

Maximum temperature is 250°C When cable is shorted for less than 5 seconds for XLPE insulated cable.


Minimum bending radius is as follows when cable is installed:

1.for single—core cable—20(D+d),

unit: millimeter

2.for multi—core cable—15(D+d),

unit: millimeter


Note: D denotes the overall diameter of cable, while d means the diameter of the conductor, unit: millimeter.

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Q:Is the RVV model cable a control cable?
Model RVV is a copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated cord. Model KVV is the copper core PVC sheathed PVC insulated control cable. The main difference between the different core, one is multi-strand soft, one is a single strand of hard lines.
Q:Copper core power cable laying (cable section YJV4 * 35 + 1 * 16mm2)
Wire and cable national standard First, the radiation cross-linked power cable (voltage rating: 0
Q:Elevator control cable selection is based on what
"GB / T5013.5-2008 rated voltage 450 / 750V and below rubber insulated cable" Part 5: elevator cable This part gives the rated voltage of 300 / 500V rubber insulated elevator cable technical requirements of the factory in accordance with this standard for the production formula Is the general you see the elevator with the cable what the standard "GB-93 electrical installation installation elevator electrical installation and acceptance of the specification" site in accordance with this construction acceptance although the 93 standard but not yet abolished to understand?
Q:24-port network patch frame line who said something, there are patch panels when the line should pay attention to what?
The red and white on the set-top box and TV on the audio / video input group docking, other groups do not pick up. Unplug the cable network from the TV to dock it with the corresponding port of the set-top box. And then the foolishness of the seal of the locust Feng Wei Wei with TV switch to AV on it.
Q:Home improvement of the threading tube is not long how to pick up
In the "construction site temporary electricity safety technical specifications" did not mention water and temporary electricity can not be together, you can press the cable straight to the practice (0.7m up and down about 50mm fine sand back to fill the original soil, the upper Cover hard protection) to the construction, the appropriate widening of the cable trench, so that water and parallel lines.
Q:Computer with the TV is not together, how according to the network set-top box?
With the advantages of java cross-platform, distributed systems deployed with EJB technology can not be limited to specific platforms
Q:How to choose cable tray? What is the rough cable to use what size of the bridge? How much margin does the cable tray stay?
Why the dog is not obedient, called it also ignored, sometimes I walked into it back, let it go it does not go, always resist me
Q:What is the difference between cable KVV and VV?
The long line is called the HDMI signal line, which can transmit the lossless digital video signal and the audio signal at the same time. . DVI cable can transmit lossless digital video signal. No audio signal.
Q:What is the bad effect of the elbow at the bend?
The front has been said, the essence is the insulating form of different YJV cable is cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed power cable, generally used for power KVV cable is PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable, generally Used for control. They are insulated, one with cross-linked polyethylene, one with polyvinyl chloride. In addition, the core will be different, because YJV are dynamic, core thicker, some very thick, . 400 are, but the core number is less, generally no more than . KVV core thin , I have not seen more than 2.5 KVV lines. And the number of cores can be a lot, dozens of have
Q:What can I do with electrical engineering and automation? Do not be too professional terms
You have already said, but also how to say. You are very right But now are using PVC or PE threading tube, do not iron, the first expensive, second, not corrupt, the third installation trouble.
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