ABB Original China HXR560 High Low Voltage AC Motor

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:Motor PWM how to speed?
PWM speed control principle of AC motor and DC motor speed control principle is different, it is not through frequency modulation to adjust the motor speed, but by adjusting the driving voltage of the pulse width, and the circuit of some energy storage elements, change the delivery to the amplitude of the armature voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the speed of DC motor. Its modulation mode is amplitude modulation.
Q:When the AC motor is burnt out, is the stator burnt out or the rotor? What about DC motors?
Normally, the AC motor burns out is the stator coil, and the DC motor burns out is the rotor coil. Because the stator coil of the AC motor is armature, the rotor of the direct current motor is armature. The fluctuation of the load and the fluctuation of the supply voltage directly affect the armature coil. Of course, there are exceptions to the special case of motors.
Q:does a 3 phase ac electric motor used as a generator create 3 phase ac power?
Yes, it generates 3-phase power. To create the magnetic field that transfers energy from the rotating shaft to the stator coils, it needs either: 1. Permanent magnets (no excitation required, synchronous generator) 2. A dc exciter (think of it as using electromagnets in place of the permanent magnets) 3. 3-phase power applied to the output. When the prime mover spins the shaft faster than synchronous speed, the device acts as a generator. When the prime mover tries to slow below synchronous speed, the device acts as a motor. This is an induction generator. It can't work as a stand-alone generator. It has to connect to the grid or to a power source (such as another synchronous generator) that can provide reactive support. You can also use a 3-phase motor to convert 1-phase to 3-phase. You apply single phase to two of the output terminals. The trick is that you have to manually start the motor spinning, or use a timer to temporarily connect a capacitor. It will then come up to speed on its own. It will generate the missing phase. You can connect a three-phase load to the three terminals (with proper protection, of course). Look up static phase converter for more information.
Q:Do household AC motors (mixer, vacuum cleaner, etc) work as electricity generators if used in reverse?
Only if the motor is a permanent magnet type motor. Most motors are electromagnetic, having electromagnets that operate only when A/C current flows through the coils of the field. If no current flows through the motor's field windings, then there is no magnetic field to pass, or rotate the stator through, so it will not create energy. When current flows through the fields, the motor is only a motor. On permanent magnet motors the magnets do not need to have current to work, so when the stator passes through the magnetic field, such as in a wind turbine, it creates energy.
Q:home central ac unit motor seized up, fan doesn't run, top of ac getting hot.?
Loosening it won't work out. It needs to be replaced if the shaft seized.
Q:AC Drive Dynamic braking resistors?
The resistors act as a load to absorb the power from an AC motor that is acting as a generator. Assume that the frequency of the power applied to an AC motor is reduced at a rate that requires the motor speed to decrease at a faster rate than it would slow down if power were to be removed. In order to force the load to turn at the slower speed demanded by the frequency reduction, the motor produces negative torque, torque that is applied as a braking force rather than a driving force. During braking, the load is driving the motor and the motor acts as a generator. The motor produces a voltage that exceeds the voltage produced by the AC drive. That voltage would tend to charge the capacitors in the drive to an excessive voltage. Circuitry in the drive detects the voltage increase and/or the current reversal and connects braking resistors to draw a compensating current and dissipate the energy produced by the motor.
Q:How can i reduce the single phase AC motor 1440 rpm to 20 rpm speed? Which size gear arrangements are need?
There is no way to do that. This is an induction motor. A VFD (Variable Frequency pressure) won't work as brought up through lunchtime_browser. You will have got to use a gearbox with close to any motor to do that. In case you use an induction motor (squirrel cage or AC motor), it's possible to control a 3 section motor to shrink speeds with the aid of making use of a VFD, that reduces the voltage and alterations the frequency, however handiest within limits. These may also be programmed to a fixed speed, however not so sluggish as a hundred and twenty RPM. The cooling could additionally have got to be addressed (fan too slow). Single segment (cut up segment) motors are extra constrained, whether or not making use of a centrifugal switch or not. You generally want a DC motor if you happen to insist on no gearbox. The variable pace controller to swimsuit this motor is just set to the velocity you want. If you need a particular velocity it desires a velocity controller with pace sensor and feedback. Be aware that the mechanical power is the made from RPM and torque. The torque is kind of the equal, as it is decided through the present ranking. However with 120 RPM from a 1440 RPM motor the velocity is just one/12 so the power is only 1/12. Utilizing a gearbox increases the torque and reduces the pace so the power is more or less the identical. There are gearmotors for a wide variety of output RPM. A bicycle hub motor might suit if the power is to your variety. An additional thought is a stepper motor, which can run at these low speeds, however it does need a controller (driver) and energy provide..
Q:what will happen when ac wil supply to an dc motor?
No matter what happens you won't end up in Washington, DC. However, I've found speaking English is a huge plus on YA so - I'll ask this just once, HUH? You can't supply AC power to a DC motor without a transformer. Most DC motors operate on or around 12 volts and AC in the US is 110V so it will literally burn up in a second.
Q:Do Stepper motors run on DC or AC?
You can run the stepper motor using batteries, but stepper motors need a controller to make them advance step by step. It's basically a logic circuit that changes the polarity of the 4 wire leads. So unless you can figure out how to hot-wire the scanners controller and give it input, you'll have to buy one. To be able to just hook up a power source and run the motor, you can't use a stepper motor. You'd have to get a regular DC motor. As far as a regular power supply goes, check around all your appliances for a 12VDC adapter (any wall plug that runs at 12VDC). Depending on the size of the motor, and the load you're putting on it, you may need a high current one. RadioShack has a 12VDC 1.5A adapter for just under 30 bucks. Check the link.
Q:i BOUGHT A . VOLT AC POWER TRANSFORMER,1.5-3.0 volt dc motor and a 6amps 250volts brifge rectifier wat now???
I'm not sure what you're trying to do. I have a box of rocks, a bag of ballons and two sharp sticks.

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