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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 400 SeriesType:Squirre Cage Motor
Frequency:50.2 HzOutput Power:350 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:how to reduce the speed of 3phase ac motor having 2900 rpm to 1400rpm, i dont have any variable freq drive,?
Contact the manufacture of the motor to see if possible and how to.
Q:I need help with a physics problem about AC/DC motors in VCRs?
A motor of either type has 2 wires. If an a.c. type motor, it matters not which way round you connect the a.c. supply to the motor: it will always spin the same way. A d.c. motor will reverse its direction of rotation if the wires are switched over.
Q:How did they convert ac to dc current on electric train transformer when they didnt have transistors then?
Depends on whether you mean model trains or full-size trains. Full-size first. Streetcars and short-haul electric railways used DC motors powered from an overhead wire that was energized by rotary converters in enclosures spaced along the right of way. A rotary converter is a motor-generator in which an AC motor turns a DC generator. Mainline electric railways most often used AC locomotives. To simplify the issues of control and regenerative braking, engineers looked for ways to transmit high-voltage AC power through the overhead wire and run DC traction motors from the AC overhead. The 1950s solution was the Mercury Vapor Rectifier, or ignitron. Try an internet search on mercury vapor rectifier. There were many variations on these arrangements. Try an internet search on electric railways. Model trains. Up until the 1940s, most model trains ran on AC. Classic Lionel trains were AC powered. DC was first used in HO railroading, and the most common source was a car battery, which is why the standard voltage is 12 volts. Later, power packs became available using selenium rectifiers. The square plates were the heat sink, and the selenium rectifier was the cylindrical part in the middle. Try an internet search on selenium rectifier. Vacuum tube rectifiers are not suitable for model railroad use, and were never used in model railroad power packs. By the way, a transformer in model railroad terms is always an AC device, as in Lionel. A power pack is a DC device. Try an internet search on Lionel train transformer.
Q:how to power an AC geared motor and what is mm in DC?
Current drawn depends on the load, so you just connect it to a 120 VAC line. As long as the current is less than 15 amps. If you want to be careful, connect a fuse in series, with the fuse about 150% of the current rating of the motor. Do you use an amp controller when you plug a light bulb into the 120 VAC line? Re DC motors, the 17 mm is the diameter of the motor. The torque is not listed. I'd not buy a motor without a full datasheet. If none is available, seek a different vendor.
Q:if a 3 phase motor is rated at 100 amps how many amps is that per phase?
I agree with C anderson answer.
Q:irreversible electric motor, help?
Sounds like the motor is an AC induction motor. Such a motor cannot be reversed and used as a generator. The reason is that this motor has no permanent magnets, and with no current, the motor creates no magnetic fields. With no magnetic fields present, there will never be any induced voltage according to Faraday's Law.
Q:Composter Alternating Electric Motor Schematic w/specific parts?
What kindof motor is it? In general It is difficult to make motors rotate exact amounts, i.e. one revolution or fractions of, without some fairly specialised control electronics usually with a microprocessor. It could probably be done with a stepper motor with relatively simple circuitry, but this type of motor only comes in varietys upto a couple of watts of power, if you are trying to turn something large, youd need a large motor. A DC motor cant be controlled the way you want, but an AC induction motor could, but youd need to quite sophisticated control to do it.
Q:What are the differences between warp series motors and ac phase induction motors?
Choosing the motor for your car is based on your needs and the warp series motors are the DC motor with double shaft and these warp motors provides a great torque. Ac phase induction motors can be used in the small cars ,they are simple in design and low of cost but this ac phase induction motors provides a low motion power.
Q:Does an AC electric motor have a permanent magnet inside?
Most do not. Some AC servos do, but generally speaking AC motors use the induced magnetic field in the stator generated by a field coil. This is why they are called induction motors. Most large DC motors do not have magnets either. they too use field coils. but some small DC motors do have permanent magnets.
Q:I installed a 750 MFD 70 hz electric motor in AC window unit, old one was 500MFD 60hz - what will happen?
I'm pretty sure almost everywhere will not hire you unless you are at least 16. Many places prefer 18 year olds, also. Legally, you cannot without a work permit. And yet, when you look at the statistics of unemployed teenagers looking for a job, there are many. And what company would choose a 14 year old over a 17 year old? Not many. Try doing chores around the house for money. Or cut your neighbors lawn.

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