ABB Low Voltage AC Motor

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Q:Why is the capacitance of a single-phase motor adjustable speed?
Perhaps some friends have not seen capacitor speed motor, my family's ceiling fan is capacitor speed regulation, CBB capacitor 10 micro method, five tap, four gear speed regulation.
Q:What is AC induction motor?
Because the induction motor in the stator coil to enter AC current, such as three-phase alternating current. The stator coil produces a magnetic field that rotates with the change of alternating current, which we call rotating magnetic fields.
Q:How do I know whether the motor is a direct current motor or an AC motor?
You didn't know when you bought itYou can have a look at the nominal voltage on the nameplateDC is DC, AC is communication
Q:What does the D axis and the Q axis mean for AC induction motors?
AC asynchronous motor is a kind of electric drive device which transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. It is mainly composed of stator, rotor and air gap between them. After the stator winding leads to the three-phase AC power supply, the rotating magnetic field is generated and the rotor is cut to obtain torque. Three phase AC asynchronous motor has many advantages, such as simple structure, reliable operation, low price, high overload capacity, convenient operation, easy installation and maintenance. It has been widely used in various fields.
Q:Why asynchronous motor AC excitation, rather than DC excitation?
An induction motor is a kind of AC motor based on the air gap rotating magnetic field and the induction current in the rotor winding to generate electromagnetic torque, so as to realize the energy conversion. As the rotor winding current is induced, so there is a certain difference between its speed and synchronous speed. Asynchronous motor and synchronous motor difference: synchronous motor running normally, the revolution is fixed, not because of changes in load changes. In normal operation, the revolution of the induction motor is not fixed, but it varies slightly with the change of the load. Synchronous motors are complex circuits with reversible energy (motors and generators are interchangeable theoretically) and are used as generators
Q:Can AC motors be controlled by frequency converter?
If your site does not exist in low frequency operation, you can choose ordinary asynchronous motor, if there is low frequency operation that suggested that you choose frequency conversion motor, mainly ordinary motor cooling fan is connected with the main shaft of the motor, when the heat dissipation fan low down, along with the heat dissipation of the motor will not be able to guarantee. But the frequency conversion motor is the opposite, because the fan is controlled separately, belongs to forced air cooling. Even at low frequencies, there is no effect.
Q:DC motor speed control performance is very good, why do we need AC motor?
Because the DC motor needs a set of high-power DC power supply, the AC motor doesn't need it.
Q:How to judge the quality of three-phase AC motor?
1, appearance inspection2, respectively measuring U1U2, V1V2, W1W2 resistance, three-phase resistance value should be equal, three-phase maximum difference should not exceed 2% of the average value3, if you use a multimeter, it's almost equal4. Monitor the current and motor temperature after idle running
Q:Why is the AC motor connected to the capacitor?
AC motor to connect the capacitor, in brief, the capacitor is to produce a phase difference, and let the motor magnetic field "asynchronous", the motor will rotate.
Q:The difference and advantage between DC motor and AC motor
DC motor:Advantages: 1., you can achieve a smooth and economical speed adjustment;2. does not require the coordination of other equipment, as long as the input or excitation voltage, current

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