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Q:Replacement for AC condenser fan motor that gets noisy when wet.?
Sometimes when the compressor is wet, the fan is pulling on the moisture and it is working harder and may sound a little different. That would be normal. But if it is real loud, may be time for a new one. If is more than 12-15 years old, you will have a new one about twice as efficient.
Q:The blower motor for my ac and heat stopped working, how exactly do I get to the motor to replace it?
Did you check the fuse? There should also be a relay for the blower motor. The motor itself is rarely the problem.
Q:Is it possible to make a wind turbine out of an AC permanent magnet motor?
You can get a transformer to work on DC provided that the DC is varying (or pulsing) . Consider how the coil in a car steps up the 12VDC of a battery to thousands of volts for the spark plugs by pulsing DC through the primary of the coil.. Because the DC motor has a commutator its DC output will resemble that of a full wave rectifier. The variations in the DC will be passed to the secondary of the transformer. Despite feeding a transformer input with pulsating DC, the output of the transformer will be AC so you will need a full or half wave rectifier and it would also help to place a capacitor across the rectifier output to smooth the DC.. Also the power (E * I) input is the same as the output, meaning that if you take 1 V @ 10A (10W) on the input and step it up to 10V at the output you will still have 10W of power at the output which means that the current will drop to 1A. 1V @ 10A in stepped up to 10V @ 1A. Finally as current is supplied from your tiny generator (motor) that current flow will create a counter electromotive force. Simply, as you supply current from your generator it will get harder to turn the generator. Your generator might be turning in a slight breeze now only because there is zero load on it. Once you connect a load (transformer / led etc) you will find that it will take more effort (breeze) to turn the generator. Despite all of the above the step up conversion of the fullwave DC won't be very efficient . Instead of a DC hobby motor as your generator try using a Servo / stepper motor instead. There is no commutator in these types of motors so you should be able to get an AC sine wave output which will be more efficient in stepping up with a transformer.
Q:AC Induction motor S3 83% duty in fractional seconds?
In order to answer this you need to know 1. The motor torque and current vs time. 2. The power lost in the motor. 3. The motor temperature rise per watt of power loss with and without the fan.
Q:Motor Controller for AC motors?
Your question poses several other questions. Does the AC motor operate on 1 phase or 3 phase supply? How do you envisage the motor mechanically connecting to the door? The reason for the questions is that 1 phase AC motors are difficult to reverse (opening and closing the door) The single phase AC motor runs at a fixed speed (typically 1500 or 3000 rpm in UK). Starting the simple AC motor and stoping it in a precise position is not possible.. There are available, in the market place, door opener mechanisms that come complete with motor,gearbox and actuator that can operate on a contact closure. Your light sensor can provide that contact closure so I would suggest that you investigate the automatic door opener closure market
Q:What is RC Motor ? Is it AC or DC or Both ? What are its advantages & Disadvantages ? What are its application?
An RC motor is a d.c. motor used in radio controlled models.
Q:running an ac motor on dc?
Only universal motor can run on both AC and DC. If you want to modify an AC motor to run on DC, then at first you need to know constructional details and working principle of DC motor. You can read the working of a DC motor at the link given in the source.
Q:If I have a 1/5hp 120V motor, how many AC amps is that?
how many amps it pulls will ultimately depend on whether it is shaded pole, permanent split capacitor or split phase...a 1/5 hp motor will be about 150 watts..if one horsepower is 745 watts..then divide 745 by 5 and that gives you the wattage of the motor...or about 149 watts...divide watts by volts 149 divided by 120 volts is 1.4 amps..a psc motor will be little less than a shaded pole and a split phase will be more than a shaded pole...consdiering this is an attic vent direct drive fan motor(not belt driven) it is probably a shaded pole motor..
Q:can an electric motor lock its position?
In some inverter controlled cases, the VFD controller can hold 0 speed using various methods such as a DC hold, or plain speed control. Locked solid is relative to the the slow speed characteristics of the motor.
Q:Motor starting mode
Direct startThe advantages of direct start is required to start simple, less equipment, low cost. Current motor direct start is about 5 times the normal operation of the motor, often start, power supply line or transformer capacity should be greater than the motor capacity of more than 5 times; the motor is not frequent starting, power supply line or transformer capacity to the motor motor capacity should be more than 3 times. The requirements for small capacity motor is easy to be realized, so the vast majority of small capacity motor is started directly, without the need for a large amount of motor step-down start. It is a power supply line and transformer capacity is difficult to meet the motor direct start on the other hand, the strong impact of the grid and the motor starting current, affect the service life of the motor, the stable operation of the power grid so adverse, large capacity Motors and motors that do not start directly should be started by lowering voltage

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