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Q:differences in ac and dc electricty?
Make it simple..... Battery supplies DC electricity. Wall outlet supplies AC electricity. Read more in details from here............
Q:Can a capicitor start AC motor be used as a generator?
Any motor CAN be made to work as a generator. A squirrel cage type AC motor, that has no permanent magnets in the rotor and uses the rotating magnetic field of the supplied AC to create magnetism in the rotor... will need to be started as a motor, then driven FASTER by whatever power source you are trying to employ. As soon as you start trying to drive the motor faster than the supplied AC is trying to turn it... you are generating electricity, rather than using it. There's a neat effect here.... if you AC start the generator, then engage the drive you will have automatically synchronized with the power grid. As long as you don't try to drive it TOO FAST, the squirrel cage design will keep it synchronized. So... your motor CAN be used to generate power. But you'll have to run it as a motor then start driving it with your windmill. Once its turning... you can flip the breaker off that connects it to the Grid and use the free energy. However... the AC you generate will not have a reliable frequency if you disconnect from the grid. If you leave it connected to the grid... every time the wind slows below a certain speed, the AC grid will be driving the windmill like a huge fan... and will be likely to burn the motor up, because to use it as a generator you need more than DOUBLE the fan blade area as the motor would normally drive.
Q:Different types of electrical motors?
there are many types AC generally refers to induction like squirrel cage motors they are synchronous or asynchronous, shaded pole... could also be universal = AC/DC DC are torque motors, stepper motors... either AC and DC can have permanent magnets, these are small motors and are more energy efficient. Guru
Q:What are the features,characteristics and applications of an ac motor?
ac motor? do you want to ask about AC (Air conditioner) Motor?
Q:Is having the windows open and the AC on bad for you car?
no it doesn't hurt anything its just bad for your wallet,it defeats the purpose of having air conditioning in the car,the whole purpose of having air is to keep from having to roll the windows down,and it also uses more gas when you have the windows down and run the air at the same time,but many people do it,i have a friend that rides his convertible mustang with the top down and the air going full blast all the time,so what ever you do ,your the one paying for it,good luck.
Q:Criterion of selection between a AC and a DC motor advantages and the disadvantages of them?
Since you are asking for the criterion of selection, here it is.. AC motors have two coils: an outer coil to produce magnetic field, and an inner coil to produce counter electric field. DC motors have an outer magnet, and an inner electric field. DC motors need DC voltage supply, and since all of the household supply is AC conversion is needed (thus making DC more inefficient, although the loss is minor) AC motors give better torque than similar DC motors. Since AC motors have two ciols, the magnetic field between the two colis can be adjusted to give maximum efficiency or power (something that DC motors cannot do)
Q:How the AC motor with DC power transfer
The home electric fan which belongs to the principle of asynchronous motor in the motor it is bilateral induction principle, the three-phase alternating current electromagnetic field generated in the stator side received, which is surrounded by a conductor and electricity, then you want to, because he is the three-phase AC, amplitude and phase are changing over time, so here is the key the change of three-phase alternating current, the magnetic field generated by the inevitable change, in fact is a rotating circular magnetic field, the magnetic field will spin up -- can be understood as cutting rotor blade of electric fan shaft by electromagnetic induction principle of Faraday, or Lenz's theorem, the electromotive force in the rotor on the birth will thus, rotation moment rotation. You add DC, it is not difficult to find in the understanding of this principle, because the direct current in the stator with the direction and size are the same, does not produce rotating magnetomotive force, the fan does not rotate, unable to work. They are all lessons, and I hope I can help you.
Q:what speed controller should i use for this motor?
you're able to be able to desire to get a easy dimmer change that's able to controlling inductive lights plenty. merely connect this in sequence with the motor and it may supply a real looking point of administration. determine that the dimmer change has a great sufficient contemporary score for the motor.
Q:How do I know whether the motor is a direct current motor or an AC motor?
Look at the nameplate, such as AC 220, V is AC motor, DC 220 V is DC motor!
Q:How do you called AC motor that has brushes?
There is such thing as a brushless motor!. Although i think they are only DC motors that are brushless and used in things like your desktop pc as cooling fans

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