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Q:An AC motor is running at 90% full load rating continuously. is it ok or need to upgrade to higher capacity?
90% is good. Anything less and the efficiency drops off very rapidly. You are lucky to have something run at this capacity. Normally motor power requirements are way overrated by mechanical engineers afraid of going too small. This wastes massive amounts of power through inefficiencies. Many companies even have policies to buy high efficiency, more expensive, motors but then run them at low capacities and so low efficiency
Q:Replace a 1998 Cadillac Deville AC Blower Motor?
discover the blower motor and unplug the electric connection. clean any rust from the area and reconnect. that could shelter it. I purely did that with my daughter's chevrolet final month here in Michigan. If it makes an unusual noise like a screech, that usually shows the around plastic piece that the motor turns is wiped out and desires changing. That expenses approximately $20.
Q:DC Supply will given to a AC Motor?
The motor will act as a brake. Braking torque will be relatively low at high speed rising to a peak at a relatively low speed and then dropping to zero when the motor is stopped.
Q:What are the differences between: DC Drives Vs DC Machines (or DC Motors) & AC Drives Vs. AC Machines (Motors)?
Ac Drives Vs Dc Drives
Q:can i drive a generator by motor using its own out put?
of course; you just need a motor and a generator that are more than 100% efficient. Good luck finding them! Maybe you could design your own?
Q:how can we determine ac motor or dc motor?
The only wire accepted by the NEC and european community as being dedicated is the green wire that means earth ground. The green wire can have a yellow stripe around it but it its still earth ground. Today, then a motor that has brushes is DC and a motor that does not is AC. If I am confused then I always find the source of power and then it becomes apparent. In the european community then the brown wire is hot and the blue wire neutral with single phase. In the American commuity then the black wire is hot and white wire is neutral with single phase. Always measure the voltage with a proven good voltmenter.
Q:2 Types of AC Motor, and DC Motor? 10points for best answer?
Q:Cost to Replace AC blower motor?
sounds like the bearings for the motor is shot. pass to the producer of the A/C unit internet web site or there should be the producer of the motor and its style style on the motor itself. pass to their web site and word the availability and value. they'd have a distributor close on your area so that you do not ought to attend to be shipped.
Q:What size generator do I need to run this motor?
The DC field amps don't tell you anything about the 3 phase AC (not DC) windings. That is the defining thing, the power for energizing the field is given- that is part of the calculation, but not the bigger part.
Q:Is the permanent magnet synchronous linear motor AC motor or direct current motor?
Brushless DC motor usually adopts the whole pitch concentrated winding to generate trapezoidal wave back electromotive force. The permanent magnet synchronous motor to generate sinusoidal EMF, need to use short distance or full pitch winding, or distribution of the fractional slot winding chute.

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