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Q:what is a psc motor, and what is the electrical make up how and why is it used in HVAC?
A permanent split capacitor (psc) motor is a single phase AC motor that has a capacitor that provides a phase shift for the current in the auxiliary windings. The capacitor and the auxiliary winding are connected all of the time and not just while the motor is accelerating to speed when starting. The blower in an HVAC air handling unit has a low starting torque requirement and increasing torque proportional to the square of speed as it accelerates. That means that a psc motor, can be designed to provide optimum performance at full speed and still start adequately. The psc motor is less complex, less expensive, more efficient, more reliable and quieter than a capacitor start motor.
Q:AC compressor Vs. Window motor for blowing a fuse on 1991 Volvo 240?
If the gadget has an on/off turn on the gadget attempt plugging in with this switched off. If the fuse blows this could point out a fault with the plug or cable If it blows once you start up the motor that's a fault with the motor. with it unplugged attempt spinning the shaft to be certain whether that's jammed. If no longer then that's probable a fault with the motor and the motor will desire finding out by capacity of a useful guy or woman (electrician) counting on the motor style it must be a subject with the capacitor(s) or the windings
Q:I need to convert DC power to AC?
Transistors are regularly not used to transform AC to DC. Diodes / rectifiers are used. A diode is form of a one way valve - it is going to enable a mind-blowing going area of the AC with the aid of and block the unfavourable element. the effect is a pulsating beneficial voltage on the different edge of the diode. this is noted as 0.5 wave rectification - if 4 diodes are utilized in what's noted as a bridge, comprehensive wave rectification can ensue. in this way, each and each of the AC sign is switched over to a mind-blowing DC voltage. Capacitors are then placed in parallel with the output to soft out the humps and bumps of the rectified AC voltage.
Q:AC speed regulation motor + turbo reducer instead of cam cutter + AC motor?
But this method of use is not very reliable, if the switch is broken, then it has only been turned. So this method uses a lot of reciprocating rotation of the situation. A stroke switch is arranged at both ends of the reciprocating stroke, and if the detecting switch is broken, the switch is stopped by the stroke switch after the prescribed stroke is exceeded.In addition, the mechanism of the worm is only suitable for low speed, high speed condition, due to the impact of rotary body, namely back rebound, the backlash of worm caused by tooth side collision and rebound, resulting in inaccurate positioning.In addition, the rotating disk can not be subjected to impact load when it is stationary, and this will cause the rotation of the center of the rotating body because of the poor alignment, so that the positioning is accurate.
Q:What is the size of DC motor and AC motor under the same power?
The first is to determine the output power or the rated power consumption..The DC motor has low working voltage and large power consumption under the same power consumption.The AC motor has a high working voltage and a small volume under the same power consumption.If the same work force and torque are required, the DC motor is of small size.
Q:What is the difference between AC variable frequency speed control and DC variable frequency speed regulation?
AC variable frequency speed regulation, change the number of poles of the motor, characterized by fixed gear, that is, high and lowDC speed regulation is the first to AC shaping into DC, and then through the controllable inverter back to AC, characterized by speed range, but because of plastic, inverter will have a conversion efficiency problem.For example, AC speed range is 100%, 70%, 40% speed, 3 gear,DC speed regulation range of 30%~100% can be stepless speed regulationThen in 100%, 70%, 40% the third near operation, energy efficiency than AC DC, but when the compressor only needs 55% when operation meet the requirements, at this time also with the speed of 70% AC, DC inverter operation, energy consumption will not pay the small flow
Q:AC Motor Controls?
About 25 amps. If it were me, I would bump it up to 30 amps for a safety margin. You don't want a motor on a hair trigger for over load fault if you can help it.
Q:1997 Ford Escort LX w/ac heater blower motor?
Labor and parts costs are completely diff in all areas in the US. Do you have a mechanic? If not, ask around and see if who your friends go to...or do it yourself. Aftermarket parts are cheaper----but some places don't let you bring your own parts. So you really need to shop around.
Q:How heavy is a 20 amp motor and what is it rated at in horsepower?
Motors tend to have nameplates that give you the HP. This will be the output power. You have given an input current but not even mentioned the voltage. With the voltage and current, you could estimate the output if you guess at the efficiency.
Q:I am working on a variable frequency drive for an ac motor what parts do i need?
Not enough information! If you have a drive and a motor you have all the parts you need. Hook it up and program the thing.

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