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Q:Why are AC motors the most commonly used motor in industry, and not DC motors?
Because AC power is the most comming power in the world. That is the main reason, the contest between AC and DC was over a long time ago and AC won. There are some DC applications but AC is King.
Q:how can i use a DC to run a AC 220V 50Hz & 160 W motor?
Well, you could use an inverter. However, the whole concept seems really bad. RC motors are very specialized, and generally attempting to use anything else has enormous weight and space penalties. Question is, what advantages do you see in using it?
Q:where can i find an ac electric motor at least 65hp for an electric car prototype?
1 HP = 745.699872 watts so for at 65HP you will need 48,425 watts that is a lot of electricity. 1 watt =1 Amp x 1 volt. At 110 volts that is about 440 Amp more than enough to kill someone so please be careful.
Q:can a turbine be used with an ac motor to generate electricity?
There are model jet engines that you might be able to use. That said, the search to find one might be very long term since such applications are rare. The AC motor, unless it is a universal type, is out. Even if there is residual magnetism present in it, it is going to be small and not produce the current that you need. It is also going to be big, and most likely not suitable for your miniature car. Even typical turbines, unless machined for the application are going to be quite big, and could be to powerful for your car. Lithium batteries have a good current density for their size and would be a better bet than trying what you have outlined. If your car were a small compact, you might get away with it. What you suggest, however, forget it, use a battery. While I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, consider cost of the real thing. Is it something people would want, or an expensive toy for someone that might be willing to put up with it. Practicality is a point that should be considered in your design, and efforts. Original thought is nice, and it has played an important role in our technological advances. Some things, however, just do not work out very well. Back in the late 1960's, Chrysler had a turbine powered car. It never got to production because of maintenance issues, and no one wanted it. Yes, there were a couple of turbine powered race cars, but they are long gone now. Think about it.
Q:Why does the current in an AC Induction motor start to go up when the voltage is dropped off?
Because the induction motor is a constant power device. If the voltage goes down, the current goes up to maintain constant power.
Q:for a wind turbine can i use an ac motor to charge a battery system,?
AC motors use the AC power to create the magnetic fields of fixed and rotating parts so there is no field unless AC is supplied. The device you need to use is an alternator, as in a car, which is simpler and more reliable than the old DC generators with their commutators. The alternator makes AC power and diodes in the body convert it to DC.
Q:Induction AC motors which is working with 60Hz can be used in country with 50Hz power?
What an english! Anyway from what I gather, you have a VFD that as per name plate can operate at 50 hz or 60 hz. So obviously the output speed of the motor is not dependent on the supply frequency. So increasing supply frequency to 60 hz will not change the speed of motor that is driven by this VFD. There must be some setting for frequency of output (yes, output) which in turn will increase speed of motor. Look for that.
Q:Induction motor basics question?
A good equipped and put in engine is as solid as new. Emphasize good... a expert pastime gets you high quality consequences with a assure. that is why solid mechanics get the vast funds. In different words... you get what you pay for. straightforward qualified mechanics are actually not consumer-friendly to locate, so verify the references. If the engine runs and has no problems, this is in all probability a solid purchase. till there have been greater advantageous intense overall performance adjustments, your insurance company does not care.
Q:i have a d903 electric motor on my ac unit and it wont start on its own. if you start it by hand it runs but i?
The capacitor for starting the motor may be bad. Capacitors store electricity, in this case they discharge when the motor is turned on to give it an extra boost of electricity. Some motors also have an internal start winding and if this winding burns out then the motor won't start on its own. I recommend that you have a tech look at it, capacitors still carry a lethal amount of current even when everything is turned off and the electricity supply disconnected.
Q:How can i setup regenerative braking on an AC motor?
electric powered locomotives can feed their braking ability lower back into the overhead wires (as long as there is yet another prepare interior the device to consume the potential). In a diesel-electric powered locomotive you do not have everywhere to place the extra potential (different than slightly for prepare heating/air-conditioning on passenger trains), so which you in lots of instances warmth up resistor banks with the electrical powered ability from the vehicles, even however this permits you to't re-use the potential. you may fee a battery and use that ability lower back to strengthen up the prepare later, then you rather had a hybrid locomotive, i've got self assurance they are sorting out that for the period of a few shunters yet there's no great scale application yet. yet another a danger answer for short term potential storage could be flywheels. In a diesel-hydraulic engine you will have a retarder (to boot to friction brakes) which will warmth up oil while braking.

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