ABB Low Voltage AC Motor M2BA

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:What does permanent magnet brushless motor and brushless DC motor mean?
Speed control system composed of permanent magnet synchronous motor used to be called the sinusoidal permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) speed control system; and the trapezoidal wave (Fang Bo) speed control system composed of permanent magnet synchronous motor, the principle and control methods of DC motor and similar, so this system for brushless DC motor (BLDCM) synchronous motor speed control system, Fang Bo is also known as the brushless DC motor (or square wave motor).
Q:How to speed the AC motor?
There are about three speed regulation methodsOne is to use the frequency converter to change the frequency of the power supply.The two is to change the number of poles of the motor (the motor itself has the conditions).Three is the slip speed regulator. This method is not to change the motor speed. Instead, it changes the clutch of the slip clutch that is connected with the motor shaft, and changes the speed of the clutch output shaft to adjust speed.
Q:How do I know whether the motor is a direct current motor or an AC motor?
Generally larger motors are ACThey also have nameplates,If you have a strong practical ability, you can open it and have a lookMost of the passengers with magnet are DC motorsA small motor, some also have a magnet, but the armature is a magnet, stator coilAC motors generally do not have magnets, and stators and rotors are coils
Q:What's the difference between an AC motor and a direct current motor?
The difference between AC motor with DC motor is simple and there is no difference between the brush DC motor, AC motor and the brush is no, one more than the DC inverter, DC motor brush, low noise, energy saving. The AC motor because of the frequency converter noise is relatively large, power consumption is also slightly larger. In short, each has its own advantages, according to their own use of ways to solve which to use!
Q:What are the classifications of AC motors?
According to the required number of different phase AC power supply, AC motor can be divided into single-phase and three-phase two categories, currently the most widely used is the three-phase asynchronous motor, this is because the three-phase asynchronous motor has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, durable, easy maintenance etc.. In the absence of three-phase power supply and some less power motor, single-phase asynchronous motor is widely used.
Q:What is the difference between stepping motor and servo motor and three-phase asynchronous motor? What are the advantages of their differences?
Servo motor servo motor principle: also known as the executive motor, DC and AC servo motor is divided into two categories, servo motor rotor is permanent magnet drive control of the U/V/W three-phase power electromagnetic fields, the rotation of the rotor in the magnetic field, at the same time with the motor encoder feedback signal to the drive, the drive according to the feedback value compared with the target value, the rotor rotation angle adjustment. The accuracy of the servo motor is determined by the accuracy of the encoder (line number).Advantages: as servo motor with motor encoder to form an internal closed loop, the control accuracy is very high, so that it can operate normally at high speed. The drive can communicate directly with the host computer.Disadvantages: high price, long supply cycle of imported goods, high maintenance costs.
Q:Which motor has a great torque when the motor is under DC at the same power?
Ordinary (squirrel cage) AC motor starting current and start torque is small, it is much better than the start of DC motor, which is a common sense.
Q:Why are electric hair dryers divided into direct current motors and alternating current motors? What are their differences?
AC series motor electric blower is better, it is the working voltage of AC 220V, he and the electric heating wire in the circuit has no other connection, hair dryer can be cold and hot air. The DC motor is usually through a fine wire step-down rectifier drives a small motor, electric wire must work to motor work, it cannot provide separate cold, DC motor AC motor with low cost, high cost.
Q:Brushless DC motor is AC motor or DC motor, why?
The brushless DC motor and the traditional brush DC motor supply are DC, but only use the reversible drive circuit instead of the brush and commutator. The rotor is a magnetic pole, and the stator is an armature. The actuator turns the current in the stator windings, similar to AC induction motors.AC motor is AC power supply, the speed is related to the power supply frequency, asynchronous and synchronous.
Q:How the AC motor with DC power transfer
Different manufacturers use different motors for fans.If you are using a series or shunt motor, DC or AC or.If you are using an asynchronous motor, and there is no buck, it will burn, and will not brake.

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