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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:When the AC motor is burnt out, is the stator burnt out or the rotor? What about DC motors?
It is a mechanical device used to realize the conversion of mechanical energy and alternating current energy. AC motor has become the most common motor because of the great development of AC power system. Compared to the AC motor and DC motor, because there is no commutator (see DC motor commutation), therefore has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, relatively strong, easy to make high speed motor, high voltage, high current, large capacity. The coverage of AC motor power greatly, from a few watts to several 101000 watts, even millions of kilowatts.
Q:Electric Motors (DC)?
1. The battery or the power supply serving the motor. 2. You can use a clip-on ammeter to measure the current. However depending on what the motor is doing, the current will fluctuate with the work being performed by the shaft of the motor. (i.e. the more load on the motor, the more amps being drawn by the motor.) 3. Measure the voltage across the leads of the motor and use measure the current with the ammeter. Then use Ohm's Law to compute the resistance. V / I = R. 4. Appliances with spinning parts generally have motors. Walk around your house and look at anything that plugs or uses batteries. Here are just a few examples. CD, DVD, and cassette players, computer, fan, refrigerator, dish washer, microwave oven (the fan and the turn table), clock, garage door opener, air conditioner, furnace, vacuum cleaner, just about every power tool, etc.
Q:How to run an ac motor by an alarm clock?
You amplify the AC from the speaker drive. Rectify, low pass and threshold. This forms a trigger for a monostable, for example, which drives a power device such as a relay, IGBT, SCR/triac etc and switches the AC onto the load for a set duration. Or you could just use digital timer device, the type you plug into a wall socket and set up several running periods per day as required. Some have little pegs for you to set the start and stop times. The completely digital ones are even better. Or you could wake up and switch it on yourself.
Q:Can I rotate an AC motor spindle manually? When the power supply not given.?
NO YOURE PLAYING WITH A ELECT. HY-BRED DONT PLAY w/ these it can start blow up or explode if you get stuck no if this is w/ you are working on stop its not worth it these things after you save a bit will doo the ?? just dont
Q:How do I wire a 5-wire AC motor?
The yellow cord it to run the fan in a/c mode, so it plug on the defrost board the place the a/c terminal is, the black one is nuetral so it plugs on the place the uncomplicated or nuetral is and the pink cord plugs on for heat mode. those terminal are on the defrost board. you need to of have a wiring diagram in the container, if no longer then you certainly ought to work out it on the area of the motor. in case you don't be conscious of what you're doing i propose you get somebody who does. you're messing with 240 volts which could drop you ineffective in a heartbeat. good success, and please be careful
Q:What factors would you consider when replacing an AC Motor?
If you are replacing an AC Motor in an existing system, the primary factor would be, the reason why you want to replace an existing motor. Is the speed low? Is it noisy? Is it overheating? Is the efficiency low? Does it break down often? Or would you save more space by replacing a foot mounted motor by flange mounted motor? Or you just can't stand the look of it?! (asthetics) Once you identify the reason, go for a motor that addresses this problem keeping all other specficiations the same or slightly higher.
check the fire wall to see if the blower motor is . it is easy to replace
Q:The difference between a DC motor and an AC motor for a garbage collector
Germany laolunshi food waste processor motor is AC motor. It is dedicated to food waste disposal, LKMS stainless steel motor, never rust, permanent quality. Low operating noise. Oilless bearings, maintenance free for life
Q:How heavy is a 20 amp motor and what is it rated at in horsepower?
For typical 115 volt single phase AC motors, a 1 Hp motor would require 16 amps and a 1-1/2 Hp motor would require 20 amps. A 230 volt 3 Hp motor would typically require 17 amps. With a simple ventilated, rolled steel housing, a 1 Hp motor would weigh about 40 pounds and a 1-1/2 Hp motor would weigh about 45 pounds. Cast iron motors and motors that run at 1200 RPM or less would be heavier.
Q:what is the difference between a dc servomotor and dc motors and also between ac servomotor and induction moto?
AC means alternate current DC means direct current. DC motors give a continual and standard flow, while AC motors are used in varying current flows. DC motors are self starting, whereas AC motors need effective starting equipment. AC motors work well for hard systems as these need a lot of upfront power. On the other hand, DC motors do not perform that well at producing power over extended periods of time.

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