ABB High Voltage Induction AC Motor

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Q:Why is Tesla's Model s electric vehicle using AC motor instead of the more popular frequency conversion DC motor?
However, with the development of frequency conversion, the performance of vector frequency conversion + frequency conversion motor is close to that of DC motor.AC motor: a machine used to convert mechanical energy and alternating current energy. AC motor has become the most common motor because of the great development of AC power system. Compared to the AC motor and DC motor, because there is no commutator (see DC motor commutation), therefore has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, relatively strong, easy to make high speed motor, high voltage, high current, large capacity. The coverage of AC motor power greatly, from a few watts to several 101000 watts, even millions of kilowatts.
Q:Why can single-phase AC motors be controlled by voltage?
The principle that single-phase AC motor can be controlled by voltage is:1, synchronous motor torque = motor power / (2 * pi * speed /60) N = M.2, alternating current frequency is 50Hz, synthesis magnetic field synchronous speed is 50r/s, namely 3000r/min, if the electric motor more than one pair of magnetic poles, further analysis can also get synchronous speed.3, 4 pole synchronous speed is 1500r/min, 6 pole synchronous speed is 1000r/min, 8 pole synchronous speed is 750r/min.4, asynchronous motor speed = (60* frequency / pole count) * slip.5, the synchronous motor stator voltage reduction, according to the first, the motor torque drop, the motor is asynchronous, accord with the fourth formula, the slip is less than 1, the motor speed decline.6, if the motor torque and external resistance torque balance, the slip rate is also stabilized, the speed stabilized, the motor speed down success.After 7 and fifth, sixth, the stator voltage of the motor is increased, and the process is reversed. So realize voltage speed regulation.
Q:How many kinds of braking modes are there in AC motors? What are the characteristics of each?
Mechanical brakingBraking method using mechanical device to stop motor rapidly after stopping power supply. Such as electromagnetic brake, brake.
Q:Is the motor in the inverter air conditioner a direct current motor?
Frequency conversion only for AC motors.The DC motor controls its voltage and changes its speed. Frequency independent. In one case, the frequency of direct current is 0. Therefore, the use of frequency conversion is simply can not control the DC motor.AC motors can vary the speed by changing their frequency, but they can not be controlled by changing the voltage. There is only one result of changing the voltage, and the motor must be destroyed.
Q:Can any 220V AC motors be reversible?
The motor can be reversed, just need to change the wiring, that is, to change the capacitance of the line can be adjusted
Q:Is the permanent magnet synchronous linear motor AC motor or direct current motor?
Permanent magnet synchronous linear motor is AC motor, because no matter as a motor or generator stator winding, it is current in the AC, and its rotor (oscillator) with a permanent magnet, need no winding current.1. "permanent magnet" refers to the rotor of the motor (to the rotating motor) or to the mover (on the linear motor), there is a permanent magnet material.2. "synchronization" means that the speed of the motor (the rotating motor) or the speed of movement (for the linear motor) and the armature winding current through the current can maintain a strict proportion relationship. The frequency of direct current is 0, so you can judge immediately that it belongs to an AC motor when you see the word "synchronous" in the name of the motor!3. "straight line" refers to the motor part of the movement is done in a straight line movement, and the traditional motor rotor "spin" movement distinction.
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
The speed and frequency of motor poles, polar slip on changing the motor starting capacitor, the direction of rotation of the motor can be changed by a pair of pole motor each phase is about more than 2800 rpm, 4 pole motor is about more than 1400 rpm, 6 pole is about more than 960,.
Q:What are the similarities and differences between brushless DC motor and AC brushless motor?
Brushless DC (brushless, DC, BLDC) and brushless BLAC (brushless AC) (this name does not seem to be used in Chinese) are all permanent magnet synchronous motors. The two motors do not depend on the waveform of armature current and back emf. If the back EMF and armature current are rectangular waves, that is BLDC, and if it is sine wave, that is BLAC. Of course, the back EMF is rectangular, and also sinusoidal current, which becomes the BLAC operating mode, so the waveform of the current is still to be seen.
Q:Motor starting mode
Starting with buck transformerThe autotransformer start voltage, the starting current and starting torque of the motor and the end is proportional to the square of the lower, to obtain a large starting current to start the same situation. Such as starting voltage to 65% rated voltage, the starting current is full voltage starting current starting torque is 42%, full voltage starting torque 42%.The advantages of self coupling transformer step-down start is the direct manual control, automatic control can also be used for AC contactor, durable, low maintenance cost, suitable for all the no-load and light load start using asynchronous motor, is widely used in the production practice. The disadvantage is the manual operation to transformer box configuration more expensive (from I), automatic control box compensator to configure auto transformer, AC contactor start-up equipment and components.
Q:Why is AC motor control more difficult than DC?
In addition, the DC variable voltage is easy to realize and the communication is troublesome. Therefore, the AC speed regulation uses frequency conversion speed regulation more frequently, but the frequency conversion speed regulation system is more complex than the DC voltage regulation speed regulation.

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