ABB High Voltage Induction AC Motor

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Q:what happens when an electric motor is overloaded?
An overloaded AC electric motor will begin to slow down and draw more current than normal. This will cause internal overheating. Most good general purpose motors have an internal high temperature thremostat that will shut them down before any serious damage is done. When the motor has cooled it can be restarted; however, it should not be continued to be operated that way because it will soon fail anyway. The thermostat will likewise stop the motor if the cooling air passages are obstructed and the motor overheats.
Q:how do a ac motor works?
Most AC motors are induction motors. They contain some stationary coils of wire called the stator. The stator is connected to an AC power source and AC current flows through the stator coils. The current in the stator creates a magnetic field that rotates at a speed that is determined by the frequency of the alternating current. The rotating part of the motor, the rotor, contains electrical conductors, usually aluminum bars that are connected together. The rotating magnetic field of the stator passes through these conductors and causes an alternating current to flow in the rotor. The rotor current creates another magnetic field. That magnetic field is attracted to the rotating stator magnetic field. The force of that magnetic attraction, moves the rotor and causes it to rotate at a speed that is only sightly slower than the speed of the stator field.
Q:My AC has a problem will not come on replace compressor fan motor my phone with that has the white wire not ha?
1. What type of AC are you working on ?? 2. What's the model number of the AC ?? 3. Find out the above and search Google !!!
Q:Will a large AC motor work with a car battery and DC to AC adapter? (Electric Go-Kart)?
before you get carried away, do some more research. drop a note to EV Parts, or Thunderstruck Motors and ask questions. AC motors and controllers will be pricey. DC motors and related parts will be cheaper.
Q:03 durango blower motor not working on high. ac or heat.?
Sounds like an element in the resistor trio is burned out, though I'm not sure on the '03 where they put it. If you can see the motor from under the hood on the firewall, it's usually right next to it, it has electrical wires attached, and often held in by two screws. Good luck!
Q:How can i reduce the single phase AC motor 1440 rpm to 20 rpm speed? Which size gear arrangements are need?
There is no way to do that. This is an induction motor. A VFD (Variable Frequency pressure) won't work as brought up through lunchtime_browser. You will have got to use a gearbox with close to any motor to do that. In case you use an induction motor (squirrel cage or AC motor), it's possible to control a 3 section motor to shrink speeds with the aid of making use of a VFD, that reduces the voltage and alterations the frequency, however handiest within limits. These may also be programmed to a fixed speed, however not so sluggish as a hundred and twenty RPM. The cooling could additionally have got to be addressed (fan too slow). Single segment (cut up segment) motors are extra constrained, whether or not making use of a centrifugal switch or not. You generally want a DC motor if you happen to insist on no gearbox. The variable pace controller to swimsuit this motor is just set to the velocity you want. If you need a particular velocity it desires a velocity controller with pace sensor and feedback. Be aware that the mechanical power is the made from RPM and torque. The torque is kind of the equal, as it is decided through the present ranking. However with 120 RPM from a 1440 RPM motor the velocity is just one/12 so the power is only 1/12. Utilizing a gearbox increases the torque and reduces the pace so the power is more or less the identical. There are gearmotors for a wide variety of output RPM. A bicycle hub motor might suit if the power is to your variety. An additional thought is a stepper motor, which can run at these low speeds, however it does need a controller (driver) and energy provide..
Q:UK 240VAC 50Hz motor on US 240VAC 60Hz power?
50Hz motor runs with 60Hz power result lost almost 1/3 of its original torque while running on 50Hz. Rotation from motor becomes slower.
Q:Can AC motors be controlled by frequency converter?
Only frequency conversion motor can use frequency converter to speed up, ordinary motor can not use frequency converter speed regulation.But it is possible to start the AC motor by using frequency converter.
Q:I have 1/3 hp motor having two rpm 1070/800. But showing only single rpm even it is high or low.?
DOES THE MOTOR HAVE A 2 SPEED switch, and what are you using it for? 1.3 amps has to be 120 volt. its probably a 2 speed motor without a switch. in that case it has to be under a load. if this helps you cant hear it change speeds, even under a load, i really need more info before i can help you. how are you checking the rpms? butch
Q:how do electric motors work on the ff. devices and machines?
effency of any machine , input output work.input energy

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