ABB High Voltage Induction AC Motor

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Q:What does permanent magnet brushless motor and brushless DC motor mean?
Permanent magnet brushless motor is usually divided into permanent magnet AC brushless motor and permanent magnet brushless DC motor. Permanent magnet brushless AC motor usually refers to AC synchronous motor. The permanent magnet brushless DC motor can be divided into two kinds of sinusoidal permanent magnet synchronous motor and brushless DC motor.
Q:What are the direct and alternating current motors used in daily life?
Batteries are usually DC motors, such as massage machines, electric shavers, electric toys, etc. most of them are AC motors. In fact, not necessarily, there are many electric motors used in the market
Q:The difference between a variable frequency motor and an ordinary AC motor
Ordinary fan cooling fan, follow the machine movement with the same line, and inverter fan, the two are separate. Therefore, when the fan is too low, it may burn out due to overheating.
Q:What is the size of DC motor and AC motor under the same power?
The first is to determine the output power or the rated power consumption..The DC motor has low working voltage and large power consumption under the same power consumption.The AC motor has a high working voltage and a small volume under the same power consumption.If the same work force and torque are required, the DC motor is of small size.
Q:How to control the speed of AC motor
How is the motor controlled?:Motor control refers to the motor start, acceleration, operation, deceleration and stop control. Depending on the type of motor and the use of the motor, there are different requirements and purposes. The motor is controlled by motor to achieve the goal of quick start, quick response, high efficiency, high torque output and high overload capacity.
Q:Speed control method of AC motor
The AC motor speed regulating method is just the opposite to the direct current motor speed regulation method. The motor has the advantages of simple structure, little inertia, convenient maintenance, operation in harsh environment, easy realization of large capacity, high voltage, high speed, and low price.
Q:What is the principle of the single-phase AC motor in the washing machine?
Single-phase AC motor principle: with single-phase capacitor type motor: single-phase motor has two windings, namely starting winding and running winding. The two windings are 90 degrees apart in space. A capacitor with large capacity is connected in series on the starting windingWhen the running winding and the starting winding pass through the single-phase alternating current, the current in the starting winding is 90 times higher than the current of the running winding in time by the action of the capacitor, and the maximum value is reached first. Two of the same pulse magnetic field is formed in time and space, so that a rotating magnetic field produces the air gap between the stator and the rotor, the rotating magnetic field, the induced current in the rotor current, and rotating magnetic field interact to produce electromagnetic torque, the motor rotation.
Q:The working principle of AC motor!
The single-phase AC motor has only one winding, and the rotor is squirrel cage. When a single-phase sinusoidal current through the stator windings, the motor generates an alternating magnetic field, the magnetic field strength and direction for sinusoidal variation with time, but the spatial position is fixed, so it is also called the magnetic field is alternating pulsating magnetic field. The alternating pulsating magnetic field can be divided into two with the same speed, the rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field are on the contrary, when the rotor is at rest, the two rotating magnetic field generating torque of two equal and opposite in the rotor, the synthetic torque is zero, so the motor rotation. When we use a force of the motor rotation to one direction (e.g., clockwise), the rotor and the clockwise rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field between the motion of cutting magnetic lines becomes smaller; the rotor and the counterclockwise rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field between the motion of cutting magnetic lines becomes large. Thus, the balance is broken, and the total electromagnetic torque generated by the rotor will no longer be zero, and the rotor will rotate in the direction of the push.
Q:The difference between DC motor and AC motor in electric stacker
Disadvantages of DC motor1. direct current motor manufacturing is more expensive2. carbon brush
Q:Is the permanent magnet synchronous linear motor AC motor or direct current motor?
Permanent magnet synchronous linear motor is AC motor, because no matter as a motor or generator stator winding, it is current in the AC, and its rotor (oscillator) with a permanent magnet, need no winding current.1. "permanent magnet" refers to the rotor of the motor (to the rotating motor) or to the mover (on the linear motor), there is a permanent magnet material.2. "synchronization" means that the speed of the motor (the rotating motor) or the speed of movement (for the linear motor) and the armature winding current through the current can maintain a strict proportion relationship. The frequency of direct current is 0, so you can judge immediately that it belongs to an AC motor when you see the word "synchronous" in the name of the motor!3. "straight line" refers to the motor part of the movement is done in a straight line movement, and the traditional motor rotor "spin" movement distinction.

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